Church Anniversary Flyers

Celebrating a church anniversary is an incredibly significant milestone for your church body. It’s an event that unites members from years past with brand-new regular attendees. Anniversaries are an opportunity to reminisce and to look back on how your congregation has grown, changed, and been used in your community. Seeing how far you’ve come encourages your members to push forward to where you’re going. A well-designed church anniversary celebration flyer will be hung on the fridge and not thrown in the recycling bin. Remind your former members of their investment in your church by personalizing your flyer to evoke all the wonderful memories they may have forgotten alongside your church’s current ministries. Get it in their hands today!

Church Volunteer Opportunity Flyers

Struggling to fill your Sunday School teacher roster? Need more qualified help in the church nursery? Advertise your church volunteer opportunities with a dynamic, well-designed church flyer! One of the biggest obstacles to filling open positions is a lack of congregational knowledge about the need – if you don’t tell them, they won’t know; and if they don’t know, they won’t volunteer. If you’re short a helper for your Wednesday night children’s program, a brightly-colored flyer strategically placed near the Sunday School classrooms or shared on social media could be just the ticket! Jump on over to our easy-to-use online editor and create yours today.

Church Youth Group Flyers

If you’re planning an event with teenagers, you need to catch their eye and pique their interest with an authentic ask. There are a lot of things vying for their attention in this technology-saturated age. Pull them in with a genuine, well-designed flyer that tells them exactly what they need to know and gives them a reason to come – and invite their friends! Encourage your youth group members to spread the word by giving them the tools to do so confidently. Sharing with their friends via social media is the easiest way to multiply your reach. Design your church youth event flyer today and watch it go viral with just a click!

Church Invitation Flyers

Organic church growth is what we all strive for, but it is impossible to manufacture. Extending an invitation to newcomers works best when it’s in the context of a relationship, and it can be challenging for your congregation to go out on a limb with their friends. Fear of saying the wrong thing or forgetting important details can also hold them back. Help them step out of the boat by providing them with a church invitation flyer that lays out all the pertinent details. Get started designing yours today!

Church Conference Flyers

Whether your church is hosting a simulcast or an in-person women’s conference featuring a nationally-renowned speaker, you need to get people in the door. Conferences need to be promoted, even if they are held at a church. The right flyer in the right hands, distributed to the right people, will generate results and fill the seats! Give out flyers to your Bible study groups, lay leaders, and congregation members to share with friends, and post them around your church building and at appropriate locations around your city. Make sure your church conference flyer is exactly what you need by designing it yourself here!

Design Church Flyers

With MyCreativeShop’s Editor

Our online editor gives you complete control over your church flyer content - text, photos, and all other design elements.  Every aspect of the design and layout is 100% customizable.  We have hundreds of fonts you can choose from, and you can upload your own photos or choose from our premium stock photo library.  Our goal at MyCreativeShop is to make the process of designing your customized church flyer easy and fun, so we enlist graphic design professionals to create customizable templates that fit the needs of church professionals and volunteers and give you the biggest impact with the shortest time commitment (and no special skills required!).

What Can You Do With Your Church Flyer?  


Whether you’re looking to create a church anniversary flyer or church invitation flyer, a design you make yourself can connect with and inform your audience just the way you want.  Personalized flyers are also a great (and portable!) way to effectively communicate new events and service times, along with laying out class options, such as Sunday School for children and adults.  You can hang your flyers on your bulletin board, put them up around town, or give them to your members to distribute to their spheres of influence as part of a grassroots movement.  A unique church flyer displays all of the information you need to share in exactly the way you want it shared in one easy-to-read document. Best of all, your flyer is yours to print (with us or your printer of choice) or share (via email or social media) as you please!

Grow Your Congregation With A Church Flyer

Church Class Offerings

Looking to increase attendance for your church class offerings?  Design your own church flyer with class options, times, and locations to ensure that your members and regular attendees are in the know.

Church Picnic

Planning a summer church potluck picnic by the pool?  Send out a church flyer design with the where & when, and include a list of who should bring the glorified rice and cookie salad.

Church Service

Planning to change up service times for the summer or draw in new attendees to your existing service schedule?  Create a church flyer with all of the details to ensure that no one misses out.

Church Concert

Hosting a special musical concert with a big name worship artist or local family band?  An eye-catching church flyer puts your event out there in your congregation and community.

Church Youth Event

Coordinating a trip to the lake or amusement park for the teens?  Get all of the details to their parents & catch the attention of your youth group members by creating your own church flyer.

Why Make A Church Flyer With Us?

We know that you have other choices when it comes to your marketing materials - we do not take for granted that you would choose us.  We are committed to innovating and adding fresh church flyer templates for our clients on a weekly basis. When you make the choice to use MyCreativeShop for your design project, you are getting the benefit of our extensive wealth of graphic design knowledge and accessibility.  Becoming your own graphic designer is a snap with our online editor.  No need to worry about your message being lost in translation during the design process as you’re in control. The flyer you create will consistently match your church’s branding and statement of faith, because it will be created by YOU!