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Hotel Rewards Program Flyers

Does your hotel offer exclusive perks to your best (most frequent) customers? Are you in the business of cultivating and nurturing guest loyalty? Increase your rewards program member roster by designing and displaying a hotel flyer that makes them an offer they can’t refuse (Marlon Brando not included!). Highlight amenities and benefits available ONLY to rewards members, such as a free stay for every 10 nights or an exclusive complimentary breakfast room. No-cost automatic upgrades can be a big incentive, too. Make the case for them to keep coming back, and continue to provide the professional and consistent service they’ve come to appreciate. Post your flyer in your lobby now!

Hotel Room Detail Flyers

To your guests, your hotel is their home away from home. Let them know what they’ve gotten themselves into by creating an inviting flyer that empowers them to know everything about their room. Are roll-away cots or baby cribs available? Give them a path to make the request. Lay out where to find extra bedding, towels, or complimentary toiletries. Directions to the ice machine, room service hours, and vending/snack options are also helpful. Design a flyer that makes your guests feel relaxed and at home, without any of the housework. Tu casa es su casa, after all!

Hotel Accommodations & Amenities Flyers

Is your hotel the ultimate kid-friendly destination? Or perhaps you cater more towards the needs of business travelers? Increase your impact by designing a targeted hotel flyer that highlights your accommodations and amenities and speaks directly to your primary clientele. If you are a family hub, your flyer should include great features like separate sleeping areas (mom & dad need their sleep, too!), a pool (or two!) and waterslide, and proximity to local attractions like zoos and parks. Your biz-friendly flyer can be less flashy; throw in your free in-room Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, dry-cleaning service, and meeting room availability. Start multiplying your bookings now!

Hotel Activities Flyers

Destination hotels and resorts like yours offer a wide variety of activities to appeal to their guests – don’t miss the chance to promote your offerings to potential guests with an attractive activities flyer. If you primarily accommodate vacationing families, lay out your programming for children and teens, along with options aimed to give mom and dad a break, and adventures for the whole family. Is your hotel a romantic getaway? Show off your two-person activity options – couples’ massages, wine tasting, local shopping/walking tours, land sports, and date-night restaurant offerings. Your flyer should cater to your target guest population. Our easy-to-use online editor makes it simple to produce yours (and increase your reservations) in no time.

Hotel Pool Party Flyers

Parents are always looking for kid-friendly party locations. If your hotel has a great pool setup, don’t miss the chance to generate a new income stream by hosting pool parties. Lay out your terms and package options in a well-designed, brightly colored flyer. Provide a lifeguard, food options (kids love pizza!), and maybe even partner with a local bakery to give parents a one-stop shop experience. If your pool area includes unique features (like, say, a waterslide or pirate ship play area), highlight the offerings that set you apart. Whether you offer poolside tables or a separate party room, design your pool party flyer now, and maybe you’ll even get an invite!

Hotel Valentine's Day Posters

Romantic getaways are a key piece of every hotel’s revenue strategy – capitalize on the most romantic day of the year by offering the perfect Valentine’s Day escape. Design your own poster to promote this special holiday offer. Include unique amenities like gourmet chocolates, champagne, strawberries, flowers, and a candlelit dinner for two. Appeal to the planning half of each couple (there’s almost always at least one) by including a reservation deadline and a reminder that bookings are first come, first serve. Use a romantic photograph of your hotel, with all the Valentine’s day amenities in place, as the background of your poster. Display your poster well in advance – New Year’s is not too early!

Hotel Rewards Program Posters

Every hotel has its own set of loyal customers who are the hospitality industry’s equivalent of “frequent fliers.” Attract and keep this critical set of clients with a highly-incentivized rewards program that encourages them to not only stay in your hotel but to also recommend you to their friends, family, and colleagues. Promote your rewards program with a poster that lays out all the benefits of membership, like free room upgrades, restaurant or room service credit, or access to an exclusive breakfast or happy hour suite. Points that can be accumulated and redeemed for free nights or other perks are also a huge plus. Use our editor to design and print your posters today!

Hotel Activities Posters

Your guests, especially those without tightly-planned schedules, are eager to know about the activities your hotel offers. A poster (designed by you!) displayed proudly near the front desk or in the hotel restaurant is a convenient way to communicate the sky-view details of your most popular activities. Childcare, children’s programs, exercise classes, nature walks, and shopping adventures are all attractive options for your patrons. Promote your activities with a brief description that includes frequency, length, start time, and meeting place. Include a photo for each offering, or select a handful of the best to feature. Our online editor turns you into a graphic designer as you customize our professionally-designed templates!

Hotel Happy Hour Posters

A popular and critically-acclaimed on-site restaurant or bar is an important addition to your hotel’s revenue stream. Draw in new patrons and reward your loyal customers by hosting and promoting a regular happy hour with a custom-designed poster. List your most popular drink specials (Half-price Long Island Teas, $2 well drinks, 2 for 1 taps) and highlight food deals (2 for 1 burgers, half-price apps, dessert shooters). Offer an all-you-can-eat wing or taco bar with drink purchase if you’re looking to increase your bar sales. Hang your poster in your hotel and restaurant lobby, community office complexes, and possibly even local college student unions (depending on the crowd you’re looking to attract!).

Hotel Special Event Poster

Hotels are not just for sleeping – make the best use of your venue by developing and hosting your very own slate of special events! Advertise each event with a custom-designed poster that appeals to your target audience. Plan offerings that compliment your hotel’s ambience and style – if you run a charming boutique hotel or bed & breakfast, à la the Dragonfly Inn of Gilmore Girls’ fame, plan book signings, antique shows, and indie music showcases; if your facilities are better-suited to the business or nonprofit crowd, industry trade shows, conventions, and charity events may be more your speed. Events like a 5K or a guest speaker are a great fit for any hotel, and our online editor makes producing a different poster for every special event a snap!

Hotel Breakfast Menu Door Hangers

Whether you’re touting your complimentary all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, room service offerings, or a continental breakfast that’s standard with every room, hotel door hangers featuring your breakfast menu get guests hungry for what you have to offer. Travelers love the idea of grabbing breakfast at their hotels prior to heading out sightseeing or attending important meetings, and your breakfast menu detailed on a door hanger makes it convenient for them to weigh their options in advance. Use high-resolution photos to get their taste buds wagging, and include prices so that they know what to expect. Create an eye-grabbing menu door hanger now!

Hotel Wedding Door Hangers

Add a special touch to guests’ big event with customized hotel wedding door hangers. Personalize a couple’s door hanger on the fly in seconds to include as part of a honeymoon suite reservation, or accommodate wedding party guests with custom door hangers asking for privacy while they sleep off the day’s events. Customized door hangers are keepsakes that the couple can hold onto to remind them of their time spent under your roof – and they set your hotel apart as one they’ll want to return to again and again when they need a memorable getaway. Find the right design for your door hangers now!

Hotel Rewards Program Door Hangers

Repeat hotel guests are the bread and butter of your bottom line, and hotel door hangers that detail your rewards program are an excellent medium to getting patrons interested in returning again and again. Design your hotel rewards program door hangers to stand out at check-in time by running down the details and perks of your program and why your guests should participate. People love to be rewarded for their loyalty, so offering a free night’s stay, discounted room, room upgrades, complimentary concierge service, or even tickets to local attractions is sure to draw interest. Make it worth their while and they’ll return. Customize your door hangers now!

Hotel Grand Opening Postcards

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, right? Add a special touch to your hotel’s grand opening with hotel postcards detailing your big day. Send out postcards to everyone on your mailing list or targeted EDDM campaign, providing details of specials on suites or rooms or discounts on multi-night or frequent guest stays. Use your postcards to showcase your hotel’s infinity pool, spacious conference center, or entertainment lounge. Drive home your message with high-resolution photos and custom text to help prospective patrons visualize slipping beneath your 1,000-thread-count sheets or ordering room service from your facility’s kitchen. Get a lock on your hotel grand opening design now!

Hotel Thank You Postcards

Keep them thinking about you long after their stay with hotel postcards sent out to say “thank you” to guests. You want to become your patrons’ home-away-from-home destination whenever they need lodging, and thank you postcards give you the opportunity to put your brand in the minds of guests, allowing them to reflect on their time spent under your roof. A personalized “thank you” sent to guests a week or so after their departure is a classy gesture that shows not only how much you appreciate their business, but also helps build your reputation as a business that cares about its customers. Use your “thank you” postcards to merely say thanks—or take the opportunity to invite them back again with a discounted offer for a return stay. Keep your rooms booked—design your postcards now!

Hotel Special Offer Postcards

Keeping hotel vacancies at a minimum requires some work—especially in the “off” season—which makes hotel postcards advertising a special offer an excellent medium to reach out to would-be guests. Offering a special discounted rate to patrons on your mailing list or in a general, targeted demographic lets you appeal to everyone’s desire to save money. Reach out with a discount on a three-day stay or other package deal, or offer upgraded suites and rooms at standard room fare. Remind previous guests of the spaciousness of your rooms and the amenities you offer with postcards featuring full-color photos and custom text. Start working on your design now!

Hotel Special Event Postcards

Is your hotel’s lounge hosting a headlining act, or are you just down the street from the big playoffs or other hot event? Whether your conference center is home to the latest “con” for comic book fans, entrepreneurs, or techies or you're in close proximity to a concert venue, let would-be guests know with hotel postcards you design specifically for the upcoming event. Customize both sides of your cards with the pertinent deets, photos of previous similar events, a map of the neighborhood to help them plan their stays, and info on how to reach out to make their reservations in advance. Get started on your design now!

Hotel Room Detail Brochures

Whether you’re a frequent business traveler or simply planning a family vacation, hotel rooms are your home away from home. Guests want to know what their room will offer them BEFORE they arrive. For the corporate exec in town for meetings, features like free Wi-Fi, a desk, good coffee, and even an in-room ironing board or dry-cleaning service can be huge selling points. For the family escaping their everyday lives, separate sleeping areas for children, refrigerators/microwaves or a kitchenette, and space to sprawl out can make all the difference. Provide them with a custom-designed brochure that appeals to their unique perspectives.

Hotel Accommodations & Amenities Brochures

Aside from location, the biggest selling points of any hotel are its accommodations and the amenities that set it apart. Design a flashy brochure that highlights your hotel’s features and unique offerings. Have a professional photographer take flattering, well-lit pictures of your building’s exterior, guest rooms, event facilities (such as conference rooms and ball rooms), and your special amenities, like a restaurant, pool, gym, or gift shop. Appeal to engaged couples by including a special section on wedding packages and catering options. Print your brochure and display it at your front desk and in your sales office. Post a PDF on your website to reach even more potential clients!

Hotel Event Center Brochures

Promote your hotel as a go-to event center by designing an eye-catching brochure that highlights your hotel’s unique selling points and lays out how you can meet your client’s needs. Include professional photographs of your facilities, list your catering offerings, DJ connections, and make sure to lay out your most popular pricing options (wedding packages, holiday parties, business meetings, or anything else your facility is known for). Give direct contact information for your sales staff, and create a call-out section with testimonials from past or current clients. Use our online editor to design your own custom event center brochure – your hotel will be booked in no time!

Hotel Room Service Brochures

After a long day of travel, what better way to grab your guest’s attention as they browse the amenities than with a colorful brochure filled with some of the delicious food available to them through your room service menu! As your guests walk into their hotel room the first thing they’ll likely notice is the view and the comfortable bed, but you want your guests to be pleased not only with the conditions of their room, but also with the accommodations your hotel has to offer. Satisfy your guest’s appetite with a room service brochure that’s sure to get anyone’s stomach rumbling!

Hotel Rewards Program Brochures

Encourage your repeat hotel guests to remain loyal customers by giving them the opportunity to rack up rewards points that can be redeemed for future stays. Create a rewards program that motivates them to share their love for your hotel with their friends and colleagues by earning points for referrals and for every night they stay. Offer exclusive perks for rewards members, like a special complimentary breakfast room, nightly networking happy hour, and discounts at your on-site or partner restaurant. Loyal guests are your most effective form of advertising. Our editor allows you to design a brochure for your rewards program that will convey all of the details to your best customers!