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Fitness Poster Templates

Help others’ dreams take shape by gym or personal training services with a custom-designed poster that motivates them to get moving. MyCreativeShop’s ambitious design team has put together a variety of inspiring fitness poster templates perfect to get you started. Use our beginner-friendly online editor to work out any kinks in your chosen template until you’re satisfied that you’ve reached maximum performance. Share your finished poster on all your social media accounts or order up a run of prints from the printer of your choice. Give our print service a try – if we don’t impress, you’ll get your money back!

Yoga Studio Classes Poster Template preview
Yoga Fitness Class Poster Template preview
Yoga Studio Class Poster Template preview
Mind Body Soul Yoga Poster Template preview
Yoga Inspirational Poster Template preview
Totally Yoga Poster Template preview
Yoga Instructor Poster Template preview
Yoga Teacher Poster Template preview
Yoga Teacher Spotlight Poster Template preview
Yoga Instructor Intro Poster Template preview
Beautiful Yoga Poster Template preview
Yoga Schedule Poster Template preview
Yoga Stretch Class Poster Template preview
Relax Yoga Workshop Poster Template preview
Weekend Warrior Yoga Poster Template preview
Green Yoga Workshop Poster Template preview
Yoga Workshop Poster Template preview
Yoga Classes Poster Template preview
Hot Yoga Class Details Poster Template preview
Yoga Class Details Poster Template preview
Calm Yoga Course Poster Template preview
Super Food Poster Template preview
Eat Smarter Nutrition Poster Template preview
Health Courses Poster Template preview
Eat Better Nutrition Poster Template preview
No Nonsense Gym Poster Template preview
Gym Smarter Poster Template preview
Swim Class Poster Template preview
Gym Join Today Poster Template preview
Fitness New Member Pricing Poster Template preview
Fitness Beach Body Poster Template preview
Pink Fitness Special Offer Poster Template preview
Fitness Trainer Promo Poster Template preview
Personal Trainer Special Offer Poster Template preview
Fitness Health Club Poster Template preview
Fitness Class Schedule Poster Template preview
Monthly Fitness Services Poster Template preview
Fitness Workout Poster Template preview
Fitness Member Service Poster Template preview
Fitness Membership Poster Template preview
Blue Fitness Membership Poster Template preview
Running Fit Club Poster Template preview
New Year Fitness Discount Poster Template preview
Fitness In Action Poster Template preview
Power Fitness Class Poster Template preview
Total Fitness Class Poster Template preview
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Fitness Services Offered Posters

Your fitness center or gym is made or broken by the services it offers. Ensure that your clients are well-versed in your slate of offerings by creating and hanging an informative, easy-to-read “services offered” poster. Set your gym apart with your descriptions of services like personal training and group fitness, yoga, Pilates, and spinning classes. Offering individualized options like weight management and nutrition counseling alongside grab-and-go refreshments like juices and supplements pulls in and supports your clientele in a unique way. The parents on your membership roll will be grateful to read about your childcare center, and everyone will be excited about any spa services you may offer. Get your info out there now!

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Fitness Special Offer Posters

Gym memberships can be a big commitment for some, especially for those who aren’t already die-hard fitness aficionados. Reduce the level of trepidation within your potential member population by making them a special offer they can’t refuse. Your special offer may be a 2-year membership for the price of one, 3 months free with a one-year membership, or even a 1-week commitment-free trial. No matter what the offer, promote it boldly with a custom-designed poster that encourages new membership while staying true to the heart and soul of your gym and its mission. Our user-friendly online editor enables you to hire the one graphic designer that best represents your business – YOU!

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Fitness Class Posters

Your gym or studio’s class offerings deserve to be hailed and marketed with an eye-catching poster that invites everyone to join in on the workout. Have a professional photographer come in and capture the perfect image of your class to serve as the focal point of your project, or you can choose from our array of stock photos. A short and sweet instructor bio gives class participants a reason to trust their leader, and a great class description or tagline lets them know what they’re getting into. Student testimonials never hurt, and class times and days are essential. Hang your class posters in your gathering area, locker rooms, and front entry.

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Fitness Membership Detail Posters

Turning sporadic gym patrons into regular members requires an attractive array of incentives. Begin the conversion process with a smartly-designed poster that details all the benefits and levels of membership. Whether you prefer an all or nothing membership setup or a tiered system of Olympic medal-like levels (bronze, silver, and gold), the details matter. Your poster should clearly define the perks of membership (access to childcare, pool use, spa services, and more) and justify the cost of their loyalty. In short, model your creation after an easy-to-navigate restaurant menu that empowers your clients to make a successful decision to join your member ranks. Design and print yours now to get a head start on recruitment!

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Motivational Fitness Posters

Regardless of where your clients are at on their fitness journey, staying focused on the goal can be a challenge at times. Encourage them to keep going and not give up when it gets tough by designing your own motivational posters. Be strategic – when you’re the designer, you can ensure that the photos and message of each poster align with the demographics and fitness philosophy of your gym-goers. Upload your own professional photographs or choose from our expansive catalog of stock images. Write your own words of encouragement or draw from the wisdom of those who’ve gone before – just don’t forget to credit the original author/motivator. Our online editor will have you spurring people on to “Just keep swimming” like Dory in no time!

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Fitness Posters

Get in step with your community by promoting your gym, group fitness class, or annual 5K walk/run with custom-designed posters that you create yourself. Our design team has already hit the weights and come up with a multitude of fitness posters to meet your needs and help you reach your goals. Your personal trainer (our online design editor) makes the customization process more like a sprint than a marathon and you’ll have every tool you require at your disposal. Upload photos or choose the right fit from our catalog of stock images.  Your finished posters can be printed anywhere you like – send them to your printer of choice or place your order with our own print service. We’ll even guarantee your satisfaction with the final product when you print with us!

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