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Whether you run your own gym or are a freelance trainer, or maybe even a Beachbody® coach, hosting a fitness event brings everyone together in a healthy, productive way. From a Saturday morning of Yoga in the Park to a weekend 5K Fun Run, design a smart-looking flyer that invites like-minded people to join you. Host an all-day Zumba® marathon and reward the longest-lasting Salsa dancers with health-conscious gift certificates for gym memberships, training sessions, or fitness products (Shakeology®, anyone?). Include the date, time, and location for the event, along with registration information and fees. Use our online editor to get your group fitness fun on today! read more

Fitness Fest Event Flyer Template

Size: 8.5" x 11"
Drum up excitement for Fitness Fest with an amazing flyer you design yourself using this template and our online editor. Insert relevant text, add images, and choose a color theme that's sure to catch eyes. Then, print your design when you're done so you can utilize this valuable marketing tool ASAP.

Awesome Fitness Event Flyer Template

Size: 8.5" x 5.5"
Encourage local fit physical fitness detailing an upcoming fitness event with this customizable flyer. Personalize your design with your choice of images, text, colors, and other design elements to make your flyer really pop out. We make it easy to design a flyer you’re proud to distribute, so get started now!

Blue Fitness Flyer Template

Size: 4" x 9"
Capture attention from your target market with this vibrant blue flyer that you customize yourself using our online editor. Choose a bold font and color combo to make your catchy text pop out, and upload images showcasing your fitness center in action. With our editor just a click away, your design comes together in minutes. Find out how easy it is now!