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You could don your apron and wave your spatula in the air in a crazy game of charades to communicate orders with your morning diners, or you could spare everyone the mental exertion by customizing a bright-eyed breakfast menu that they can read for themselves.  Begin with your signature AM dishes, and include a section of the classics (eggs benedict, huevos rancheros, bacon & eggs, stacks of fluffy pancakes).  A build-your-own omelet section is always a hit – include a list of à la carte sides (bacon, sausage links, pancakes, hashbrowns, toast) and a DIY combo plate. MyCreativeShop’s online design editor is easy to use and lets you dominate in the kitchen, instead of making a fool out of yourself trying to act out “chilaquiles” in a busy diner – although that would be sure to go viral in no time!

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Classic Breakfast Diner Menu Template

Size: 8.5" x 11"
Create a classic diner menu with just a few clicks of your mouse and keyboard strokes when you put this menu template to work for you. Design your flyers today with various color themes, fonts, and images. Print from where you are for faster access or let us print for you!

Classic Breakfast Menu Template

Size: 8.5" x 11"
Bacon and eggs-over-easy, anyone? Get your menu into the hands of hungry patrons with our easy-to-use template. Include custom photos of your best dishes, process, and a list of any specials that you normally run. Our design process is simple fast and fun, so get started today and get your breakfast menu in hand in minutes.

Breakfast Menu Template

Size: 4" x 9"
Make it easy for hungry customers to see what breakfast items you have available at your restaurant with this breakfast menu. Use it to list the various food and beverages you offer, along with prices and pictures of each meal combo so customers know exactly what they’re ordering. Design your breakfast menu now.

Restaurant Breakfast Menu Template

Size: 8.5" x 11"