Easter Church Signs

Easter Sunday is not about pretending that bunnies lay eggs – it’s a day where we give thanks and remember the sacrifice Jesus made and the joy and hope we have because of it.  Share that hope with your congregation and community by creating a custom-designed set of Easter signs to display throughout your church and city.  Your signs can be informative (Easter weekend service times and Easter Cantata performance dates), inspiring (“He is risen!” “He is risen indeed!”), or inviting (“Join us for a night of Good Friday prayer and worship”), or a combination of all three.  MyCreativeShop makes the creative process easy-peasy lemon-squeezy – no previous design experience necessary!

Christmas Church Signs

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” There’s no place where that should be truer than within the church.  Why not create a set of Christmas church signs that do double-duty – conveying important information while contributing to the Christmas décor? Sign content is completely up to you – you can create a design that mimics the time-tested quilted wall hangings lovingly stitched by the older women in your fellowship (perhaps a starry night scene of shepherds, sheep, and an angelic host with the words of Luke 2:14 followed by a manger scene and John 3:16), or you can simply put together a project that shares your Christmas season service schedule (Advent Sundays, Christmas Eve Service, and any other special day(s) you have planned).  You can even design signs that urge people to adopt a family or child from the tree in your lobby – what better way to truly share the Christmas spirit?

Thanksgiving Church Signs

Thanksgiving may not be a holiday that celebrates some aspect of Jesus’ life, death, or resurrection, but that doesn’t take away any of its spiritual significance.  Remind your church’s congregants and neighbors of just who it is they are saying “thank you” to by customizing a series of Thanksgiving church signs that give perspective in the midst of a world that is constantly telling us we don’t have enough.  Our online editor gives you creative control, but we won’t make you take off the training wheels.  Upload your own autumn-themed background or select from one of our stock images.  Feature a scripture passage about thankfulness, such as 1 Chronicles 16:34 or 1 Thessalonians 5:18, and make the key words about being thankful stand out with a larger font than the rest. You can even create signs that promote events, such as a night of thankfulness, prayer, and worship – MyCreativeShop makes the design process as easy as pumpkin pie!

Church Yard Signs

Is your church launching a new sermon series or youth ministry?  Maybe you’ve just opened up a brand-new food pantry for struggling families in your community?  Get the word out by designing an eye-catching set of church yard signs and placing them along the street in front of your building and also distribute them amongst your congregation.  Use MyCreativeShop’s online editor to put your personal touch on one of our professionally-designed templates.  If you’re feeling really inspired, attract extra attention by supplementing your yard signs with a flock of the always-popular plastic pink flamingo lawn decorations (because who can resist a pink flamingo?).  We can even print them for you (the yard signs, not the plastic flamingos) – what are you waiting for?

New Year Church Signs

The beginning of a new year is an ideal time to reflect on the past 365 days while also remembering that God’s mercies truly are new every morning (and especially on New Year’s Day!).   Encourage others in your church and community to do the same with a completely custom-designed array of festive and celebratory New Year signs that get everyone looking forward to what’s in store for the coming year.  MyCreativeShop’s easy-to-use online editor allows you to customize any of our templates created by professional graphic designers, with no experience necessary.  Choose to display an encouraging message for the upcoming calendar year, lay out your brand-new sermon series that launches in January, or get everyone excited about the new year’s fundraising campaign for Phase 2 of your church’s building plan.  Whatever you resolve to do, there’s no time like the present to get started. Starting “tomorrow” is only for diet and exercise resolutions, so keep your excuses to yourself!

Church Service Signs

A hope and prayer for many churches is that their pews, chairs, or seats be fully utilized (or close to it) at every service.  Get the message to your community that they are invited and will be welcomed with open arms by customizing one or more of our professionally-designed church service signs.  From special events and holidays to your regular Sunday morning or Wednesday evening gatherings, we’ve got a template for you!  Take your pick, then give our online editor a try.  We make it easy to switch up layouts, upload photos, change the font or color scheme, and just truly make it your own.  Once you’re satisfied with the finished product, send it to your favorite print shop or give us the honor of printing them for you and delivering them to your door.  Finally, go into all the world (or just your corner of it) and reach those you’ve been missing!