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Handyman Marketing

Handyman Flyers

Your top-notch home improvement skills don’t need to go to waste – take a few moments to spread the word with custom-designed flyers, postcards, door hangers, and more. Share your fix-it talents with those who don’t have a handy in-house guy (or gal!) or those who simply don’t have the free time to do it all themselves. Our digitally-skilled team of graphic designers is happy to help by providing customizable handyman marketing templates that can be transformed into one-of-a-kind marketing masterpieces. The simplicity of our online design toolbox makes the process a snap and your finished project can be printed absolutely anywhere or easily shared via email or social media. The sooner you get started, the faster you’ll see your calendar fill up!

Services Offered Handyman Flyers

Whether your trade heroes are Bob Vila and Norm Abram of This Old House fame or Tim “the Toolman” Taylor and Al Borland of Tool Time, letting your potential clients know what you have to offer is critical to building and maintaining your handyman business.  Design a refrigerator-worthy flyer that ensures you will be their very first call when they hear a creaky floorboard or banging pipe.  Include your logo, contact details, hourly rate, services offered and seasonal package deals (fall gutter clean-out, winter snowblower prep). Utilize our design tool to produce and print a fabulous flyer in no time at all – just don’t try to add more power (it never ended well for Tim)!

Free Estimate Handyman Flyers

Give your prospective home repair or improvement clients confidence in your integrity and your commitment to quality by providing them with a free estimate and scope of work.  Design and personalize your own free estimate flyer and distribute them throughout your community – who says a handyman can only swing a hammer?  Include the number of days for which your estimate will be honored and highlight your contact information so that they don’t have to search for it with a magnifying glass. Employ the tools offered in our online editor to construct the ideal flyer – you’ll be walking the neighborhood with your clipboard and carpenter’s pencil faster than Tim Taylor can drive a souped-up lawnmower!

Handyman Skills Checklist Flyers

Let prospective clients know what you’re capable of – design and distribute a customized handyman skills checklist flyer to the business leaders, landlords, and homeowners in your community.  Like Liam Neeson, let them know that you have “a very particular set of skills.” List the areas you specialize in (plumbing, electrical, roofing) so that they know exactly who to call when there’s something strange in the neighborhood (just leave your proton pack at home). Our editor makes the design process infinitely faster than waiting for grout to set, so get creative now. Take it from George Utley of Newhart’s Stratford Inn - “Baby, I’m your handyman!”

Home Improvement Handyman Flyers

Become the most sought-after home remodeling handyman in Lake Wobegon (Yes, that's the fictional town created by Author Garrison Keillor)  – design a home improvement flyer that gives potential clients the utmost confidence in your skills.  Hang your flyer down the street at Bigger Hammer Hardware, Ralph’s Pretty Good Grocery, and the Chatterbox Café.  List your credentials and specialties, and put together a brief description of why you do what you do.  Curate client testimonials to encourage prospective customers with the satisfied words of their neighbors.  A headshot adds credibility to your business and helps people put a familiar face to the name on the flyer.  Add your contact info and you’ll be all set – design and print with our online editor today so that you can start swinging your hammer tomorrow!

HVAC Marketing

HVAC Flyers

A/C on the fritz?  Furnace not heating? Ensure that your community knows who to call when they’re shivering (or sweltering) by customizing an HVAC flyer that sets your business apart.  Use our online editor to upload your logo and a photo of your technicians at work.  Describe the services you offer - new construction, renovations, repair/replacement of existing systems – and ensure that your contact information features prominently.  Highlight the confidence you have in the quality of your workmanship by guaranteeing that all estimates will be done in-person, at no charge, and with no strings attached.  Be sure to include your contractor license number along with a statement that references are available upon request.  Your work can speak for itself – just give it a venue.

HVAC Door Hangers

As a licensed HVAC contractor, you have a responsibility to educate your community on why it is so important to invest in the appropriate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system for their home.  Help them navigate your world by designing and personalizing an HVAC door hanger that answers the questions, “Do I have the right HVAC system for my home?” and “How do I hire the right HVAC contractor?”  Use your expertise to point out the questions homeowners should ask of any potential HVAC companies before they sign on the dotted line.  Utilize MyCreativeShop’s graphic design expertise by jumping into our super-simple online editor to turn the knowledge in your head into an informative and educational HVAC door hanger that will keep your neighborhood climate-controlled for years to come!

HVAC Postcards

As the seasons change, homeowners often discover issues with their heating and cooling systems (the A/C quits in the middle of July, the furnace goes quiet on a frigid January morning).  Get ahead of the demand by designing and customizing an HVAC postcard that won’t be discarded with the Friday trash pick-up.  Address the most common home HVAC issues and emphasize that you are qualified to remedy them.  Offer free, in-home estimates and guarantee your work – integrity is a valuable commodity, and it’s a vital building block when establishing a long-term contractor/client relationship.  Include your contractor license number and offer references upon request.  Get your postcards designed and sent today – before the snow flies, the leaves fall, or the summer breeze returns!

Free Estimates - HVAC

One of the cornerstones of building a successful HVAC business is offering free, in-person estimates.  An awareness of your consumer, rooted in the knowledge that they will (just as you would) want to get multiple bids in order to determine whether the projected costs and scope of work are reasonable.  Discouraging that process can signal that you aren’t certain that your work will stand up (or, worst case scenario, that you’re trying to pull a con).  Use our design editor to customize a flyer, brochure, door hanger, or postcard that guarantees your potential clients a no-questions-asked, free, in-home estimate.  Include the necessities (contractor license number and contact information) and then stand behind your word (and your work)!

About Us - HVAC

When hiring any kind of contractor, trust is a major question mark.  Consumers seek out references, referrals from friends, and examples of past work in order to determine whether they should sign on the dotted line.  Transparency is a valuable commodity – build their confidence in your HVAC business by customizing an “About Us” flyer, brochure, postcard, or door hanger that hits all the right notes.  Share how you got into the heating and cooling industry – personal stories connect you with homeowners. Lay out your company’s business philosophy, emphasizing free, in-person, guaranteed estimates, and standing behind the work you take on.  Highlight the training your technicians have received, along with any specialties that make them shine.  Share your contractor license number and don’t hesitate to provide referrals to anyone who asks.  Let your work (and your past customers) speak for itself!

Advertising Special Offers - HVAC

Some homeowners are savvy enough to DIY their fall and spring HVAC inspection and maintenance, but many more need your expertise to ensure that their system is running in tip-top shape and is ready for the coming winter chill or summer heat.  Make their choice of a heating and cooling contractor a no-brainer by customizing a special offer postcard, flyer, or door hanger that gives a complete list of inspection and maintenance services to be performed and a base cost estimate (per heating or cooling unit serviced, and dependent on system type and size).  Display your contractor license number and highlight your contact information.  Use our online editor to design a professional set of special offer marketing materials that give homeowners the confidence to give you a call.

Services Offered - HVAC

The world of home heating and cooling can be a mystery to many – and most HVAC jobs should only be done by a trained professional like yourself.  Remove the uncertainty by fully customizing a professionally-designed “Services Offered” brochure that leaves nothing out.  Devote one section to new construction, another to home renovations, and one each to repairs, regular maintenance, and retail sales.  Emphasize your free, in-home estimates and service warranties.  Be sure to include your contractor license number and let clients know that references are available upon request. Our online editor makes it quick and easy for you to customize your brochure to reflect your company and your commitment to quality service and craftsmanship.

Roofing Service Marketing

Roofing Flyers

Santa isn’t the only one who spends time up on the roof.  Get a jump on the big guy and his eight tiny reindeer by personalizing a roofing service flyer that keeps you out of the coal pile and onto potential clients’ “nice” list. Seasonal specials, new construction, storm damage repair, and routine maintenance are all ideal flyer topics, and MyCreativeShop’s online editor enables you to customize a different flyer for every possible need, without any heavy lifting.  Upload your logo, feature your contact information, and include a brief slogan or client testimonial about the quality and reliability of your work – you’ll be up on the housetops (without the reindeer pause) before the snow can fall!

Roofing Brochures

New construction, complete roof replacement, storm repair, and everything in between – your roofing company can do it all!  Get all of your potential customers, whether commercial or residential, on the same page by customizing a professionally-designed roofing brochure that has something for everyone.  Our online editor makes it easy-peasy to lay out your qualifications, specialties, and the full scope of services you offer.  Highlight your experience in putting up an original roof in the “new construction” section that appeals to homebuilding contractors.  Existing homeowners will need to know about your skill in roof repair, full roof replacement, and storm/hail damage repairs (and your ability to work with insurance companies).  Play up the offering of free, no-strings attached estimates and get your brochures designed and printed ASAP!

Roofing Postcards

When faced with a leaky roof or damaged shingles, some homeowners are experienced enough to DIY the repairs.  Save the rest of the world (or at least your community) from ending up like Tim “the Toolman” Taylor and jumping through the roof by customizing and mailing out a compelling, irresistible roofing service postcard. Encourage unqualified weekend warriors to leave the pinnacle of home repair projects to the professionals.  A postcard in hand takes the uncertainty out of the “who ya gonna call?” question – and no, Slimer does not need to be on their speed dial!  Take your rightful place at the top of the roofing contractor ladder by jumping into our online editor with both feet – just make sure you’re tied off first!

Roofing Door Hangers

Homeowners benefit from having a go-to list of professional tradespeople to call when experiencing a home repair-related problem - plumbers, electricians, furnace repair technicians.  Add your name to their speed dial by customizing a roofing door hanger and distributing it throughout your community. Emphasize your ability to work with insurance companies when repairing hail damage and replacing shingles blown off by the fury of straight-line winds. Let them know that you are available for all roofing repairs (not just storm damage) – replacing aging shingles, putting up new sheeting, fixing animal or tree damage.  With our easy-to-use online editor, you’ll soon have a full dance card of repair projects to keep you busy!

Roofing Business Cards

A house just isn’t a house without a fully functioning roof over your head.  Ensure that your entire community knows that YOU are the one to call when they need any roofing work done by customizing your own leak-proof business card.  Carry them with you as you go about your day – you never know where you might strike up a conversation with someone who turns out to be in need of your help!  The grocery store cashier may have a leaky roof, the used car salesman may have hail damage, or your dentist might need a completely new roof in order to complete the sale of his or her home.  With MyCreativeShop’s online editor, you’ll have your business cards designed and in hand in no time – you’ll never be caught unprepared again!

Pest Control Marketing

Pest Control Flyers

Let residential and commercial property owners know you’re tough on bugs with pest control flyers outlining how you can help them deal with any pest problem. Flyers give you the power to reach a maximum number of prospective clients with even the tiniest marketing budget. Customize your flyer with the details on a monthly or seasonal special, new customer promotion, or ongoing pest control maintenance deal to create a buzz about your services. Distribute your flyers directly into potential customers’ hands, or leave them in places where your target market congregates. Get cracking on your pest control flyer design today!

Pest Control Postcards

Put unwanted critters on notice with a marketing campaign centered on your own customized pest control postcards. Strike fear into the hearts of rampant mice and uninvited ants with postcards detailing a monthly special for residential or business customers, deals for new clients, offers of free inspections and estimates, or other promotions. Postcards running down your services, expertise, and rates generate buzz for your business and position you as the go-to spider eradicator and termite executioner you are. Target your current mailing list, or take advantage of the USPS Every Door Direct Mail program to hone in on a more specific audience. Learn more about customization options for your pest control postcards now!

Pest Control Door Hangers

When scary spiders scurry and creepy bed bugs lurk, let prospective customers know they’re not alone in the battle to regain control of their homes with custom pest control door hangers hung on every door in your local target market. Our homes are our sanctuaries, and eradicating pests is a necessary evil. Position yourself as an area niche authority with professional-looking door hangers that detail the services you offer, pest problems you handle, your rates, and any specials you’re running along with your contact details to make it easy to reach out or set up an appointment. Design an attention-commanding pest control door hanger now!

Pest Control Posters

Market your pest control services from the street or in your office headquarters with customized pest control posters. Create your own colorful posters to detail promotions and specials with bold, compelling text that draws attention from passersby and generates buzz for what you’re offering. Design your own pest or insect identification posters to frame and hang in your office for easy reference when meeting with clients face to face to discuss a bed bug, termite, or other pest control issue. Posters give your marketing and branding efforts a professional face, helping to cement your reputation as a local niche leader. Design your custom pest control posters now!

Pest Control Business Cards

When creepy crawlers take a foothold, homeowners armed with your customized pest control business cards know just who to call. Customers looking for pest control and eradication services want the best, and a well-designed, professional-looking business card positions you as an authority in your niche, and you become the go-to person to handle uninvited guests in their homes. Design your card with multiple options for contacting you when they notice termites in the basement or ants in the kitchen; give them your phone, website URL, email, and other deets printed on handy business cards they can tack on the fridge or stick in their wallets for future reference. Create your cards now!

Home Inspection Marketing

Flooring Marketing

Flooring Flyers

When homeowners in your area start singing “I feel the earth move under my feet,” they won’t know to call you for flooring help unless they’ve received one of your custom-designed flyers. MyCreativeShop’s design team has laid the foundation for your unique design by creating a wide selection of high-quality flooring flyer templates for you to customize. The simplicity of our design editor makes it a breeze for you to lay out all the details of your services and pricing, from measuring and product selection to installation and maintenance, while also ensuring that your clients know how and where to find you. Hang your finished flyer all over town to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered from wall to wall!

Flooring Business Cards

A beautifully-finished (or refinished) and installed floor speaks for itself, but cementing its message with a custom-designed business card can’t hurt. Our designers have used their creative foundations to lay out unique flooring business card template designs to accompany your next project. Whether you specialize in hardwoods, carpet, vinyl, laminate, or tile (or all of the above), we’ve got the template that fits. Employ the tools in our online editor to put a one-of-a-kind finish on your chosen design, then send your final PDF to your own printer or the shop down the street. Don’t have a trusted printmaster? You’re in luck – we offer satisfaction-guaranteed print services that won’t disappoint!

Plumber Marketing

Your special skills are in high demand from homeowners, landlords, and renters alike.  Everyone needs a plumber at some point – on your own, making sure you’re their first call can seem more challenging than snaking Rapunzel’s shower drain. Unless you’re Rich Trethewey and have the benefit of being on TV every week, you’ll have to engage in a little shameless self-promotion to get your name out there.  You’ve worked hard to build your plumbing empire – put in a few extra minutes creating customized marketing materials to get that little extra edge!

Keep your community running smoothly and clog-free by customizing an informative and eye-catching flyer, door hanger, brochure, poster, postcard, or yard sign promoting your signature annual plumbing inspection and maintenance service.  Put together a compelling plumbing business card that becomes their go-to for help in times of water-related crisis or when they just “have” to move that bathroom to the other side of the house.

MyCreativeShop’s professional team of graphic designers has crafted an impressive assortment of plumbing marketing templates – browse through our catalog of options and find the ones that jump out at you! You don’t need to bring any design experience to the table; our online editor makes the process a snap. Customize your layout and color scheme, upload photos and your logo, and even give the font a facelift. You’ll feel like a pro in no time. Even better – we can print and ship your completed project right to your door – no extra trip to the local print shop or “printer out of paper” message to monkey with!

Working on a new home under construction? Ensure that it’s YOUR name passers-by (or through!) remember by planting a customized plumbing yard sign right out front. The quality of your work will speak for itself, but even the most beautifully arranged piping layout is incapable of audible speech. Give it a helping hand (or vocal cord) by designing beautiful, engaging marketing materials to accompany each project you complete.

Create customized plumbing pocket folders (also a great home for your previously designed business cards!) to hold all the appliance manuals (water heater, water softener, sump pump), maintenance schedules, and product recommendations for new construction and remodeling clients upon project completion. Produce a set of educational brochures that give your clients insight into ways they can improve their existing plumbing or HVAC systems.  Put together informative pamphlets that share about geothermal heating and cooling, other more efficient home climate control options, water heater (and other appliance) sizing, and even tips on how to maintain plumbing and septic systems between annual inspections.

As a plumber, you often end up being a jack of all trades, but unlike Mario and Luigi, you’re under no obligation to rescue the Princess (and Bowser isn’t breathing fire down your neck), but you will often be called upon in times of trouble to rescue a homeowner from the incessant “drip, drip, drip” of a faucet, the flood of Biblical proportions that accompanies a burst pipe in the middle of winter or a backed-up sump pump, or a DIY project-gone-wrong that leaves them without a working bathroom or kitchen. Make sure they know you’ll come when they call – and how to find you.  You can be their hero, baby!

Painting Service Marketing

Painting Flyers

In order to successfully operate a painting business, you need a constant supply of walls to paint. Fill the pages of your planner for weeks and months to come by completely personalizing a painting service flyer that stands head and shoulders (maybe even a scaffold level or two) above the rest. Feature professional photos of your best projects – the ones that truly showcase your talent, precision, and attention to detail.  Draw attention to your website and online portfolio – include your contact info and a client testimonial or two.  Use MyCreativeShop’s online design editor to fully personalize one of our professionally-designed templates – make it your own, print it, and get it in the hands of your prospective clients!

Painting Postcards

As you seek to grow your painting service business (or any business, for that matter), advertising plays a crucial role.  When designing marketing materials, the ones that make the biggest impact are those that don’t take themselves TOO seriously.  Make your ad memorable.  To that effect, design a customized painting service postcard that makes potential clients remember you (and keep your hard work out of the recycling pile).  Include a link to your web gallery so they can see your skills for themselves.  A “mention this postcard when you call” special or discount is never a turn-off either.  MyCreativeShop’s online editor makes it simple and quick to customize our existing templates to your liking – your biggest decision will be helping a new client decide whether to go with “Polar Bear” or “Cotton Knit.”

Painting Door Hangers

Paint can be a transformative tool.  When staging a house to sell, a fresh coat can make potential buyers feel as though they are getting a brand-new home. Conversely, for those who are just moving into a newly purchased (but not newly built) home, new paint throughout (before the furniture and family members arrive) can generate that same feeling.  Aside from all that, it can also give existing homeowners in their existing homes a new appreciation for what they already have.  Utilize our online editor to completely customize a painting service door hanger to target each of these three demographics – sellers, buyers, and owners.  Make sure to include your contact information and a link to an online gallery of your work.  Don’t wait until it’s too late – get rolling (or spraying…or brushing) now!

Painting Brochures

Changing a wall color, whether one or four (or more!) at a time, is a fairly easy way to make a space feel new and different.  For the homeowner, though, there are numerous distractions (kids, work, chores) and obstacles (furniture, toys, kids) to accomplishing their hoped-for paint swap.  That’s your cue, professional painter!  Swoop in and save the day with a fully-customized painting service brochure that showcases your diligence, precision, and attention to detail.  If you also take on commercial property work, display it in a separate brochure from your residential portfolio and pricing structure.  Once you’ve utilized our online editor to personalize your brochure(s), your calendar will start to fill up before the first coat is dry!

Painting Business Cards

Just about every episode of “House Hunters” on HGTV® includes a moment where someone insists that the hideous chartreuse walls aren’t a problem because “paint is an easy fix.”  Getting the DIY motivation (and time!) can be a challenge, which is where you (the professional painter) step in. Customize the perfect, drip-free painting service business card for your Realtor® connections (and your past clients) to hand out at just the right moment.  Use our online editor to feature your contact information, including the web address for your online gallery of past work – no one wants to hire a painter who can’t stay between the lines!