Church Flyer Templates

Your church’s ministries can benefit from utilizing custom-designed flyers to easily share information about upcoming events or how to get connected. The MCS designers have been hard at work producing customizable church flyer templates to meet your needs. The toolbox in our online editor is ready and waiting to help you turn a generic flyer template into a finished project that shares your heart honestly and enthusiastically. Share your flyer on all social media platforms or print a stack anywhere you like – choose our print service and we’ll even guarantee your satisfaction!
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Blank Flyer
Church Event   2 Side 1 Image Church Event   2 Side 2 Image
Church Event Flyer Template 2
4" W x 9" H Flyer
Church Event   Side 1 Image Church Event   Side 2 Image
Church Event Flyer Template
8.5" W x 11" H Flyer
Church Event   3 Side 1 Image Church Event   3 Side 2 Image
Church Event Flyer Template 3
5.5" W x 8.5" H Flyer
Christian Ministry   3 Side 1 Image Christian Ministry   3 Side 2 Image
Christian Ministry Flyer Template 3
5.5" W x 8.5" H Flyer
Christian Ministry   2 Side 1 Image Christian Ministry   2 Side 2 Image
Christian Ministry Flyer Template 2
4" W x 9" H Flyer
Christian Ministry   Side 1 Image Christian Ministry   Side 2 Image
Christian Ministry Flyer Template
8.5" W x 11" H Flyer
Christian Church   2 Side 1 Image Christian Church   2 Side 2 Image
Christian Church Flyer Template 2
4" W x 9" H Flyer
Christian Church   3 Side 1 Image Christian Church   3 Side 2 Image
Christian Church Flyer Template 3
5.5" W x 8.5" H Flyer
Christian Church   Side 1 Image Christian Church   Side 2 Image
Christian Church Flyer Template
8.5" W x 11" H Flyer

Church Flyers

Whether you’re informing your congregation about an upcoming retreat or knocking on doors throughout the community, effective church flyers will grab your recipients’ attention and clearly share your message of invitation, awareness, or good news. Of course, the content of your message is what matters most—but how you express that message matters, too!

Because your church flyer will likely be competing with many other flyers, advertisements, and assorted marketing handouts, it needs to be designed in a way that stands out. You don’t want to spend your time and money on a bible study invitation or church camp schedule only to have it get lost in the shuffle of a jam-packed purse or be overpowered by more eye-catching ads in the mailbox.

With MyCreativeShop, you can create this kind of beautiful, attention-grabbing church flyer while still being a good steward of your church’s limited resources. Simply choose your favorite church flyer template, take advantage of our user-friendly design tools to customize it, and then order affordable flyers shipped directly to your church’s door. 

You don’t need any graphic design knowledge or technical skill to design with us—only an internet connection and a few minutes to get creative!

Professional Templates for Your Church Flyer Ideas

There are hundreds of possible uses for a well-designed church event flyer: to invite congregants to special worship services, to distribute among local neighborhoods, to include in new member welcome packets, to offer as follow-along resources during sermons...and so many more! In fact, once you realize how quick and easy it is to design professional-looking flyers for your church, you’ll come up with even more ways to use them for community building, outreach, and event planning.

Whatever your purpose happens to be, MyCreativeShop has a huge selection of church flyer templates to get you started. Choose a general church-oriented template, or select one of our many ready-made templates in these high-demand categories:

Since every flyer template is completely customizable, you can choose any template from any category and still make all of the design changes you want. If you have a staff member or volunteer with some graphic design background, you can even work from a completely blank church flyer template (still taking advantage of MyCreativeShop’s cost-effective print services).

In any case, it’s simple to make any edit or addition you could envision:

  • Upload your church logo 
  • Upload, resize, and crop photos of your church’s events, facilities, or members
  • Choose beautiful stock photos to set the right mood for your flyer
  • Try out creative new fonts, ranging from elegant to youthful to serious
  • Experiment with different colors or choose your church’s brand colors using our color-picking tool
  • Insert new shapes and frames
  • Fill preset text boxes and/or add new ones to share more content
  • Move, resize, and/or rotate any element

All of your church flyer ideas can be incorporated with just a few clicks, and if you make a tweak you don’t like, you can easily undo it. Save your design any time and come back later, or try out a brand-new template if you want a fresh start. You won’t ever have to worry about how to make a church flyer—we give you the template, the design tools, and the flexibility!

Versatile Flyer Sizes to Fit Your Intended Use

As you’ll see in our large template library, we offer three standard flyer sizes:

  • 8.5” x 11”
  • 8.5” x 5.5”
  • 4” x 9”

Each size includes full printing on both the front and the back page, giving you more than enough space for whatever you’d like to share. The largest size (equivalent to standard printer paper) works well if you have a lot of text or imagery or if you plan to post your church flyers on large viewing areas like bulletin boards. The smallest size (sometimes called a “rack card”) is more handheld and portable, making it ideal for inserts, supplementary materials, or quick grab-and-go handouts.

Order Your Church Flyer Prints with No Hassle

After you’ve finalized your church flyer design, you can speed through the print-ordering process in just a few more clicks. You can choose:

  • Flyer Quantity: We happily print small orders of just 50 flyers, all the way up to massive orders of 50,000. Every quantity is affordably priced to keep your church’s budget in mind.
  • Paper Type: Choose from high-quality standard paper or a firmer, premium thick paper. Both can be easily written on, but only the standard paper can be easily folded.

Your order will come backed by a guaranteed delivery date, so you’ll be able to plan your next ministry event or community gathering with confidence.

View our flyer print pricing >

Download to Share Online or Print Anywhere

If your ministry staff would prefer to print locally (perhaps one of your members owns a print shop!), then we make it easy to go that route, too. Instead of ordering your church event flyer from us, you can download several high-quality file formats and use them however you want:

  • Printing: Get a high-res PDF with all the right document, print, and bleed settings, so you can easily order your flyer prints from any professional print shop.
  • Sharing Online: Get a web-ready image file that lets you share your church flyers on your website, on social media, or even by email.

MyCreativeShop won’t limit how you can use the flyers you’ve designed. We’re here to serve as a time-saving and cost-effective resource for your church, allowing you to create what you need and then use it however you want. 

Ready to build your community and extend your ministry’s impact with professional-looking church flyers? Choose a template and order fast-shipped prints in minutes!

Available Sizes:
Download Options
  • 300 DPI PDF - Print at home (no bleed)
  • 300 DPI PDF - Commercial Print (full bleed)
  • Web Quality JPG
Sharing Options
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Tips to get you started on designing, printing & promoting your Church Flyers

Creating a church flyer for your upcoming event, activity, or ministry opportunity doesn’t have to be complicated. Gather the details that answer the important questions (who, what, where, when, why, and how?) along with your own images, logo, and branding strategy. Browse our church flyer templates to find the one that fits best. If you’re planning a Bible Study flyer or Church Camp flyer, click the links to head straight to those templates. Use the palette in our online editor to apply your custom color scheme, then update all sample text boxes with your own custom content, including a heading that grabs the reader and draws them in. Upload your images and swap them in for the stock photos in the template, trusting our real-time DPI scores to let you know how they will appear when printed. Customize the fonts used so that they fit your church’s style and the tone of the event or activity you’re planning. Easily insert shapes, arrows, icons, and more as needed. Recruit one or two others to give final approval of the project (and to proofread!), then print with us or absolutely anywhere!

Yes, head over to our Church Easter Flyers page to view them.

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