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Getting others excited to get fit has never been so easy - design your own fitness flyers promoting your business or event and you’ll be hitting your goals in no time! read more
Cycling Fitness Center Flyer Template preview
Total Nutrition Professionals Flyer Template preview
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Adult Aerobics Class Flyer Template 2 preview
Core Fitness Gym Flyer Template 2 preview
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Nutrition Options Flyer Template 2 preview
Core Yoga Flyer Template 2 preview
Health & Fitness Center Flyer Template 2 preview
Sports & Health Club Flyer Template 2 preview
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Fitness Flyers

Generating interest for new programs, venues, classes, or events within the fitness community is all about building [credible] hype. Amp up attendance at your next “mommy bootcamp,” see a spike in new membership as your new location opens, or set a new participation record at your annual marathon weekend by personalizing an energetic and fun fitness flyer. No experience in the design realm? You’re in good hands – our design team has already leapt over every hurdle to produce a full catalog of fitness flyers. All you have to do is choose the template that tells your story best, then spend a few pain-free moments with our online editor customizing those “unique-to-you” details. Once you’ve reached your design goal, select any print option you like (DIY, use an outside printer, or place an order with us) and get ready for that momentum to come right back to you!

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When creating any type of flyer, including your fitness flyer, the most important detail is finding a way to actually grab the reader’s attention. This may involve a bright and bold color scheme, vivid imagery, or a powerful heading, or all three. Once you’ve piqued their interest, share the details of your flyer’s purpose in brief, bulleted statements that layout the benefits of responding to your call to action (CTA) by joining your fitness club or signing up with your gym after viewing your fitness membership flyer. Acquire new competitors with your fitness competition flyer, sign up new recruits for your fitness bootcamp, or help your community get healthy at your fitness event. Highlighting what the reader will get out of that response makes it all the more likely that they will feel motivated to respond. In addition, include HOW they should respond, either by showing up at your physical location, calling, texting, emailing, or visiting your website. The design elements you choose to include on your fitness flyer should always support your CTA - too much can clutter your flyer and muddy the message, resulting in a disappointing response rate.

Making a fitness flyer begins with a bit of pre-planning. What do you want the reader to DO after viewing your flyer? The answer to that question is your Call to Action (CTA) and should be the focus of all elements of your fitness flyer. You’ll also need to gather your logo, branding strategy, and any original content or high quality images/graphics that support that CTA. Then, browse our catalog of fitness flyer templates to find the one that “fits” your needs best. Begin the customization process by applying your signature color scheme, replacing the sample logo and images with your own, and updating all placeholder text with the original content that supports your CTA. Give your choice of heading careful consideration, as you want it to be both impactful and attention-grabbing. Select one or two fonts that make your messaging stand out clearly. Include your contact information so that the reader can act on your CTA. Don’t be afraid of “white space” (unused space between design elements), as it makes your entire flyer easier to read. If needed, you can easily insert shapes, arrows, icons, and more with the tools in our online editor. The final step before you print (with us or anywhere you like) is to proofread every inch for any errors or typos. You might also think about having a friend or coworker take a look to make sure your messaging is clear and your flyer readable. When that’s done, you’re ready to print!