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You can’t be everywhere at once.  Be intentional about growing your church and reaching out to your community by customizing a welcoming outreach postcard that attracts newcomers to your congregation.  Use our no experience-required design editor to create a postcard that lets the reader know they are welcome and invited.  Decide on a catchy tagline to grab their attention (feature a keyword like “belong,” “connect,” “welcome,” and “you’re invited”) and superimpose it over a solid background, a photo you upload, or one of our many available stock images.  On the opposite side, share details of your upcoming service dates and times, along with fellowship events and opportunities to connect and get involved.  Include your contact information (phone number, physical location, website, and social media accounts) and encourage them to come check it out.  Send your completed cards to your favorite printer or let us handle that part for you.  Drop them in the mail and be sure to follow up!

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Church Neighborhood Outreach Postcard Template

Multiple Versions Available
Your church is always looking for ways to reach out to the community, so let them know exactly how you can enrich their lives with this customizable postcard you send right to their mailboxes. Personalize your design with your preferred color theme, font style, text, images, and lots more. Let’s get started on your postcard design now!

Church Outreach Postcard Template x3qrk8xbg6

Multiple Versions Available

Church Outreach Program Postcard Template

Multiple Versions Available
Spread the word of Jesus Christ to those in your community with this church outreach program postcard. Let the non-believers know that He is working His miracles through you and can offer salvation if they join you for your weekly services. Design your postcard now to reach souls in need of saving.