Cultivating organic growth of your weekly church attendance numbers is a challenge faced by every congregation.  How do you draw people in without coming across as anything less than genuine and sincere? Sincerity and authenticity are byproducts of trust, and trust is earned in the context of a relationship.  Real relationships (a “mom friend” from your park playgroup, your regular workout partner, a co-worker you connect with outside the office) are the best environment for building trust and extending a well-received invitation to visit your church for a Sunday service or weeknight Bible study. Once they’ve said yes, it helps to be able to give them something tangible to remember the details.  Enter the humble business card!

Church Business Cards

MyCreativeShop’s wide variety of customizable templates enables you to create a distinctive, memorable business card that hits all the right notes. Begin by uploading your church’s logo and contact information – they can’t attend if they can’t find you!  Include service times and regular weekly event details (Sunday School, Wednesday night youth activities, Bible study offerings, pastoral office hours), share your church web address and social media account information, and feature a dedicated phone line and/or email address for prayer requests. 

A church business card is also a great way to invite friends and co-workers to join your weekly Bible study.  Tuck a card with a handwritten notation of the date and time of your regular Beth Moore or Chip Ingram group inside a copy of the workbook or study guide and let them you know you’re looking forward to seeing them on Tuesday night. Pastoral staff and lay ministers can share their cards with patients, staff, and family members while making hospital visits, along with an authentic, un-plugged, none-cookie cutter note of encouragement to lift their spirits and keep their eyes and hearts focused on what can’t be seen. 

Design an “acts of love” business card that includes your church’s contact information and service times and distribute them to your members along with a call to perform “pay it forward” style acts of kindness in their daily lives.  Urge your members to carry a stack with them at all times and hand them out when they buy coffee for the rest of the drive-through line, buy an entire cart of groceries for an unsuspecting family in the local Aldi, or payoff the Christmas layaway balances of every account at the Kmart or Walmart down the street. Show your community that your faith is genuine and that your actions mirror your words.  Oh, what a little business card can do!