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Highlight your next big wine sale with a flyer that stands out! Your flyer will showcase the different varieties of wine you carry, prices for those wines, and what makes them unique. You can highlight a few specific varieties and describe the wineries they came from, flavor and taste one can expect, as well as what food they are best paired with to enhance flavor. Once they are drawn into the fantastic wines you offer, seal the deal with incredible sale prices! This sale can help you turn first time purchases into life-long customers that will keep them coming back! read more

Wine Cellar Sale Flyer Template

Multiple Versions Available

Clearance Wine Sale Flyer Template

Size: 4" x 9"
Appeal to all wine lovers with your great clearance prices by distributing this flyer in your store, or posting it in business windows or on community bulletin boards in your area. Include which wines are on offer, along with the super-low prices and any criteria or restrictions for the sale. Print your flyer from your store’s office, or send it to our printers for a professional product.