Church Invitation Door Hangers

How do you let the families and residents in your church’s neighborhood know that they are welcome to join you for worship next Sunday?  Stop by to say hi and bring along a stack of customized invitation door hangers that can be shared with those who open the door to chat or hung on the doorknobs of those who aren’t home (along with a handwritten note, of course!).  Nothing beats a personal invite, and coupling it with a tangible reminder in the form of a door hanger increases the odds that the invitation will be accepted.  Our online editor makes the design process quick and painless – no small talk required – so don’t put off until tomorrow what you can get done today!

Church Easter Sunday Service Door Hangers

For many people, Easter and Christmas are the only church services they attend each year.  Invite them to join your church body for Easter Sunday (with the prayer that they will keep coming back!) by customizing a compelling and joyful door hanger that beckons them to visit and make connections.  Utilize the tools in our online editor to turn a professionally-designed door hanger template into your very own personalized finished product. Distribute your completed project amongst your church’s and parishioners’ neighborhoods.  Make sure to include your location, contact, and web information, along with regular service times for those who have other plans that year.  Don’t miss the chance to reach out at an opportune time!

Church Welcome Door Hangers

It’s important to let new attendees at your church know that they matter and have been noticed.  Welcome them to the fold by putting together a door hanger that thanks them for visiting and invites them to come again – and bring it with you when you drop by their home to tell them in person.  If they aren’t home for your visit, add a handwritten note before you hang it on their front door – and follow up!  Turning one of our professionally-designed templates into a welcoming and inviting personalized door hanger is a fast and simple process with the help of our easy-to-use online editor.  Better yet, we can eliminate an obstacle and even print your door hangers for you so that you can get out and start knock-knock-knocking on [heaven’s] door(s)!

Church Christmas Door Hangers

“We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”  Bring good tidings to your church’s neighbors (and kin!) with a host of personalized Christmas door hangers.  Remind recipients of the true reason for the hustling, bustling season and invite them to join you for one of your Christmas services or events (candlelit midnight Christmas Eve service, Christmas Day dinner, or a tree filled with the names and wishes of needy “adoptable” families).  Christmas is about giving, not just receiving, so use our online editor to share the joy of giving (whether in the form of worship, time, or gifts to a deserving family) with those who are able to, while also inviting those in need of fellowship or basic necessities to come and partake.  “Merry Christmas to ALL and to ALL a good night!”

Church Outreach Door Hangers

When your church launches a new community outreach program or event, it can be difficult to ensure that everyone who can benefit from or participate in the outreach actually KNOWS about it.  Enhance the [out]reach of your ministry by customizing an eye-catching and informative selection of door hangers that can be distributed throughout your community.  These door hangers should contain all the important details of the planned outreach (date, time, location) along with a compelling description of the ministry and its purpose (Re-distribution of food and other goods from local grocery stores and restaurants to those in need, winter coat or clothing drive for homeless families, or even an organized effort to clean up and beautify a local playground).  MyCreativeShop’s online editor enables you to share the “why” in every step of the design process – your passion is ours, too!