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Multiply your church’s [out]reach by utilizing custom-designed postcards to invite neighbors and community members you have yet to meet to an upcoming event or service. MyCreativeShop’s designers LOVE to show hospitality, so they have put their hearts into a whole host of inviting church postcard templates to get you started. With the tools in our online editor, you can put your church’s own stamp on your postcard quickly and easily. Print a stack at your favorite printer or give us a chance to earn your loyalty – we promise you won’t be disappointed!
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Church Postcards

Everyone has a mailbox – if you can’t arrange a face-to-face connection, what better way to share your church’s message with a large number of people than by sending out a completely customized, professionally-designed postcard that extends your reach and lifts their spirits.  With MyCreativeShop’s multitude of available postcard templates (created by professional graphic designers), the options are almost endless.  Celebrate Jesus’ birth by customizing a beautiful Christmas postcard, rejoice in His death and resurrection with an uplifting Easter Sunday Service mailer, and connect with seekers and new attendees by personalizing an inviting Welcome, Invitation, or Outreach postcard.  Utilize our online editor to complete your project – your postcards will be arriving in mailboxes throughout your community in no time!

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Tips to get you started on designing, printing & promoting your Church Postcards

Before you make a church postcard, spend some time thinking through the vision you have for your postcard from the reader’s perspective. What would you want to know? What could make a potentially generic, impersonal mailing feel caring and intentional? What would grab - and keep - your attention? Take what you learn from this exercise, along with the usual postcard design inputs (your logo, high-quality images, original content, and branding strategy), and find a church postcard template in our inventory that fits. Looking to connect with the community? Choose one of our church outreach postcard templates. Let new attenders know that they are important by customizing one of our church welcome postcard templates to make them feel in-the-know and right at home. You can also encourage non-attenders in your neighborhood to visit by sending out a church invitation postcard. Apply your signature color scheme, insert your logo, and replace sample contact details with your own. Any stock images should be swapped out and your original content should be substituted for all placeholder text. Choose one or two fonts that really fit your message and use what you learned before beginning the process to influence all other design choices. If needed to better execute your vision, you can easily insert shapes, arrows, icons, and more in no time. Grab a friend or co-worker for a second opinion on your final product, then send it our way to print (or anywhere else you like).

Once you have your design set, consider the content you should include and the voice you should write with. Church welcome postcards are generally upbeat, positive, and encouraging, so your written voice should be inclusive, welcoming, and approachable. Assuming your goal is to make new attendees at your church feel welcomed and seen, you may want to share opportunities for them to get involved (small groups, children’s ministry, service opportunities, outreach teams, etc.). You can also let them know about other service or meeting times, along with a list of classes, such as Sunday School, Baptism, or even an Intro to our Church session that provides a personalized connection. Share key contact details for the appropriate pastoral and ministry staff members and provide all of your social media account names to extend your relationship beyond Sunday morning. Whenever possible, every church welcome postcard you send out should include a handwritten note, preferably from someone who connected with the newcomers during a service. It’s really the little things that will make a difference!

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