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Highlight a new item in your store, encourage others to give blood or a donate to a cause, or brighten the day of your elementary school students with custom-designed stickers. Our design team has sticker templates for every occasion. Select the best fit and get started. Use our online editor to give our design your own spin – tweak the colors, layout, and font and upload your own photos or graphics. Satisfied with the final product? We offer high-quality print services, or you can take them anywhere you like! read more
Hand Made Product Sticker Template preview
Happy Mail Sticker Template preview
New Item Book Sticker Template preview
Message Sticker Template preview
Natural Ingredient Sticker Template preview
New Scent Sticker Template preview
New Design Sticker Template preview
Product Sale Sticker Template preview
Simple New Product Sticker Template preview
Personalize Product Sticker Template preview
Organic Product Sticker Template preview
Beauty Salon Spa Sticker Template preview
Salon & Spa Sticker Template preview
Serenity Spa Sticker Template preview
Medical Spa Sticker Template preview
Spa Pedicure Sticker Template preview
Spa Brand Sticker Template preview
Spa Thank You Sticker Template preview
Elegant Spa Sticker Template preview
Campaign Sticker Template gxdiv9q6no preview
Campaign Sticker Template 14t4rdspky preview
Campaign Sticker Template zi5dqm0l38 preview
Campaign Sticker Template f8gfsc49at preview
Auto Sticker Template zpxlmps7fm preview
Spa Pedicure Sticker Template 318wrs4xwv preview
Auto Sticker Template l002qunpnf preview
Nail Salon Sticker Template 1grbnnhzll preview
Rock Band Sticker Template 8jpb0oj5vn preview
Rock Band Sticker Template f55sypjcxo preview
Real Estate Sticker Template 3d6035sjj2 preview
Photography Sticker Template uhq8xejao1 preview
Photography Sticker Template 4wn6forwr3 preview
Dog Grooming Sticker Template tgfj5z00mx preview
Fitness Sticker Template 1as10opr76 preview
Spa Pedicure Sticker Template sjokbitifz preview
Dog Grooming Sticker Template nn8zlhgwyz preview
Fitness Sticker Template jeu8fo0wvx preview
Travel Agency Sticker Template cvqaqsbo6q preview
Travel Agency Sticker Template 41g7nh3qmu preview
Nail Salon Sticker Template kk7lki9ii3 preview
For Everyone
Blank Canvas Sticker Template preview
For Everyone
Blank Canvas Sticker Template preview


When it comes to affordable marketing strategies with real staying power, you can’t beat custom stickers! While flyers, brochures, and postcards can certainly reach your intended audience, very few of these materials will actually go with your customers wherever they go. But stickers will!

With a unique and well-branded sticker design, your customers are no longer just passive recipients of typical marketing materials (which they may forget about or toss in the trash). Instead, they’ll become active and excited ambassadors of your brand—whether you’re a local fitness center, lifestyle apparel shop, political party, or rock band.

Just take a look around the next time you’re out; you’ll notice stickers on everything from cars to water bottles to laptops! Many people are proud to place stickers on their belongings to express their identity and show that they belong to a passionate community—all while naturally driving word-of-mouth business right to your door.

Creating versatile stickers doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, either. With MyCreativeShop’s online sticker maker, you can go from idea to print in a matter of minutes. Just choose a square or round sticker template, customize it, and order premium prints with guaranteed delivery. It doesn’t get any easier!

Awesome, Easy-to-Customize Sticker Templates

The sticker templates we’ve created are as versatile as the stickers themselves. You can look through our many templates page by page or use convenient filters to narrow them down. For the intrepid creatives out there, you can even start with totally blank stickers instead!

Once you’ve selected a template, it’s fast and easy to customize your sticker’s layout, colors, text, imagery, and more. Our online sticker maker will make you feel like a pro, even if you have zero design experience. In just a few clicks, you can:

  • Type in new headline and paragraph text
  • Try out different font sizes and pairings
  • Upload your own photos and icons
  • Insert free stock photos and icons from our built-in library
  • Add your logo and other brand assets
  • Experiment with new background colors and patterns

If you start working on your design and aren’t happy, no need to stress! Because you can save multiple projects and start over at any time, our sticker templates free you from any pressure while designing. You can relax and have fun with our sticker creator, spending as much or as little time as you want.

Creative Ideas for Your Sticker Design Template

Looking for a few sticker ideas that you can create with our templates? Here are just a few ways to turn your sticker into a great source of marketing and brand awareness:

  • Throw in a free sticker with every customer purchase. Prominently feature your logo and website so that anyone who sees the sticker can learn more about you.
  • Encourage customers to come back for more by creating an entire line of collectable swag stickers! Display a poster showing all of the options to build up excitement about collecting them all.
  • Use stickers to make affordable corrections to posters, flyers, boxes, and other signage. Simply create a sticker to cover any outdated information, and you’ll save money on a full reprint.
  • Print custom stickers for product labels or as an extra-special touch on receipts, paper shopping bags, or delivery boxes.
  • If your organization serves families, make fun animal stickers for the kids! Small touches like this can enhance your customer experience and build loyalty.

We Offer Custom Stickers in Two Shapes and Sizes

We offer a few popular sizes for our stickers:

  • Custom die-cut round stickers: 3.5" Round
  • Standard square stickers: 3.5" Square (rounded corners)

These sizes are roughly the same height as a typical bumper sticker template but about one-third of the length. (For an easy point of reference, they’re just a bit larger than standard sticky notes, which measure 3” x 3”.) Each size is small enough to easily display on electronics and water bottles without getting too small to read.

Print Stickers with Fast, Guaranteed Shipping

After you’re done tweaking your sticker design, we make it easy to print stickers directly with us. Just select the quantity you’d like to print and have them delivered right to your door—no middleman needed!

Our stickers are printed on premium vinyl that stands up to both indoor and outdoor conditions, and they come with guaranteed delivery dates so that you won’t ever have to wonder where your stickers are.

Download a PDF & Print Your Sticker Anywhere

Want to download your sticker designs instead? Rather than order prints from us, you can opt to download a high-quality PDF and print it anywhere you like. Your PDF will include the bleed area that all professional print shops require, ensuring that no part of your square or round sticker template is cut off.

Any way you slice it (or die cut it), you’ll have full control!

Build Your Community with Custom Stickers

Turning customers into loyal fans is easy and affordable with MyCreativeShop! Our sticker templates are professionally designed, quickly printed, and built for both indoor and outdoor use. Even with no design experience, you can create great-looking stickers that will unite your customers into raving fans.

Choose a sticker design template now, and you’ll be ready for print or download in no time at all.

Available Sizes:
Download Options
  • 300 DPI PDF - Print at home (no bleed)
  • 300 DPI PDF - Commercial Print (full bleed)
  • Web Quality JPG
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As you begin the sticker design process, make sure you have a clear idea of how you plan to use your sticker. Then, browse our catalog of round and square sticker templates to find the one that fits with your vision. Using your company’s branding strategy, apply your own custom colors to the template, upload your logo and/or any images, and customize your text (including font size, style, and color). You can also easily add shapes, arrows, icons, and background patterns to really bring your sticker to life! Double-check your finished design to make sure you didn’t go overboard or make any glaring errors, and you’re ready to print!

When your sticker design is complete, choose the “Print/Download” option or head directly to our Sticker Printing page. Once there, select your quantity, paper type, and delivery options. Submit your print order, and we’ll deliver your stickers right to your door. If you’d rather do it yourself, you can easily download a high-quality PDF and print your stickers anywhere you like!