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“What’s for supper, mom?” The question that strikes fear into the hearts of overextended mamas everywhere. When you factor in carpools, soccer practice, and dance class, elaborate gourmet homecooked meals can easily get lost in the shuffle. The same is true for workaholics who stay at their desk straight through lunch AND dinner, and hungry college students powering through finals week still need sustenance to survive that Biochem exam that makes up 50% of their grade. Fortunately for your community’s moms, execs, and co-eds, YOU (and your restaurant) have a solution – take out!

What’s better than a fully-stocked chef’s kitchen? A fully-loaded take out menu from your favorite restaurant! Empower your customers so they can confidently answer their children’s daily inquiry, survive another round of the daily grind, and make the dean’s list (maybe) by getting a custom menu into their hands before it’s too late.

Your menu serves not only as a vehicle for your customers to bring your restaurant into their home – it’s also a pint-sized billboard inviting their guests to give your establishment a try. Don’t assume that everyone who sees your menu will be well-versed in who you are and what you have to offer. Make sure that your menu shares the same branding message as all your other marketing materials – your “recipe” for success should remain constant across the [cutting] board. Keeping your take out menu connected to your flyers, posters, and other signage via color scheme, logo, and font choices makes it easy for prospective diners to get a clear idea of what they can expect from you (without having to say it over and over again!).

MyCreativeShop’s team of graphic designers has whipped up a litany of take out menu templates for you to choose from and make your own. No design experience is required - our online editor is almost as easy to use as the telephone! You can customize every aspect of your project, from fonts and color schemes to layouts and images. Highlight your most popular dishes and specials to give new customers a great place to start while also giving your regulars easy access to their favorites. Include all the important details required for placing an order (hours of operation and your phone number or website (if you accept online orders)), along with your location and pick-up instructions (for carryout) or service area and applicable fees (if you offer delivery). Your finished menu is yours to do with as you please – print it yourself, post the PDF online, or take advantage of our super-convenient custom printing service and let us do the heavy lifting for you! read more

Red Take Out Menu Template

Multiple Versions Available

Take Out Menu Template

Size: 4" x 9"
Get your menu into the hands of potential patrons with this customizable template for your takeout offerings. Get started on your design for your new menus and choose from various colors, fonts and add images of your own. Print from where you are for fast distribution or let us print for you, for an added professional touch.

Beautiful Take Out Menu Template

Size: 4" x 9"
Remind patrons of the mouthwatering fare that awaits them with this takeout menu you customize yourself using our online editor. Add images of your most popular fare, include text describing each dish and a list of prices. The process is simple and fun, so begin your design today!

Rustic Take Out Menu Template

Size: 4" x 9"
Put a rustic slant on your eatery’s menu with the assistance of our menu template and easy-to-use online editor. Choose from various colors, fonts and add images of your own to make your menu more appetizing to customers. Print from where you are or let us do the work for you!