Effective communication is a key tenet of any organization, even a church.  It can be a challenge to make sure that everyone is in the know and on the same page.  There are those who will remember every word of an announcement made from the pulpit to introduce a new ministry, and there will always be someone (more likely someONES) who will not have any recollection of anyone even having given that same announcement, let alone what was said (these are often the same people who “miss” the email about this week’s potluck or the deadline to sign up for the youth group trip to the amusement park).  It’s even more challenging to communicate those details to people who don’t regularly attend your church. All of these obstacles can be overcome (or at least knocked down) by the introduction of a shiny new set of church brochures for every ministry.

Church Brochures

Maybe you’re launching a new outreach ministry to homeless veterans in your community.  Or perhaps you’re in the early stages of a fundraising campaign for a new Sunday School wing.  A well-designed brochure is the perfect way to convey details about everything from opportunities to get involved and serve, to classes and groups designed to help grow your faith, all the way up to general church information and doctrine.  MyCreativeShop’s online editor is ready and waiting to walk with you through the super-simple, no experience required design process. Our flexibility and the sheer number of available, professionally-designed templates enable you to create an entire flock of brochures that can be shared with members and non-attenders alike.

A well-organized brochure doesn’t replace the human interaction involved in recruiting volunteers and beneficiaries of a new ministry, but it does enhance it – verbal or virtual communications are reinforced when they are followed up by a hard copy of the key details.  A discussion with a seeker from outside the church body about your fellowship and its doctrinal positions can benefit greatly from a smartly-designed and relevant “What We Believe” brochure that contains your statement of faith and the scripture references that correspond to each key foundational belief.  An email to your members about that new Sunday School wing is bolstered by a fundraising brochure that lays out the current situation (crowded classrooms), why it’s untenable (class size is only going up and walls don’t stretch), where it needs to go (a new addition), and what it will take to get there (lots of prayer and the total bid from the contractor).  The available brochure styles and design opportunities are endless, and we can even print them for you – what are you waiting for?