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Church Flyers

Your church is composed of people AND programs.  Connect the two by selecting and customizing the appropriate church flyers for your situation.  Celebrating your church’s 25th anniversary?  We have options for you to choose from!  Hosting a big conference?  We’ve got a template for that.  Recruiting volunteers for a new or existing ministry, looking to increase your youth group numbers, or just want to let your community know that they are invited to attend?  We have templates for every need.  Our online design editor is easy-to-use and enables you to make any design your own.  We’ll even print them for you.  Can’t find what you’re looking for?  Let us know – we’re here to help!

Church Anniversary Flyers

Celebrating a church anniversary is an incredibly significant milestone for your church body. It’s an event that unites members from years past with brand-new regular attendees. Anniversaries are an opportunity to reminisce and to look back on how your congregation has grown, changed, and been used in your community. Seeing how far you’ve come encourages your members to push forward to where you’re going. A well-designed church anniversary celebration flyer will be hung on the fridge and not thrown in the recycling bin. Remind your former members of their investment in your church by personalizing your flyer to evoke all the wonderful memories they may have forgotten alongside your church’s current ministries. Get it in their hands today!

Church Volunteer Flyers

Struggling to fill your Sunday School teacher roster? Need more qualified help in the church nursery? Advertise your church volunteer opportunities with a dynamic, well-designed church flyer! One of the biggest obstacles to filling open positions is a lack of congregational knowledge about the need – if you don’t tell them, they won’t know; and if they don’t know, they won’t volunteer. If you’re short a helper for your Wednesday night children’s program, a brightly-colored flyer strategically placed near the Sunday School classrooms or shared on social media could be just the ticket! Jump on over to our easy-to-use online editor and create yours today.

Youth Group Flyers

If you’re planning an event with teenagers, you need to catch their eye and pique their interest with an authentic ask. There are a lot of things vying for their attention in this technology-saturated age. Pull them in with a genuine, well-designed flyer that tells them exactly what they need to know and gives them a reason to come – and invite their friends! Encourage your youth group members to spread the word by giving them the tools to do so confidently. Sharing with their friends via social media is the easiest way to multiply your reach. Design your church youth event flyer today and watch it go viral with just a click!

Church Invitation Flyers

Organic church growth is what we all strive for, but it is impossible to manufacture. Extending an invitation to newcomers works best when it’s in the context of a relationship, and it can be challenging for your congregation to go out on a limb with their friends. Fear of saying the wrong thing or forgetting important details can also hold them back. Help them step out of the boat by providing them with a church invitation flyer that lays out all the pertinent details. Get started designing yours today!

Church Conference Flyers

Whether your church is hosting a simulcast or an in-person women’s conference featuring a nationally-renowned speaker, you need to get people in the door. Conferences need to be promoted, even if they are held at a church. The right flyer in the right hands, distributed to the right people, will generate results and fill the seats! Give out flyers to your Bible study groups, lay leaders, and congregation members to share with friends, and post them around your church building and at appropriate locations around your city. Make sure your church conference flyer is exactly what you need by designing it yourself here!

Church Camp Flyers

Attract campers from all around to your church camp by distributing fun and inviting flyers that you design yourself to churches and schools in your area. You are the expert on what floats your campers’ boats, so use your inside knowledge to customize one of our many church camp flyer templates. Upload your camp logo and photos from summers past and utilize our awesome online editor to implement your existing color scheme (or create a brand new one!). Before you know it, you’ll have every week of camp filled to bursting. Late night games of Capture the Flag will be ridiculously competitive, and you may need to invest in a few more canoes. You can email your final flyer PDF or print a stack to hand out in person – we can even do the printing for you!

Bible Study Flyers

Encourage your fellow Bible study members to invite their friends to your current or upcoming study group by handing out custom-designed Bible study flyers. Whether you’re diving into the Word with a Beth Moore video study, following along with Chip Ingram, or going deep with Bible Study Fellowship, a personalized flyer is a great way to get your message out while keeping the details straight. Our professionally-designed Bible study flyer templates can easily be made your own with the help of our online design editor. Upload images and graphics, set the color scheme to match your study materials, and include all of the important details. Print your flyers yourself or order a stack from us. then put the coffee pot on as you wait for your friends to arrive!

Church Newsletters

Your church congregation is more like a family – different personalities and giftings gathered around a common purpose.  Strengthen that bond by customizing a church newsletter that draws your church body together and encourages those who need it.  Begin each issue with a message from your senior pastor. Each ministry leader should contribute an update – youth pastor, children’s ministry, worship team, missions committee, church elder board – but keep them brief and useful or no one will read it!  Include a calendar of upcoming events and a section of opportunities to serve and get involved.  Feature a missionary of the issue – the Q&A process will be an encouragement to them, too.  With the help of MyCreativeShop’s online editor, your newsletter will be designed and printed in WAY less time than it took the Israelites to cross into the Promised Land!

Church Missionary Newsletters

As a missionary, whether you’re out on the mission field or still in the fundraising phase, a regular newsletter is VITAL to connecting with and building your support base back home.  With our online editor, you can completely customize your newsletter template to fit your personality, style, and the kind of missions work you’ll be doing.  Each issue should include an update on your work in-country (or an update on your support-raising), a few personal observations/anecdotes (such as stories of God working in the lives you are connected with), a set of prayer points/requests, and always a big THANK YOU to those who support you financially and/or in prayer.  Upload current photos (and caption them) and include mailing and email addresses so that your supporters can reach out to you with encouragement, needed items, or additional monetary gifts.  Keeping connected to your sending churches and individual sponsors is a necessary and mutually beneficial endeavor – get started today!

Church Camp Newsletters

Need volunteers to help with groundskeeping and maintenance ahead of the coming summer church camp season? Maybe you’re short a senior high camp counselor or two? Keep your member churches in the know about your needs and programming by sending out a custom-designed church camp newsletter that gets the word out to those who can do something about it! MyCreativeShop’s professional designers have been hard at work crafting church camp newsletter templates for you to choose from. Find one that fits your camp, then set off for our online editor to give it your own custom feel. Upload your camp logo and photos, then set the color scheme to fit your existing materials and branding agenda. Keep your campers, donors, and volunteers interested with high-quality content. Might want to leave out that whole Leonard Skinner/ptomaine poisoning incident, though (save that for a rainy day)!

Church Door Hangers

Enhance your church’s ability to connect with members of your community by customizing a wide variety of door hangers for every conceivable need – an invitation to join your fellowship for an upcoming Sunday, a call to visit for your Easter Sunday service, extending a “glad you could join us” welcome to new attendees, letting the neighborhood know about a new outreach opportunity, or simply celebrating the birth of Jesus and the true reason for the Christmas season.  The possibilities are truly endless, and when coupled with a personal visit (or handwritten note, for those who aren’t home), door hangers can be an extraordinarily powerful marketing tool.  Our online editor makes it a snap to move from the idea stage to finished product – simply select your template and get started!

Church Invitation Door Hangers

How do you let the families and residents in your church’s neighborhood know that they are welcome to join you for worship next Sunday?  Stop by to say hi and bring along a stack of customized invitation door hangers that can be shared with those who open the door to chat or hung on the doorknobs of those who aren’t home (along with a handwritten note, of course!).  Nothing beats a personal invite, and coupling it with a tangible reminder in the form of a door hanger increases the odds that the invitation will be accepted.  Our online editor makes the design process quick and painless – no small talk required – so don’t put off until tomorrow what you can get done today!

Church Easter Sunday Service Door Hangers

For many people, Easter and Christmas are the only church services they attend each year.  Invite them to join your church body for Easter Sunday (with the prayer that they will keep coming back!) by customizing a compelling and joyful door hanger that beckons them to visit and make connections.  Utilize the tools in our online editor to turn a professionally-designed door hanger template into your very own personalized finished product. Distribute your completed project amongst your church’s and parishioners’ neighborhoods.  Make sure to include your location, contact, and web information, along with regular service times for those who have other plans that year.  Don’t miss the chance to reach out at an opportune time!

Church Welcome Door Hangers

It’s important to let new attendees at your church know that they matter and have been noticed.  Welcome them to the fold by putting together a door hanger that thanks them for visiting and invites them to come again – and bring it with you when you drop by their home to tell them in person.  If they aren’t home for your visit, add a handwritten note before you hang it on their front door – and follow up!  Turning one of our professionally-designed templates into a welcoming and inviting personalized door hanger is a fast and simple process with the help of our easy-to-use online editor.  Better yet, we can eliminate an obstacle and even print your door hangers for you so that you can get out and start knock-knock-knocking on [heaven’s] door(s)!

Church Christmas Door Hangers

“We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”  Bring good tidings to your church’s neighbors (and kin!) with a host of personalized Christmas door hangers.  Remind recipients of the true reason for the hustling, bustling season and invite them to join you for one of your Christmas services or events (candlelit midnight Christmas Eve service, Christmas Day dinner, or a tree filled with the names and wishes of needy “adoptable” families).  Christmas is about giving, not just receiving, so use our online editor to share the joy of giving (whether in the form of worship, time, or gifts to a deserving family) with those who are able to, while also inviting those in need of fellowship or basic necessities to come and partake.  “Merry Christmas to ALL and to ALL a good night!”

Church Outreach Door Hangers

When your church launches a new community outreach program or event, it can be difficult to ensure that everyone who can benefit from or participate in the outreach actually KNOWS about it.  Enhance the [out]reach of your ministry by customizing an eye-catching and informative selection of door hangers that can be distributed throughout your community.  These door hangers should contain all the important details of the planned outreach (date, time, location) along with a compelling description of the ministry and its purpose (Re-distribution of food and other goods from local grocery stores and restaurants to those in need, winter coat or clothing drive for homeless families, or even an organized effort to clean up and beautify a local playground).  MyCreativeShop’s online editor enables you to share the “why” in every step of the design process – your passion is ours, too!

Church Postcards

Everyone has a mailbox – if you can’t arrange a face-to-face connection, what better way to share your church’s message with a large number of people than by sending out a completely customized, professionally-designed postcard that extends your reach and lifts their spirits.  With MyCreativeShop’s multitude of available postcard templates (created by professional graphic designers), the options are almost endless.  Celebrate Jesus’ birth by customizing a beautiful Christmas postcard, rejoice in His death and resurrection with an uplifting Easter Sunday Service mailer, and connect with seekers and new attendees by personalizing an inviting Welcome, Invitation, or Outreach postcard.  Utilize our online editor to complete your project – your postcards will be arriving in mailboxes throughout your community in no time!

Church Invitation Postcards

Even the most extroverted social butterfly in your congregation can’t know EVERYONE in your community, especially those who are new in town. Make sure those outside your fellowship (whether they’ve just moved in or are life-long residents) know that they are welcome at your church’s services, ministries, programs, and events by creating a custom-designed postcard that invites them to join you for a Sunday service, summer fellowship event, or fall Sunday School kick-off.  MyCreativeShop’s online editor simplifies the entire process – no comprehensive understanding of Wayne Grudem’s “Systematic Theology” required. Include the important details (what, when, where) and give them a why that calls to them and lets them know they are wanted (and are more than just a number on the attendance list or another dollar in the offering plate).  Our goal is your success and satisfaction – we’ll even print them for you!

Easter Sunday Service Postcards

Celebrating Jesus’ death and resurrection on Easter Sunday is an ideal occasion for your church to extend a grace-filled invitation to the entire community to come together with grateful hearts.  Personalize a welcoming church postcard and have your mail carrier deliver one to every home in your neighborhood or community.  With MyCreativeShop’s online editor, the design process is exponentially easier than remembering where that final plastic egg is hidden (there’s always at least one, like socks in the dryer).  Make sure to include service times and locations, along with ways they can learn more about your congregation before attending (or before returning!). Assure recipients that they are welcome, loved, and prayed for – and follow through!

Church Welcome Postcards

Few things can be as discouraging as attending a new church for the first time and having no one connect with you or follow-up afterwards. Be intentional about identifying and spending time with visitors to your congregation, then bolster that connection by sending out a custom-designed, personalized welcome postcard that encourages them to come back next week. Every congregation has a few individuals who naturally gravitate towards new attendees - empower those members to reach out to those who are un-connected and give them a stack of postcards to address and write a personal note on. MyCreativeShop’s easy-to-use online editor makes the design process quick and painless – we’ll even print them for you!

Church Christmas Postcards

Christmas is about so much more than pine trees, pretty lights, and presents.  Emphasize the true meaning of the season and ensure that no one in your congregation or community misses out on your Christmas services schedule by sending out personalized, custom-designed Christmas postcards. Our online editor offers an abundance of design options you can choose to proclaim the good news – festive fonts, photo uploader, and an extensive library of stock images to select from.  Include the time of your Christmas Eve service, along with your advent schedule and any other services (like Christmas Day) or events (such as a community Christmas dinner).  Everyone, from the shepherds on up, will be ready to celebrate with you - no golden trumpets or heavenly hosts required!

Church Outreach Postcards

You can’t be everywhere at once.  Be intentional about growing your church and reaching out to your community by customizing a welcoming outreach postcard that attracts newcomers to your congregation.  Use our no experience-required design editor to create a postcard that lets the reader know they are welcome and invited.  Decide on a catchy tagline to grab their attention (feature a keyword like “belong,” “connect,” “welcome,” and “you’re invited”) and superimpose it over a solid background, a photo you upload, or one of our many available stock images.  On the opposite side, share details of your upcoming service dates and times, along with fellowship events and opportunities to connect and get involved.  Include your contact information (phone number, physical location, website, and social media accounts) and encourage them to come check it out.  Send your completed cards to your favorite printer or let us handle that part for you.  Drop them in the mail and be sure to follow up!

Church Signs

Extend the reach of your church to those out of earshot on a Sunday morning by designing and distributing an array of signs to fit every season, holiday, and event.  Our easy-to-use online editor allows you to cover everything from the start of the New Year, to the celebration of Jesus’ death and resurrection on Easter Sunday, to a turkey day filled with grateful hearts, all the way to the joy that accompanies the arrival of Christmas.  You can upload your church’s logo and your own photos or graphics, or you can choose from our wide variety of available stock images to give your signage that extra-special touch.  We’ll even save you a trip and print the signs for you if you wish.  Get started today and let your signs speak for you!

Easter Church Signs

Easter Sunday is not about pretending that bunnies lay eggs – it’s a day where we give thanks and remember the sacrifice Jesus made and the joy and hope we have because of it.  Share that hope with your congregation and community by creating a custom-designed set of Easter signs to display throughout your church and city.  Your signs can be informative (Easter weekend service times and Easter Cantata performance dates), inspiring (“He is risen!” “He is risen indeed!”), or inviting (“Join us for a night of Good Friday prayer and worship”), or a combination of all three.  MyCreativeShop makes the creative process easy-peasy lemon-squeezy – no previous design experience necessary!

Christmas Church Signs

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” There’s no place where that should be truer than within the church.  Why not create a set of Christmas church signs that do double-duty – conveying important information while contributing to the Christmas décor? Sign content is completely up to you – you can create a design that mimics the time-tested quilted wall hangings lovingly stitched by the older women in your fellowship (perhaps a starry night scene of shepherds, sheep, and an angelic host with the words of Luke 2:14 followed by a manger scene and John 3:16), or you can simply put together a project that shares your Christmas season service schedule (Advent Sundays, Christmas Eve Service, and any other special day(s) you have planned).  You can even design signs that urge people to adopt a family or child from the tree in your lobby – what better way to truly share the Christmas spirit?

Thanksgiving Church Signs

Thanksgiving may not be a holiday that celebrates some aspect of Jesus’ life, death, or resurrection, but that doesn’t take away any of its spiritual significance.  Remind your church’s congregants and neighbors of just who it is they are saying “thank you” to by customizing a series of Thanksgiving church signs that give perspective in the midst of a world that is constantly telling us we don’t have enough.  Our online editor gives you creative control, but we won’t make you take off the training wheels.  Upload your own autumn-themed background or select from one of our stock images.  Feature a scripture passage about thankfulness, such as 1 Chronicles 16:34 or 1 Thessalonians 5:18, and make the key words about being thankful stand out with a larger font than the rest. You can even create signs that promote events, such as a night of thankfulness, prayer, and worship – MyCreativeShop makes the design process as easy as pumpkin pie!

Church New Year Signs

The beginning of a new year is an ideal time to reflect on the past 365 days while also remembering that God’s mercies truly are new every morning (and especially on New Year’s Day!).   Encourage others in your church and community to do the same with a completely custom-designed array of festive and celebratory New Year signs that get everyone looking forward to what’s in store for the coming year.  MyCreativeShop’s easy-to-use online editor allows you to customize any of our templates created by professional graphic designers, with no experience necessary.  Choose to display an encouraging message for the upcoming calendar year, lay out your brand-new sermon series that launches in January, or get everyone excited about the new year’s fundraising campaign for Phase 2 of your church’s building plan.  Whatever you resolve to do, there’s no time like the present to get started. Starting “tomorrow” is only for diet and exercise resolutions, so keep your excuses to yourself!

Church Service Signs

A hope and prayer for many churches is that their pews, chairs, or seats be fully utilized (or close to it) at every service.  Get the message to your community that they are invited and will be welcomed with open arms by customizing one or more of our professionally-designed church service signs.  From special events and holidays to your regular Sunday morning or Wednesday evening gatherings, we’ve got a template for you!  Take your pick, then give our online editor a try.  We make it easy to switch up layouts, upload photos, change the font or color scheme, and just truly make it your own.  Once you’re satisfied with the finished product, send it to your favorite print shop or give us the honor of printing them for you and delivering them to your door.  Finally, go into all the world (or just your corner of it) and reach those you’ve been missing!

Church Posters

Take advantage of the blank walls and bulletin boards that line your church’s lobby and hallways by customizing a host of church marketing posters for every need.  With our user-friendly online editor, it’s easy to become your own graphic designer without ever setting foot in a design school.  Choose the ideal template to fit your situation – promote your church’s upcoming anniversary celebration, invite the community to hear an inspiring guest speaker, attract concertgoers to a performance of their favorite CCM band, cultivate prayer and financial support for next month’s outreach trip to Honduras, or simply ensure that your congregation and neighborhood are up-to-date on your current service times.  MyCreativeShop makes the process of marketing your church and its events easier than parting the Red Sea - we’ll even print your posters for you!

Church Anniversary Posters

Whether you attend an old country church celebrating 125 years or a growing church plant that’s successfully reached the ten-year mark, church anniversaries are milestones to be thankful for. Commemorate the event with a church poster that communicates the key highlights over the life of your church body and invites past and present members and attendees to join you for food, fun, and fellowship. Potlucks, picnics, and barbecues are always a hit, and your poster can even assign dishes to bring by last name – don’t forget the cookie salad! Hang your posters in the church lobby and share them on social media to extend your reach. You can design your own now with our quick and easy online editor.

Church Concert Posters

Hosting a concert at your church is no small undertaking. Planning all the behind-the-scenes details takes some serious time, but promoting your event and filling the seats can be made easy with a custom-designed church concert poster. Use a striking photo of the musical act, and make sure to include the concert date, time, and ticket information. You can even include a note asking concertgoers to contribute an item for your local food pantry or women’s shelter. If local businesses are sponsoring the event, make sure to add in their logo when you give them credit. With our easy-to-use online editor, you can do all this and more!

Church Outreach Posters

When you plan an outreach missions trip, you not only need to communicate the details to the trip participants, but it’s also vital that you cultivate a financial and prayer support base for your trip from within your congregation. A smartly structured church poster can accomplish both goals – you can even design a second poster of important dates and prayer requests to post while you’re away! Potential missionaries need to know the when, where, and how much. Financial supporters will be drawn in with the why, as will the participants from your church family. We have the templates to help you accomplish your goals!

Church Guest Speaker Posters

If you’re bringing in a guest speaker to your church, your goal is to attract an audience for your event. No one wants to speak to an empty house! Pack them in with a customized poster they can’t ignore – feature a photo of your speaker, the when & where details, ticket information, and a quote about or from your guest to spark their interest. Hang your posters around your church building, in grocery stores, and on the local college campus. Add your poster to your Facebook event to make it easy for your congregation to invite others. Design your own today!

Church Service Posters

Whether you’re rolling out a new Saturday service or switching up your Sunday schedule for the summer months, you need to get the word out to your congregation and the community. A well-planned poster can be hung around your church and at key locations in your city – and it will ensure no one shows up to what they think is the contemporary service only to be met with hymns, along with filling the open seats on Saturday nights. Highlighting service times and descriptions, along with any related activities (nursery, children’s church, Sunday School, sermon series), will communicate your message in a clear and efficient way. Get started on your church service poster now!

Church Camp Posters

Promote your church camp’s senior high week or family weekend, recruit counselors from your local Bible college, or attract landscaping volunteers from your member churches with completely customized church camp posters for every occasion. Choose one of our professionally-designed templates, then use our online design editor to add in your logo and photos (or choose from our library of stock images) and a matching vibrant color scheme. Make sure to include all your contact information, key dates, and important details like speaker bios and early-bird registration discounts. Hang your eye-catching finished product at the churches you partner with and the schools and colleges you speak at. Pair your poster with a matching church camp brochure or flyer so that your message can be brought home!

Bible Study Posters

Recruit new members to your weekly Bible study by customizing and displaying your very own posters in your church, office, or dormitory hallways. A well-designed poster not only reaches out to those you don’t know who may be seeking a connection, but it also serves as a reminder or conversation starter for current members. Why not give them something to talk about? “Hey, did you see that new study starting next week? Let’s go together!” Our design team has crafted a completely customizable canon of Bible study poster templates for you to choose from. Make your selection, then utilize the tools in our online editor to ensure the final product reflects both the study and your heart. The PDF file is yours to do with as you choose – print it yourself or let us do it for you!

Church Brochures

Give your congregation and community a closer look at your church and its ministries by customizing an all-encompassing assortment of church brochures.  Begin with a brochure that lays out your church’s statement of faith, shares an overview of your major ministry programs (Sunday School, Youth Group, Discipleship, Adult Ministries, Worship Team), and introduces the reader to your ministry staff.  Follow up with ministry- and issue-specific brochures to answer those questions people may not feel comfortable voicing or to give new attendees or ministry participants (teenagers invited by their friends to attend youth group events, neighborhood kiddos coming to Wednesday night activities, even adults from the community who participate in your weekly Bible studies) a better idea of what your church family is all about.  MyCreativeShop’s online editor is easy to use and enables you to act as your own graphic designer – no experience required!

Church Camp Brochures

Get campers excited about the upcoming summer while alleviating the concerns and questions of their parents with a custom-designed church camp brochure.  Choose one of our professionally-designed brochure templates to customize, then use our online editor to make it your own with your logo, photos, color scheme, and text. Grab potential campers by leading with the fun stuff (photos of the high ropes course, lake activities, nightly corporate worship) then connect with their parents by following with insights into specifics and safeguards (counselor qualifications, medical staff, lifeguard training). Print them yourself or let us do the work for you. We’ll deliver a stack of high-quality brochures just in time for your next church speaking blitz!

Church Yard Signs

Is your church launching a new sermon series or youth ministry?  Maybe you’ve just opened up a brand-new food pantry for struggling families in your community?  Get the word out by designing an eye-catching set of church yard signs and placing them along the street in front of your building and also distribute them amongst your congregation.  Use MyCreativeShop’s online editor to put your personal touch on one of our professionally-designed templates.  If you’re feeling really inspired, attract extra attention by supplementing your yard signs with a flock of the always-popular plastic pink flamingo lawn decorations (because who can resist a pink flamingo?).  We can even print them for you (the yard signs, not the plastic flamingos) – what are you waiting for?

Church Business Cards

What makes a business card such a great networking tool? It’s inexpensive, portable, and can be incredibly personal when paired with a real connection. Your church can utilize custom church business cards for every single one of its ministries, from the behind-the-scenes team that handles the grunt work involved in setting up and tearing down for each service, to the pastoral care team that reaches out to those who are hurting. You can use it to add weight to a request for additional team members or to serve as a vehicle for a handwritten verse or note of encouragement after a hospital visit. Personalize yours in our design editor today, and you’ll be prepared both in season and out of season!