1. Free Estimates - Handyman Flyers

Give your prospective home repair or improvement clients confidence in your integrity and your commitment to quality by providing them with a free estimate and scope of work.  Design and personalize your own free estimate flyer and distribute them throughout your community – who says a handyman can only swing a hammer?  Include the number of days for which your estimate will be honored and highlight your contact information so that they don’t have to search for it with a magnifying glass. Employ the tools offered in our online editor to construct the ideal flyer – you’ll be walking the neighborhood with your clipboard and carpenter’s pencil faster than Tim Taylor can drive a souped-up lawnmower!

2. Handyman Advertising Flyers

Are you the neighborhood Mr. (or Ms.) Fix-It?  The first call at the sound of a leaky faucet or creaky step?  Turn your obvious skills and existing client base into a profitable handyman (or woman!) business by advertising your paid services with a custom-designed flyer that inspires homeowners near and far to enlist your help in times of un-handy trouble (or even just to complete a never-ending “Honey-do” list).  Include your areas of expertise, hours of availability, and the best number to contact you.  Throw in a great testimonial and a note that references are available upon request.  Get to work fixing up your flyer with our online design tools today!


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