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The three biggest words in buying a home may be “Location, Location, Location,” but even a sought-after address isn’t always enough to save a woefully unprepared home from being overlooked.  Ensure that your real estate agency’s properties are in tip-top shape for their upcoming open houses by providing your homeowners with a completely personalized for their specific property open house checklist that keeps you BOTH on the same page.  Do a walk-through where you identify any areas of the home that need work (paint, trim, cleaning) and highlight rooms that need to be re-staged or de-cluttered, then transfer those details to your custom-designed open house checklist using our easy-as-pie online editor.  Include other open house prep basics, like advertising tips, reminders to make arrangements for pets (no one wants to be followed around the house by the current owner’s precious little Snookums), and tips to create an inviting environment in the home.  Prior planning prevents poor performance, so make sure your clients are fully equipped!

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Real Estate Open House Checklist Flyer Template

Multiple Versions Available

Teal Open House Checklist Flyer Template

Size: 8.5" x 11"
Present your open house information in a format that quickly gives potential attendees the information they need at a glance with this checklist flyer. Customize this flyer to suit your needs with your choice of fonts and colors, and then add other elements like images and graphics. Get your flyer ready in a matter of minutes - get started now!

Open House List Flyer Template

Size: 8.5" x 11"
Help homebuyers make the leap by giving them a flyer listing out the upcoming open house events they may want to attend. Make your flyer a memorable one by giving it a catchy color theme to highlight the images and text you add using our online editor. Begin the design process with just a mouse click or two now!