Political Yard Sign Templates

Win the battle for boulevard supremacy by placing a custom-designed yard sign on the lawn of every supporter of your campaign. Aim to see your name or face on both sides of the street when you use our design editor to customize one of our political yard sign templates to craft into your neighborhood sidewalk ambassador. Nothing says “vote for me” quite like the visible trust of the people with whom you share a cul de sac. The choice of where to print is completely up to you, but we’d love to have your vote!
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School Board Campaign Yard Sign z4aettqxgn Template Image
School Board Campaign Yard Sign fymrkew6ch Template Image
School Board Campaign Yard Sign ct64uifrn8 Template Image
School Board Campaign Yard Sign smjnl0dej0 Template Image
Campaign Yard Sign Template hicd0ilha7 Image
Campaign Yard Sign Template dle9d6csyz Image
Campaign Yard Sign Template wqi1449vos Image
Campaign Yard Sign Template q6vf5ohutg Image
New Blank Yard Sign
18" x 24"
Main School Board Campaign  z4aettqxgn  Image
School Board Campaign Yard Sign z4aettqxgn Template
18" x 24" Yard Sign
Main School Board Campaign  fymrkew6ch  Image
School Board Campaign Yard Sign fymrkew6ch Template
18" x 24" Yard Sign
Main School Board Campaign  ct64uifrn8  Image
School Board Campaign Yard Sign ct64uifrn8 Template
18" x 24" Yard Sign
Main School Board Campaign  smjnl0dej0  Image
School Board Campaign Yard Sign smjnl0dej0 Template
18" x 24" Yard Sign
Main Campaign   hicd0ilha7 Image
Campaign Yard Sign Template hicd0ilha7
18" x 24" Yard Sign
Main Campaign   dle9d6csyz Image
Campaign Yard Sign Template dle9d6csyz
18" x 24" Yard Sign
Main Campaign   wqi1449vos Image
Campaign Yard Sign Template wqi1449vos
18" x 24" Yard Sign
Main Campaign   q6vf5ohutg Image
Campaign Yard Sign Template q6vf5ohutg
18" x 24" Yard Sign
Main Mayor Campaign   Image
Mayor Campaign Yard Sign Template
18" x 24" Yard Sign
Main Campaign Vote   Image
Campaign Vote Yard Sign Template
18" x 24" Yard Sign
Main Mayor Political   Image
Mayor Political Yard Sign Template
18" x 24" Yard Sign
Main School President Political   Image
School President Political Yard Sign Template
18" x 24" Yard Sign
Main Commissioner Political   Image
Commissioner Political Yard Sign Template
18" x 24" Yard Sign
Main Henry Election   Image
Henry Election Yard Sign Template
18" x 24" Yard Sign

Political Yard Signs

Especially as campaign season ramps up, political yard signs are one of the most ubiquitous sights around town. They can be spotted on nearly every city block from residential neighborhoods to commercial strip malls to public spaces like parks and sidewalks. There’s a reason why political lawn signs seem to grow as fast as the grass they’re staked in: because they work! 

Yard signs remain one of the most tried-and-true marketing tools for any political campaign, as they’re very effective at building up local brand awareness. Simply put, the more places that your name appears, the more likely voters are to remember it! Staking your yard signs in strategic locations—ones where key voters not only frequent but also enjoy—will make them even more likely to associate your name with good things. A strong presence of campaign signs is a subtle vote of confidence, showing local voters that their friends and neighbors choose you.

Here’s the bottom line: Since most elections are decided on a plain piece of paper (or a plain computer screen) with nothing but your name to distinguish you from the competition, it pays to be sure that your name stands out! And more often than not, this critical name recognition all comes down to your election signs.

Count on your name being remembered at the ballot box by designing high-impact yard signs with MyCreativeShop. Our political yard sign templates are easy to customize right from your computer—even with no design background. In no more than a few minutes, you can make your own political sign, order professional prints, and get back to hitting the campaign trail.

Customizable, Campaign-Ready Yard Sign Templates

Compared to other marketing materials, yard signs have a much narrower mission. While postcards or flyers tend to share detailed information, your yard sign only has to do two things: 1) be easily read at a distance and 2) be easily recognizable as yours.

These basic goals might sound simple to achieve, but any graphic designer will tell you that the simpler the design, the harder it is to do well. Fortunately, MyCreativeShop has you covered! Our political yard sign templates were made by talented designers to help you achieve that perfect balance of simplicity, memorability, and visual appeal.

Simply click on any yard sign template to make any design change you want:

  • Add your name and slogan
  • Upload your photo, campaign logo, or other branded graphics
  • Choose a new background color, pattern, or high-quality stock photo
  • Try out hundreds of new fonts to find one that resonates with your target voters
  • Move elements around to experiment with new layouts

Whichever design changes you make, remember to keep your text clear, large, and high contrast so that it’s easy to read from a distance. If you end up making tweaks you don’t like, you can always click undo or start fresh with a different template. In our hassle-free editor, anyone can create political sign designs that look professionally made.

High-Quality Prints on Durable Coroplast

Unlike some election assets that you could print yourself, yard signs are definitely best left to the pros. At MyCreativeShop, we offer affordable, fast-shipped prints in quantities ranging from one yard sign to 250.

Measuring a standard 18”x24”, our political yard signs are printed on premium Coroplast, a “plastic cardboard” that’s lightweight yet weather tough. This durable material allows us to print vivid colors using ink that resists fading from sunlight and cold temperatures. Even if the weather gets rough, your name will still stand out for all to see.

For more convenient yard sign display, you can also select:

  • H Stakes: The traditional yard sign display method, with metal stakes for placing in the ground
  • Grommets: Great for hanging yard signs with zip ties, wire, or thread or for affixing them with nails or hooks

Every order comes with a guaranteed delivery date!

Download a PDF or Share an Image Online

If you already have a go-to campaign print shop, that’s no problem, either! We let you take your voting signage and print it anywhere you want. Instead of ordering prints from our editor, click download to get a PDF that’s ready for professional printing, with all the correct sizing, layout, and bleed settings. 

You can also use this option to immediately download an image file that’s optimized for sharing online. It might sound strange to put a yard sign online...but the relative simplicity and prominent text often translate perfectly into eye-catching graphics for social media.

Inspire the Vote with Other Print Marketing Assets

Want to spread the word on a much grander scale? Then use MyCreativeShop’s online editor to design and print campaign materials that are even larger in size, scope, or reach!

Using the same design tools, you can complement your political lawn signs with a comprehensive suite of professional marketing assets. We’ve got easy-to-customize templates for all kinds of in-person, direct-mail, and online campaign needs:

  • Design a political banner that will catch the eye of pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers, even from a great distance. 
  • Create political door hangers for your eager campaign volunteers to use in their door-to-door campaigning and petitioning.
  • Print handheld election flyers with your name, photo, and slogan and distribute them at local events, businesses, or churches.
  • Remind voters about the upcoming election with an eye-catching political postcard. For direct mail made easier, choose our political EDDM postcards.
  • Create campaign posters to post in coffee shops, community centers, and other locales where your swing voters hang out.
  • Let people share their pride in casting their ballot for you with a customized political sticker that says, “I Voted!” or “Vote for [Your Name!]”

Effective political signs come in all shapes and sizes, and no one knows your campaign’s needs better than you do! That’s why MyCreativeShop makes political yard signs just as easy and affordable as any other print marketing asset. A lot goes into a successful campaign, and we give you the flexible tools you need to create the most effective (and cost-effective) campaign materials.

Don’t let your voters wonder, “Who’s that again?” Instead, capture their attention and compel them to take action with a yard sign that’s impossible to miss. You can choose a political yard sign template and have your design sent to print in minutes!


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Tips to get you started on designing, printing & promoting your Political Yard Signs

When designing political yard signs, it's important to keep it simple and clear. Use bold and contrasting colors to make your message stand out. Avoid overcrowding the sign with too much text or images. Focus on a strong headline and a simple message that voters can easily understand. You might want to consider using a professional design like the ones offered in our Campaign Yard Sign Templates.

To market your political yard signs, consider targeting specific locations where your target audience will be. This can include high-traffic areas, busy intersections, or local events. Additionally, leverage social media platforms to promote your yard sign designs and reach a wider audience. To amplify your branding, consider other means of political communication like posters, banners, and flyers using our Political Flyer Templates, Political Banner Templates, or Political Poster Templates.

Political yard signs are a great way to raise awareness for your campaign and increase visibility. They can be placed in supporters' yards, along busy roads, or outside polling stations to remind voters of your candidacy. Yard signs also serve as a form of endorsement and can help build credibility.

Yes, our political yard signs are made with 4mm Coroplast material, which is durable and weather-resistant. They are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including sunlight and cold temperatures, ensuring your message remains vibrant and visible throughout the campaign.

Our political yard signs come with an included H-stake, which makes it easy to set up the sign on soft ground such as dirt, soil, or grass. The H-stake ensures stability and prevents the sign from being easily removed or knocked over.

After a campaign, political yard signs can be repurposed or recycled. Many organizations collect used yard signs for future campaigns. Additionally, the 4mm Coroplast material used in our signs is recyclable, so they can be properly disposed of through recycling facilities.

It's important to familiarize yourself with local regulations regarding the placement of political yard signs. Some areas may have specific guidelines on size, placement, and duration of display. Make sure to adhere to these regulations to avoid any potential issues or penalties.

Our political yard signs are designed to be long-lasting. The 4mm Coroplast material is resistant to sunlight damage and cold weather, ensuring that your signs stay vibrant and readable throughout the campaign period. However, factors such as extreme weather conditions or vandalism could impact their lifespan.

Political yard signs are an excellent tool for name recognition. Placing your signs strategically throughout the community increases exposure and helps voters remember your name when it comes time to cast their ballot. Consistent visibility contributes to building recognition and familiarity among the electorate.

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