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Parents love to hear about what their kids are doing and see them in action; provide that for them with a custom newsletter designed using our child care newsletter templates. Pick a template you like, then add photos and artwork to show off how your students have been spending their time. Insert text in fonts and colors of your choice for your newsworthy stories, and then dress up each section with graphics and other elements. Take the hard work out of newsletter creation; start now! read more
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When writing a child care newsletter, it’s important to use a written tone that sounds natural. You love caring for children (and you’re good at it), so that should come through in your writing. Let parents know what their kiddos have been learning and doing, along with what adventures you have planned for the near future. List important dates and times, reminders, daily schedules, and anything else of note. Include your contact information in every newsletter and a note of best times to reach you for any concerns they may have. For more, check out what do you put in a child care newsletter.

A child care newsletter functions much like a yearbook or letter home from summer camp. Parents will love to see photos of their kiddos in action (make sure to get written permission before using any images!) and reading funny or heartwarming anecdotes of their adventures. Consider including a “Kid of the Issue” interview as a fun way for parents to watch their children grow and develop. Feature an upcoming events calendar that includes birthdays of both kids and caregivers. Photos of artwork and building projects always make for a self-esteem boost, and a “parents-only” section of reminders and important notes (along with your contact details) is a wise addition.