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Dance Poster Templates

Put a skip in the step of your prospective dance troupe students or footloose and fancy-free school or street dance attendees by inviting them to join you with custom-designed posters that pull them out onto the floor. Cue up one of our fun and flexible dance poster templates, then use our online editor to make every last element your own. Share and print anywhere you like, with absolutely no design experience necessary – there’s no time like the present to try something new. As John Michael Montgomery sang, “life’s a dance, you learn as you go!”

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Dance Camp Posters

Hip Hop, modern, ballet, jazz and tap! Grab the attention of dancers in your community with this standout poster promoting your upcoming dance camp and all that it has to offer! Highlight the unique things your dance studio is presenting through its camp; workshops, presenters, and a variety of different styles of dance. A well-designed poster will draw in interest and registrations for your dance camp event, and be a great marketing tool for your dance studio! Once they get a taste of what you have to offer they’ll be sure to want more!

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Dance Team Posters

Dance team tryouts have begun for the dancers in your town and everyone is interested in taking their love of dancing to the next level! What could be more fun than joining a team and getting to work alongside fellow dancers who encourage, challenge, and learn together?! This poster will showcase what your dance team is about and what makes it unique! Let them know you want their dancing skills to join in the fun of entertaining and competing as a team. Grab their attention and encourage them to be a part of something more!

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Dance Competition Posters

Do you think you can dance? The search for the best dancer has begun! Talented dancers around will be intrigued by this poster promoting your dance competition! They’ll be drawn in to know when and where, if they are eligible and what the prizes for the top winners are; all while wondering if they have what it takes to be the best! Your funky, retro poster will not only interest dancers participating in your competition, but also those wanting to attend the show and get in on the music and dance action!

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Dance Class Posters

What makes your dance studio and its classes stand out from the rest in your community? Are you the studio of choice for parents encouraging their children to learn to dance for the first time or the student interested in beginning to explore the art of dance? Grab their attention with this bright, colorful poster giving them a first impression of what your studio offers! Highlight the style of dance, instruction and classes you provide. They will be intrigued to check out what your classes are like and to see what makes your dance studio unique and set apart from the others!

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