Church Marketing Postcards

Everyone has a mailbox – if you can’t arrange a face-to-face connection, what better way to share your church’s message with a large number of people than by sending out a completely customized, professionally-designed postcard that extends your reach and lifts their spirits.  With MyCreativeShop’s multitude of available postcard templates (created by professional graphic designers), the options are almost endless.  Celebrate Jesus’ birth by customizing a beautiful Christmas postcard, rejoice in His death and resurrection with an uplifting Easter Sunday Service mailer, and connect with seekers and new attendees by personalizing an inviting Welcome, Invitation, or Outreach postcard.  Utilize our online editor to complete your project – your postcards will be arriving in mailboxes throughout your community in no time!

Church Marketing Flyers

Your church is composed of people AND programs.  Connect the two by selecting and customizing the appropriate church flyers for your situation.  Celebrating your church’s 25th anniversary?  We have options for you to choose from!  Hosting a big conference?  We’ve got a template for that.  Recruiting volunteers for a new or existing ministry, looking to increase your youth group numbers, or just want to let your community know that they are invited to attend?  We have templates for every need.  Our online design editor is easy-to-use and enables you to make any design your own.  We’ll even print them for you.  Can’t find what you’re looking for?  Let us know – we’re here to help!

Church Marketing Brochures

Give your congregation and community a closer look at your church and its ministries by customizing an all-encompassing assortment of marketing brochures.  Begin with a brochure that lays out your church’s statement of faith, shares an overview of your major ministry programs (Sunday School, Youth Group, Discipleship, Adult Ministries, Worship Team), and introduces the reader to your ministry staff.  Follow up with ministry- and issue-specific brochures to answer those questions people may not feel comfortable voicing or to give new attendees or ministry participants (teenagers invited by their friends to attend youth group events, neighborhood kiddos coming to Wednesday night activities, even adults from the community who participate in your weekly Bible studies) a better idea of what your church family is all about.  MyCreativeShop’s online editor is easy to use and enables you to act as your own graphic designer – no experience required!

Church Marketing Posters

Take advantage of the blank walls and bulletin boards that line your church’s lobby and hallways by customizing a host of church marketing posters for every need.  With our user-friendly online editor, it’s easy to become your own graphic designer without ever setting foot in a design school.  Choose the ideal template to fit your situation – promote your church’s upcoming anniversary celebration, invite the community to hear an inspiring guest speaker, attract concertgoers to a performance of their favorite CCM band, cultivate prayer and financial support for next month’s outreach trip to Honduras, or simply ensure that your congregation and neighborhood are up-to-date on your current service times.  MyCreativeShop makes the process of marketing your church and its events easier than parting the Red Sea - we’ll even print your posters for you!

Church Marketing Door Hangers

Enhance your church’s ability to connect with members of your community by customizing a wide variety of door hangers for every conceivable need – an invitation to join your fellowship for an upcoming Sunday, a call to visit for your Easter Sunday service, extending a “glad you could join us” welcome to new attendees, letting the neighborhood know about a new outreach opportunity, or simply celebrating the birth of Jesus and the true reason for the Christmas season.  The possibilities are truly endless, and when coupled with a personal visit (or handwritten note, for those who aren’t home), door hangers can be an extraordinarily powerful marketing tool.  Our online editor makes it a snap to move from the idea stage to finished product – simply select your template and get started!

Church Marketing Signs

Extend the reach of your church to those out of earshot on a Sunday morning by designing and distributing an array of signs to fit every season, holiday, and event.  Our easy-to-use online editor allows you to cover everything from the start of the New Year, to the celebration of Jesus’ death and resurrection on Easter Sunday, to a turkey day filled with grateful hearts, all the way to the joy that accompanies the arrival of Christmas.  You can upload your church’s logo and your own photos or graphics, or you can choose from our wide variety of available stock images to give your signage that extra-special touch.  We’ll even save you a trip and print the signs for you if you wish.  Get started today and let your signs speak for you!

Church Business Cards

What makes a business card such a great networking tool? It’s inexpensive, portable, and can be incredibly personal when paired with a real connection. Your church can utilize custom church business cards for every single one of its ministries, from the behind-the-scenes team that handles the grunt work involved in setting up and tearing down for each service, to the pastoral care team that reaches out to those who are hurting. You can use it to add weight to a request for additional team members or to serve as a vehicle for a handwritten verse or note of encouragement after a hospital visit. Personalize yours in our design editor today, and you’ll be prepared both in season and out of season!