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While you probably use LinkedIn or other online services to network, old-school, face-to-face interactions are the most impressive. Business cards are vital to branching out, meeting new clients, and retaining new customers. Use our business card maker to customize our templates that will position you as an industry expert, whether you’re selling your services as a mechanic or looking for new clientele at your hair salon. Add multiple contact methods to your cards to ensure you’re always reachable, including your website URL, phone and email. Our online editor lets you upload logos, artwork, and other elements. When you're done you can opt to print your business cards yourself or we can print them for you.
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Business Cards

Even in our digital world, custom business cards remain an essential tool for employees, companies, and organizations in every niche and industry. Whether you’re a local small business owner, a remote freelancer, or the head of a community church or nonprofit, professional business cards will establish you—and your brand—as serious, dedicated, and worth your clients’ trust.

Especially as more and more companies skip print marketing altogether, a well-designed business card is an easy (and affordable!) way to stand out from the crowd. Hand out your business cards at conventions and trade shows, leave them stapled to flyers or door hangers distributed across local neighborhoods, and keep extras on hand for natural networking as you go about your day.

Unlike larger flyers or brochures, business cards are small, unobtrusive, and easy to carry. They feel more like a means of relationship building than direct advertising, which can help you develop trust and stick out in the memories of people you meet. Small as they might be, they can make a huge impact on your client base!

With MyCreativeShop, you don’t even have to hire a graphic designer or find a local print shop to create business cards that will make an impression. Through our super-easy online editor, you can make your own business cards—and order professional prints—in just a few minutes. No design experience or technical know-how required.

Choose a Business Card Template and Start Designing

To get started with our online business card maker, all you have to do is select a great-looking template! Even though we have more than 1,200 business card templates in total, it’s still easy to choose one that suits you. Either browse manually until you find the perfect layout and look, or add a convenient filter to narrow down our huge library by industry or size.

Once you’ve selected a business card design, you’ll enter our easy drag-and-drop editor where you can make all the changes you could imagine:

  • Add your name, job title, and business/organization
  • Upload your company’s logo and any other brand assets
  • Insert icons and add text to share your social media handles
  • Try out new fonts, sizes, and colors to balance brand identity with legibility
  • Experiment with different colors, patterns, and transparencies
  • Upload a company photo or corporate headshot, or choose a free stock photo instead
  • Add new shapes and frames to create an interesting look

Make Business Cards That Work Harder for You

Every business card has to share some basic contact information, but you don’t have to stop there! Since our editor allows you to design your own business cards in every way, why not take the extra step to make your business cards an active tool of customer engagement? For example:

  • Real estate agents can include a referral promotion on their business cards, encouraging their clients to share their love for their Realtor with friends and family.
  • Run an automotive shop? Turn your custom business cards into coupons for discounted oil changes or detailing services.
  • Spas, salons, or retail shops can use the backside of their business card as a loyalty card, just by adding circles to be stamped to earn a reward.

Whether you’re running a college side-gig or are working as a C-level executive, we make it easy to create business cards that work for you. Start with an awesome business card template and make only a few edits, or choose a blank template to build one from scratch. It’s your design, and we leave it to you.

Standard-Sized but Not Standard-Looking!

We offer business cards in the standard U.S. and international sizes:

  • 3.5" x 2"
  • 90mm x 55mm

All sizes come with our smart-bleed feature, which ensures that designs print cleanly to the edge. You can also personalize both sides of your business card’s template to create something that looks one-of-a-kind but still complies with the size and shape that recipients expect.

Done Customizing? Print Business Cards with a Few Clicks

With MyCreativeShop, not only can you design your business cards online from your own computer, but you can also order prints at the same time. Before checking out, make sure that your business card design will print exactly as you expect by checking out our print preview mode. Once you’re happy, simply select the perfect print options:

  • Paper weight: premium or premium thick
  • Surface finish: glossy or matte (on one or both sides)
  • Quantity: 100 to 50,000

Since we guarantee our delivery dates, you won’t have to wonder when your business card prints will arrive!

You Can Also Print Locally or In-Office

Want a little more control? No problem—our unlimited download option gives you the freedom to print your professional business cards anywhere you want. You can take a high-res PDF of your business card design to any print shop or online service for a professional-grade print.

If you prefer to print in your own home or office, you can also download an 8.5” x 11” PDF with 10 business cards already placed on it. Just print them on the paper or cardstock of your choice and then cut them out!

It’s a Breeze to Update Your Custom Business Cards

As employees are on-boarded, brand identity is refreshed, and job titles change, you’ll need new business cards to match. And with MyCreativeShop, designing your twentieth business card is even easier than the first! Just go to your saved business card design, click “Duplicate,” and then make edits before downloading or printing. It’s easy now and in the future!

Get started today by choosing a business card template and customizing it in minutes.

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Tips to get you started on designing, printing & promoting your Business Cards

At MyCreativeShop, we offer business card templates in three sizes: 3.5” x 2” (the US standard), 85mm x 55mm (the UK standard), and 90mm x 55mm (the Australian standard). 

Creating an effective business card begins with a clear understanding of your industry and the tone your business card should set. If you’re unsure, take a look at what others in your field are using. Gather your branding strategy, including color scheme and logo, and browse our catalog of business card templates to find the one that fits best. Our easy-to-use design editor employs simple, familiar tools and features to help our customers create unique and professional finished projects that reflect their vision. Easily insert a variety of shapes and icons and swap out the template’s color palette with your brand’s own CMYK color scheme using our “replace this color” feature (or use our color picker to create your own). You can also upload your own logo and photos or insert any of our stock images with just a few clicks, and our real time dpi image resolution scores help you get the highest quality out of your logo and images. Choose from a large selection of available fonts and take advantage of our recommended font sizing to ensure that your text is always easy to read.

Have confidence in your printed end result as you view our presentation preview of your project every step of the way. Before printing, proofread thoroughly, then click the “Print/Download” button to place your order with us or download a high-quality PDF that you can print anywhere you like.

For more tips on creating a fantastic business card with MyCreativeShop, check out the “About” tab on this page. 

Your business card lets the holder know who you are, what you do, and how to get in touch with you. For it to be effective, you should include your name and job title, as well as the name and logo of your company/organization. Your contact information is also a must. Include the way(s) to best reach you, whether that’s your phone number(s), email address, and/or mailing or physical address. Featuring your website can speak volumes without having to put every detail on your business card. If you utilize a short and sweet catchphrase or description of your business, that can be a smart inclusion. The magic of a great business card is finding the perfect balance between too much information and not enough. Find the style that works for you and include just what you need to get your details across to customers, colleagues, and potential clients.

Once you’ve finished designing your business card, clicking “Print/Download” from within the online editor will allow you to order top-notch prints from MyCreativeShop that will be delivered right to your door. You also always have the option to download a high-quality PDF of your business card that can be printed absolutely anywhere. 

View our business card printing options.

MyCreativeShop’s online editor includes a recommended font size feature when working with text boxes. Headings, subheadings, and paragraphs are all automatically set at a readable and appropriate font size for your template. You have complete control to edit any font size to meet your needs, but we recommend not going below 8pt on a business card (usually for contact details) and maxing out at 11 or 12pt (for your name). 

The back of your business card can always be left blank or you can use it to feature something that will impact the reader. Options may include your company’s name and/or logo, your own extra-large monogram, website address, social media handles, map to your office, or a short and sweet catchphrase or slogan. You may also think about adding value with a QR code or link to a special offer or discount. 

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