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10 Ways to Use Flyers for Your Restaurant Promotions

Learn creative ways to use flyers to promote your restaurant.
Jason Frueh
Published Aug 15, 2019

Your restaurant promotions are strengthened when you focus your attention on the right marketing mediums. While digital has taken center stage, recent surveys show more restaurants are shifting away from social media.

If you want to reach local customers, it s important that you reach them right where they are: in your community. Flyers are a valuable tool for doing exactly that.

Here are 10 ways to use flyers to make your restaurant promotions more successful. 

1. Hang Advertisements at Local Businesses

Window Restaurant Flyers

Speak with nearby small business owners to see if they ll allow you to hang your flyer for their customers to see. You can even offer to promote their businesses in return. This is a win-win because you ll both get free promotion and may even form a lasting partnership. Consider this with coffee shops, bookstores, gyms, or even other restaurants. 

2. Distribute Deals in Office Buildings

Office Building

Business people are always looking for an excuse to get out of the office during their lunch. Target specific office parks near your restaurant with exclusive lunch deals. This tactic works especially well if you also drop off menus at the same office buildings.

3. Leave Information In Front of Your Restaurant

Restaurant Menu Outside

Borrow an idea that real estate agents have been using for years and leave flyers outside your restaurant. If you re closed, they can still see what you offer, which may bring them back when you re open. If you want to limit the number of flyers you have to print, simply hang a few on your restaurant windows.

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4. Place Flyers on Car Windshields

One way to distribute flyers to a lot of people at once is to put them on car windshields. Before you do, check with the lot owner to make sure you re allowed. Focus on areas where you can reach the most cars at one time to make the most of your time.

Note: You'll want to weigh the pros and cons with this strategy since not everyone will appreciate a flyer hanging on their car windshield. If you find the right people, with the right offer, then this can be done and it can be succesful.

5. Hand Out Flyers at Events

Flyer Handouts

If you don t want to put flyers on cars (or you re not allowed to), print a fresh batch to hand out at local events. Make a great first impression and encourage customers to come in by including a coupon or discount.

6. Drop Off Flyers at College Campuses

College Campus

A recent survey by UNiDAYS found that 78 percent of college kids will spend their extra money on food. Take advantage of this purchasing trend by distributing flyers at college dorms and other university buildings. Your restaurant promotions may be even more effective if you offer a further discount for students the same survey found that 93 percent of students are more likely to try a restaurant that offers discounts.

7. Focus on New Menu Items

Instead of creating general restaurant promotions, focus on new menu items and make sure your flyer highlights that item front and center. Toast found that more than 30 percent of restaurants will update their menu monthly and flyers are an easy way to get the word out to your customers. 

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8. Promote Special Events

Tie your restaurant promotions into special events local or national to keep your flyers relevant, and therefore more effective. Remember to use related imagery and colors when designing the flyer to draw more attention. 

9. Use Delivery to Deliver Your Flyers

Pizza Delivery

Use delivery to promote new restaurant promotions. Include flyers in the packaging so customers see it as they open their food. Using this tactic allows you to stand out instead of blending into a corkboard with dozens of other flyers, you get right in front of current customers, who already know and like your brand.

10. Put Flyers in Mailboxes

The USPS claims 98 percent of people bring in the mail the day it s delivered. This makes this tactic one of the best for ensuring your flyers are seen. The best part? You don t need to spend money on postage if you re willing to put the flyers in mailboxes yourself.

Make Restaurant Promotions More Effective With Flyers

When determining your print marketing plan, don t forget about flyers. This simple marketing material doesn t cost a lot of money, but can help promote your restaurant promotions and reach more people. 

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