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Keep clients, employees, community members, and others in the loop about newsworthy events with newsletters you craft yourself using our newsletter templates. Choose a template in our catalog or jump over to a detailed list of some of our popular newsletter designs and then customize your publication with a color scheme, layout, and other elements to suit your design to a tee. Upload photos, graphics, artwork, and more, and insert text in the fonts, colors, and sizes you like most. Put the finishing touches on your design, and then send your newsletters off to our printing team for polished results or print them yourself for faster access.  read more
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“Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” This phrase is historically associated with newspapers, but there’s no reason it can’t apply to monthly newsletters from your company or organization! Whether you plan to share your latest news online or in print, custom newsletters are the perfect way to stay in touch and build brand awareness throughout your community—whether that’s the people in your local area or worldwide customers across the internet.

Through a well-designed newsletter, you can advertise seasonal sales, share exciting updates and product releases, or introduce readers to the newest members of your team. To encourage customers to take action, add a tear-off coupon or a “secret URL” that unlocks a limited-time discount for subscribers only. No matter the specific message or call-to-action you have to share, you’ll find plenty of space on both print and digital newsletter formats.

But the key to an effective newsletter isn’t only the information you share—it’s the quality of the design. Customers won’t think twice about deleting or discarding a boring document made in Microsoft Word...but they will be attracted by a colorful, creative, and professional-looking newsletter layout.

That’s where MyCreativeShop comes in! From customizable newsletter templates to fast and affordable print options, we give you everything you need to create your own engaging newsletters. Even with no graphic design experience, you can choose a great newsletter template and customize it from your own computer in minutes.

Our Customizable Newsletter Templates Make It Easy

From daycares and schools to churches and fitness centers, we have newsletter templates for everyone. Measuring 8.5” x 11”, our newsletter format offers more than enough space for text and images without overwhelming your readers or hiking up the cost of printing. With full-bleed available on every template, you can print to the edge to make the most of your newsletter space.

To find the best monthly newsletter template for you, sort through our library by industry/purpose or select a generic or blank newsletter template instead. In both cases, our drag-and-drop editor is user-friendly enough that you can easily make the changes you want:

  • Upload your business logo
  • Paste or type your content into the preset boxes for headlines and paragraphs
  • Try new fonts, colors, and sizes to achieve the greatest legibility
  • Place new images, shapes, text boxes, icons, and more
  • Add your specific brand colors or choose them from our color picker
  • Insert a beautiful photo from our library of free stock photos
  • Experiment with interesting background colors, patterns, and frames

If you change your mind, you can always start over with a new template! Because you can save multiple projects, you can even create several sample newsletter designs before selecting your favorite. Our presentation preview feature and shareable links will give you a complete view before you commit to downloading or printing.

Need Some Inspiration? Here Are A Few Newsletter Examples

With over 2 million projects created, MyCreativeShop users have made awesome newsletters for every purpose imaginable. If you’re wondering what you might share, here are just a few great examples that we’ve collected:

  • If you run a daycare or preschool, your parent newsletter can share important dates, field trip details, reminders, and even photos of happy kiddos learning while playing.
  • Real estate agents can feature newly listed and recently sold properties, along with “get it sold” tips and expert updates on the hyper-local housing market.
  • Those in church or ministry might find newsletters to be an effective tool for sharing activities, praises, and prayer requests with the congregation.
  • Nonprofits can see big returns by keeping donors and volunteers in the know on current needs, as well as highlighting success stories from the communities they serve.
  • Summer camps can send out pre- and post-summer newsletters encouraging campers to sign up and looking back on all the fun that was had.
  • Other businesses find value in sending annual “year-in-review” newsletters to clients during the holiday season or right after the new year.

For all of these industries, templates from MyCreativeShop make it easy.

Order Your Printed Newsletter Templates from Us

Designing your newsletters with MyCreativeShop has a fantastic perk—you won’t need to find another printing service! Our integrated newsletter printing gives you the option to order between 50 and 50,000 newsletters with just a few clicks. We’ll even ship your newsletters directly to your door with a guaranteed delivery date.

Depending on how you plan to distribute your newsletters, you can choose the best paper type:

  • Standard, which is firm but relatively flexible and easy to write on
  • Premium thick, which is firmer and more durable but can still be written on

Download, Print, and Share Your News Anywhere

If you’d rather handle the printing yourself, you can download a high-quality 300dpi PDF. This file includes the necessary bleed area to ensure that your printed newsletter templates turn out well, no matter where you have them printed.

Of course, there’s no reason that you have to print your newsletters at all! Many organizations instead send newsletter content by email, skipping the cost of printing altogether. In this case, you can also download a web-ready file that’s perfect for displaying on your website or sending in an email marketing campaign.

We Make Monthly Newsletters Simple For You

Newsletters are by nature a repeated form of marketing, and MyCreativeShop makes your 50th newsletter just as easy as your very first. To use the same newsletter format for future issues, all you have to do is log in, duplicate your project, and add your latest updates. Then print, share, and repeat!

To share your news in an attractive, memorable, and cost-effective way, choose your favorite newsletter template now.

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The newsletter creation process begins with gathering all the key components you’ll need to create an effective newsletter. These include a catchy title, high-quality images, a clear branding strategy, a vision for what your finished product will look like, and your own original content (what to write in your newsletter?). You’ll also want to have a plan for how often it will be sent out (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, seasonally, etc.), as that will help you decide what to include in your newsletter. Once you have everything together, take a few moments to peruse our catalog of newsletter templates with an eye for a layout and design that will fit your business and content.

Now that you have a template picked out, begin customizing every aspect of the design so that it is truly yours. Your goal should be to create a newsletter that you can easily update regularly with new content and images, effectively streamlining the entire newsletter process. Update the heading with your unique title by using our textbox tools and apply your custom color scheme to the entire template with the help of our easy-to-use color picker. Select a font style (or two!) that you love and use them across your newsletter. Upload and insert your company logo and images and add icons, arrows, shapes, and patterns with just a few clicks. Consider asking a few friends or colleagues to proofread your finished newsletter for any errors or typos, then you’re ready to print!

As you begin the process of creating original content for your newsletter, consider your audience and the type of newsletter you want to create. If you’re a business owner, will you be connecting with current clients/stakeholders or reaching out to those who haven’t yet made a purchase or donation? Tailor your writing style to those you want to connect with as you share information about your business or industry that applies to them. How often do you plan to send out your newsletter? Consider taking advantage of the opportunity to communicate regularly with your customers by writing a recurring column or multi-part series in each issue. Be cognizant of the space you have available as you write, using the “less is more” approach when possible in order to make the best use of your space and hold your readers’ attention. Write in a way that is natural, engaging, and fits the overall tone and style of your business, and cover topics that are relevant to your industry or that share your company’s noteworthy accomplishments or upcoming events. 

For those writing from an individual perspective, the above questions still matter. Who is your audience and what is the goal of your newsletter? Write the stories you want to share in your own voice, since the reader is anticipating hearing from YOU. Determine the style of your newsletter and ensure your content mirrors that tone. In the end, use your space wisely and proofread, proofread, proofread!

At its most basic, a newsletter is just what its name implies - a letter that shares news. In practice, businesses and other organizations utilize a regular newsletter to both educate their audience (customers, clients, or other stakeholders) on the things they’ve been doing or will be doing while also promoting their company and its activities. Ultimately, maintaining that connection with your group of followers is a vital part of growing your business and expanding your sphere of influence.

There are two main types of newsletters: print and email. Email newsletters are increasingly common, as they are free to send (unless you utilize a separate email distribution service like Mailchimp® or Constant Contact®) and require only an email address to reach a current or potential customer. Print newsletters have the added bonus of being easy to post on a bulletin board or refrigerator, extending their life beyond that first read. At MyCreativeShop, our templates are most often printed, but they are also very effective when downloaded as a high-quality PDF and attached to an email.

Now that you’ve finished your newsletter design, you can get it in the hands of your customer or client base by clicking “Print/Download” from within our editor and following the prompts or by visiting our Newsletter Print page. Once there, select your quantity, paper type, and folding style (tri-fold, flat, or half-fold), enter your delivery options, and place your order. We’ll deliver a stack of top-notch newsletters right to your door. If you’d rather print them yourself or send your newsletter electronically, simply choose the “Download” option to get your high-quality PDF that can be printed (or sent!) absolutely anywhere!

Deciding what to include in your newsletter is an essential part of the design creation process. Your newsletter should have a specific purpose or theme, and the photos, stories, and other content you include should revolve around that. Also, the amount and type of things you choose to include will be limited by the size and layout of your newsletter, so you may need to make some hard choices. Consider your audience - are they the type who’ll want to see more colorful images or read more impactful content? Striking a balance at the onset and maintaining that same ratio as you create future newsletters becomes a part of your branding strategy, too. 

Consider including a “letter from the editor” style intro to each newsletter summarizing recent activities and accomplishments and pointing out the highlights of the issue. If you have a unique idea for a regular feature (recipes, tips, trivia, puzzles), go all in to make it something for others to look forward to. You can also create an interview feature or an interactive Q&A section. Future events and important dates can be highlighted by featuring your schedule in a unique call-out textbox. If you’re short on space, you can use a QR code that links to your website’s “About Us” page to share your contact information and story. Add images that help to tell your story and bring it all together.