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Hair Salon Marketing

Do your salon’s promotional materials need a new look? Make over your advertising strategy with custom-designed brochures, flyers, posters, and more. Browse our catalog of customizable hair salon marketing templates until you find the right fit. Set your shears aside as you take a few moments to update the color, layout, font, and content of your chosen template with the help of our online editor. Your refreshed list of salon services or color care tips brochure will come together before your eyes.

Hair Salon Flyers

As a hair care professional, you have an eye for great style. Put that experienced eye to good use AND grow your salon’s profits by customizing any number of our professionally-designed hair salon flyer templates.  Depending on the final look you’re going for, you can use our online editor to trim a few stray hairs and touch up the roots or you can do a complete Ambush Makeover-style overhaul.  We’ve got templates to fit every need.  Give your current and prospective clients an in-depth look into your skills and offerings when you produce an “About Us” or “Services” flyer, encourage repeat customers and referrals with flyers promoting your customer loyalty program or upcoming sales, or bring everyone together with a fab flyer inviting clients and their friends to attend an exclusive special event.  With the ease of using our online editor, your flyer’s potential (and topic) is limited only by your imagination – let it run away with you!

Hair Salon Posters

Turn the tables on your salon’s clients – instead of just sending them out the door to catch someone’s eye with their fab new look, catch THEIR eye with an irresistible, completely customized hair salon poster.  Our team of skilled design pros have created numerous templates for you to choose from.  Pick your fave, then head on over to our online editor while your client’s color develops.  Switch up the layout, color scheme, and even the font as you write your own content and upload professional photos of your work. We have templates to fit every need and style – promote a great sale or invite clients and their friends to join you at a special event celebration.  Highlight your most popular services, convey your price list, and so much more.  Don’t forget to connect with the girls at your local high school by putting up a sparkly prom night special poster.  Your only constraint is your imagination – let it run wild!

Hair Salon Price List

Don’t sell yourself short; your hair salon’s services are worth every penny. Ensure that there are no surprises at the cash register by customizing a well-coiffed price list brochure, flyer, or poster that shares your pricing structure clearly while also doubling as a list of services offered. MyCreativeShop’s team of designers has created a host of templates that are perfect for your needs.  Better yet, once you find the one for you, our online editor makes the customization process a snap. We can even handle the printing for you. Don’t be afraid to be up front with your clients (they come to you for a reason)- as the good folks at L’Oreal always say, “Because you’re worth it!”

Hair Salon Brochures

Whether you’ve already worked hard to establish your hair salon and build your client list or are just getting started, communicating with your new and existing clients is essential.  Personalize a professionally-designed hair salon brochure that speaks for you.  MyCreativeShop has an abundant array of customizable brochure templates designed to fit your needs.  Using our online editor, you can create everything from a detailed menu of your salon’s services, a comprehensive pricing list, and even a brochure filled with your expert hair care tips (caring for your perm, maintaining your color, recommended products by hair type).  An informed and satisfied clientele is your best group of grassroots marketers, so pick your fave template and get started!

Hair Salon Business Cards

Great hair gets noticed.  Better yet, great hair gets asked about.  Ensure that your salon’s best clients are properly equipped to share your information with admirers of their new coif by giving them business cards they can share.  We have a healthy variety of templates for you to choose from – find the look you want, then touch it up to make it your own by using our online editor. If you want, we’ll even print them for you. Set up a welcoming display at your reception desk and ensure that each stylist has a stack at their chair to hand out.  Get started now so that you’ll “Be Prepared” for every opportunity to connect with a new client!

Hair Salon Signs

Hair grows quickly - don’t miss your chance to acquire a brand-new client by remaining in the shadows at that pivotal moment when their hair “just isn’t working” for them anymore.  Take the opportunity to craft a fab set of hair salon signs that let everyone know where to go when they’re just DONE with their current hair salon.  MyCreativeShop has a variety of customizable hair salon signs for you to choose from – pick the one you love, then use our online editor to make it truly yours.  We’ll even print them for you.  Don’t let those in a hair crisis pass you by - you can be their hero, baby!

Hair Salon Grand Opening Flyers

Create excitement and a buzz about your new hair salon with a grand opening flyer that is sure to attract clients! This fresh and clean design will mirror the feel of your salon and highlight all that you have to offer; hair design, facials and skin care, nail services, massage and the list goes on! Spark your potential client’s interest to try something new with their look or to pamper themselves with one of your services! Once your clients come into your salon for the first time, they’ll spread the word around telling their friends about the amazing experience they’ve just had!

Hair Salon Services Offered Flyers

Brand-new beauty shop ventures and established hair salons can both benefit from a more informed clientele pool.  Let your community know what you and your stylists have to offer by designing and customizing an enlightening salon services flyer that ensures they know exactly where to go for their next cut or color.  MyCreativeShop’s online editor makes it easy-peasy to keep your branding consistent across all your marketing materials.  Upload your logo and a professional photo of your salon (and/or one of your stylists in action!).  Describe each service in detail – including price.  Play up the unique offerings of your shop – we can help you print a flyer that sets you apart in services AND style!

Hair Salon Loyalty Rewards Program Flyers

Cultivate new (and continued!) client growth for your salon by implementing a worthwhile loyalty rewards program that encourages repeat visits, pre-booking, and product sales.  Promote your rewards program with a custom-designed flyer that lays out all the details – how points are earned and tracked, along with what they can be redeemed for.  List point-earning activities and values, like 1 point for every haircut or product purchase, 2 points for a color service, and 5 points for every successful client referral.  After 10 points are earned, offer the choice of a free haircut or salon credit towards another service or product purchase.  Not only will you cement your current customers’ loyalty, your program will have a multiplying effect on your client list and bottom line.  Our online editor will have you designing and printing your flyer before the perm rods have set!

Hair Salon Sales Flyers

Fabulous promotions are an effective way to get more clients into your hair salon’s styling chairs. Let your regulars – and their friends (and complete strangers!) – in on the secret by customizing your very own sale flyer. Use our online editor to upload a professional photo of your stylists in action if your sale is on a service (such as $10 off highlights with the purchase of a full color or half-price haircuts) or a photo of the sale item if you’re featuring a deal on products (like 20% off all hairsprays or $15 off a $50 hair care purchase).  Include the dates of the promo and any redemption details, and distribute your flyers within your salon and around the neighborhood – then wait for your appointment book to be fully volumized!

Hair Salon Special Event Flyers

If your salon is hosting a special event, you need to let clients and community members know it will be happening in order to have a chance at success.  Utilize MyCreativeShop’s online editor to completely customize a hair salon special events flyer that does the word-of-mouth work of multiple people.  Upload a photo that matches your event’s theme – if this isn’t your first rodeo, a professional snapshot of last year’s go-round will go a long way.  Conversely, we offer an extensive library of a variety of stock images that can help describe your special day.  There’s no time like the present to get started on your flyer – once the design and printing process is complete, hang the flyers in your windows, at your neighborhood gas stations, and even at the local fitness centers.  You’ll turn participants into regular clients in no time!

Hair Salon About Us Flyers

Whether you’re just getting started in the cosmetology industry or have been around awhile, build your salon client base and share your story by designing and customizing the perfect “About Us” flyer. The story of how and why your salon came to be will draw potential clients to your chair – as will a description of the services you offer, the stylists you employ, and your atmosphere and target audience (from cuts and styles for the whole family to a shop designed to make men feel at home and masculine to a luxurious spa-like boutique catering to clients who enjoy the finer things in life – at least once in awhile!).  MyCreativeShop’s online editor makes it easy to design the ideal flyer and get it in the hands of salon client prospects everywhere!

Hair Salon Sales Posters

Keep your regular salon clients on their toes and interested by offering a changing slate of sales.  Design and customize a fabulous sale poster that can be updated each month (or season) to reflect an appropriate service discount (sun-kissed highlights for summer prep, a moisturizing mask to restore winter-damaged strands, and product gift packages as the Christmas season rolls in).  Upload a fitting photo or select from our impressive library of stock images. No graphic design experience is needed – just log in and use our online editor to easily tweak anything that doesn’t match your style.  Best of all, we can even print your posters for you – and you can change it up for every sale!

Hair Salon Services Offered Posters

Is it possible to not love the feeling of a fresh haircut or color or simply a new do? Of course not!  Encourage your salon’s clients to try something new (or stay in their comfort zone) by designing an eye-catching, Frédéric Fekkai-worthy “Services Offered” poster that lays out the [almost] endless possibilities available to them.  Highlight your most popular choices separately, then group the rest by type (cuts/trims, colors, chemical processes, special occasion styles, add-ons, men’s grooming). Include a listing of packages offered, such as makeovers, bridal styles (with consultation), and prom pampering.  Use our online editor to style and print a perfectly-coiffed poster – your clients (and your cash register!) will thank you.

Hair Salon Prom Night Posters

For many teenage girls, prom is an event they look forward to for the entire school year.  They dream about the dress, the shoes, the jewelry, the flowers, the hair, and, oh yes, the date!  Corner the prom night hair market by designing a poster that speaks the language of a 16-year-old girl – bright colors, professional photos of your stylists’ best work, and a great price.  Curate a list of the dates of all the area high school proms and create a school spirit-filled poster for each one.  Schedule your stylists appropriately to maximize the number of up-dos that can be done each day.  Our online editor makes it super-simple to design and print the perfect set of posters to hang in each high school, floral shop, and dress boutique!

Hair Salon Price List Posters

For many people, especially busy moms, a trip to the hair salon can feel like a luxurious vacation.  Help them get the most out of their short escape from reality by designing a clear and informative price list poster that shows them how they can get the most bang(s) for their buck! Begin with a listing of your basic services (cut & style, all-over color, perms) with base prices.  Follow with more color options (highlights, Ombré, Balayage, gray coverage), specialty services (Brazilian blow-outs, repair treatments, conditioning masks), and special occasion offerings (prom up-dos, bridal packages, formal styling).  Finish with a comprehensive list of add-on services (extra color, brow services, bangs only, neck hair trim, root touch-ups).  MyCreativeShop’s online editor will help you make your clients feel like a million bucks – without spending it!

Hair Salon Special Event Posters

Looking to increase foot traffic in your hair salon location?  Host a charitable event, swag-filled party, or stylists’ showcase and use MyCreativeShop’s super easy online editor to create the perfect special event poster that will draw a crowd.  Events like service discounts for donating non-perishable food items as part of a food drive for your local food bank or collecting brand-new packages of socks for the homeless shelter or Salvation Army in your community are not only good for your bottom line – they’re a win for the whole city. You can also host a customer appreciation evening with lots of fab product giveaways or a runway-style exhibition of your stylists’ skills, complete with hair models.  Your options abound and are limited only by your imagination – design and print your posters before someone else steals your idea!

Spa Marketing

Rejuvenate your spa’s client list with a set of fresh-faced, completely-customized flyers, posters, brochures, and more. Design a brand-new spa services menu, create a compelling goodbye to winter flyer, or put together an irresistible Mother’s Day spa gift package poster. The always well-rested team of pro graphic designers here at MyCreativeShop have crafted a variety of soothing spa marketing templates for you to start from. Our online editor makes it a breeze to become your own marketing design expert – a few clicks and your chosen template will become your own unique masterpiece. When you're finished, we have plenty of options for you to share your spa design with the world!

Nail Spa Posters

Display the skills and talents of the manicurists, pedicurists, and nail technicians who make your spa unique with a custom-designed nail poster that honors the excellent work they do. Describe the most popular nail services you offer and include a vivid photo that exemplifies their abilities and the products they use. Your poster should give your clients confidence in what to expect when they treat themselves (or someone else) to a mani-pedi or gel nails. Hang your poster in a well-trafficked area of your spa, such as the lobby, main hallway, or nail service area. Our online editor allows you to completely customize every aspect of your poster, so that you can truly make it your own.

Spa Services Posters

The professionals employed by your spa have worked hard to perfect their craft – reflect their stellar abilities with an expertly-crafted spa services poster that conveys the important details of each service to your clients. Include soothing pictures of your most popular services and in-depth descriptions of your pampering packages. Your services poster might resemble a one-page restaurant menu in its level of detail – give your clients the information they need (price, products and techniques used, length of time) to select the perfect service (or combination of services) for them, without overwhelming them with unnecessary details. Design and print yours with our online editor in no time at all!

Holiday Promotional Spa Posters

When the holidays roll around, people automatically start to think of thoughtful ways to show their friends and family that they care. Capitalize on their generosity with a holiday-themed spa poster that encourages them to spoil their loved ones with a spa package or gift card. Offer a special that rewards the giver as well as the recipient (like “buy $75 in services, receive $25 free”) and display your poster prominently throughout your lobby. Develop holiday-themed service packages (the “my in-laws are coming for a week” deluxe all-day package or the “I just baked 12 pies” manicure) and offer holiday scents in your treatments. Customize your poster today!

Spa Menu Posters

Your spa’s service menu is the primary way your clients know what you have to offer - and at what price. Design a fabulous spa menu poster that speaks to the heart of your mission and gives your guests the information they need to make the perfect service choice. Whether you run a day or medi-spa, clearly lay out all of your service packages and group your regular treatments and à la carte options logically. Use descriptive language to define each service and package, and list the price of each selection. Our super-simple online editor makes designing and printing your poster a walk in the park!

Spa Pedicure Posters

Taking the time for a relaxing pedicure can be an occasional treat for your spa clients or a regular part of their beauty or skincare regimen. Appeal to all their senses (and sensibilities) with a well-designed pedicure poster that highlights the lineup of products your pedicurists use, along with any unique pedicure service options, like French-tipped toenails or gel polish. Do you offer your guests refreshments (fruit-infused water, coffee/tea, mimosas) while they are being pampered? Let them know how you plan to spoil them. Your spa might be your workplace, but it’s their escape – design a poster that takes them away like Calgon®!

Spa Referral Program Flyers

Cultivate client loyalty at your spa by rewarding your best customers for referring their friends. Promote your referral program with a beautifully designed flyer that encourages clients to share what they love about your spa with everyone they know. Your rewards might be spa credit for each new appointment booked or even a free service or product after a certain number of successful referrals. Your custom-designed (by you!) flyer should also lay out any eligibility requirements and how your clients can sign up. You can simplify the process even more by using our editor to also design custom referral business cards that your clients can distribute to their friends – the possibilities are endless!

Spa Services Offered Flyers

Your spa clients (and potential clients) are even more interested in the services you offer than they are in the ambience and atmosphere of your little oasis. Enlighten them with a “Services Offered” flyer that convinces them that they will return home from a day at your spa feeling restored, recharged, and rejuvenated after experiencing your signature massages, facials, pedicures, and so much more. Lay out the full list of services and packages, along with pricing and any discounts you might offer (buy 3, get 1 free or even pre-booking discounts). Upload your logo and photos of your spa’s interior to really make it your own.

Spa Featured Product Flyers

Product sales are a huge portion of your spa’s revenue stream. Let your clients know about your favorites with a beautifully crafted “Featured Product” flyer. Maybe you carry a fabulous anti-aging foaming face wash or the latest facial brush - promote your products and educate your clients simultaneously with a flyer that seeks to both inform and inspire. Whenever possible, connect the featured product to a service your spa offers – give spa-goers an opportunity to experience the product in action and then be compelled to make a purchase in order to re-create the same results at home. Multiply your sales today!

Spa Facial Flyers

Whether you’re running a day spa or a medi-spa, the array of facials you offer is a huge draw. Set your spa apart with a completely customized, personally designed flyer that is in line with your spa’s ambience and approach to skincare. Relaxation, restoration, and serenity should run throughout the design. Describe each facial type offered with vivid but calming imagery that evokes a sense of peace and gives potential clients a feeling of trust in your services. Highlight the benefits and advantages of each facial treatment, and be sure to call out any facials you offer that are unique to your spa. Design and print yours today!

Spa Mother's Day Flyers

Give husbands and children the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea for the hard-working moms in their lives, because if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! Promote your spa’s gift options with a compelling “Mother’s Day Specials” flyer. Include an array of relaxing pampering packages that give mom a break and make her feel valuable, like “Princess for a Day,” and include lunch and beverages – mimosas, anyone? Even better – offer gift-givers the option of a reloadable gift card balance, so that mom can come back anytime she needs to be restored and feel human again (doghouse insurance is never a bad plan). Print yours today before Mother’s Day rolls around again!

Spa Services Brochures

Set your spa apart from all the rest by highlighting your unique services in a beautifully designed spa services brochure. Your service descriptions should transport your prospective client-readers to a calm and peaceful oasis. Draw them in by including pictures and images that evoke relaxation and restfulness. Your spa is their escape; make it simple for them to choose you. Our online editor makes designing your brochure a quick and pain-free experience – no waxing involved. You can upload your spa’s logo and truly make it your own. Get your clients started on their relaxation journey today!

Spa Menu Brochures

Clients come to your spa to relax and be rejuvenated. Eliminate the stress of decision-making by designing a spa services menu brochure that is streamlined and calm. Begin with your most popular services, like massages, facials, waxing, manicures, and pedicures. Inside, describe your best packages, like mom’s day out, bridal prep, men’s experience, and even “doghouse insurance,” for husbands & boyfriends to purchase in advance to bless their wife/girlfriend with. If you offer gift cards, say so – and if they are reloadable (and can in that way make a perennial anniversary gift), highlight that! Your services menu should reflect your spa’s atmosphere and ambiance, and it should give your clients peace of mind about your influence on their peace of mind.

Spa Subscription Box Brochures

Subscription boxes (Stitch Fix®, Le Tote®, Rockets of Awesome®, Hello Fresh®, and more) are incredibly popular. Don’t miss an opportunity to develop a new revenue stream for your spa by creating your own spa subscription box service. Lay out your subscription box offerings in an attractive brochure that YOU design. Allow clients to select their own box of spa goodies from a pre-approved list or pick one of your uniquely curated subscription box packages. Display your brochure at your front desk, mail it out to regular customers, and post a PDF on your website. Use our online editor to design a brochure that reflects your spa’s style and feel.

Spa Package Details Brochures

A spa package gift (whether the giver is yourself or someone else) is always a joy to receive. Encourage more clients to purchase spa packages by creating a beautifully designed brochure filled with your spa package details. Include a wish list page for clients to give to their husbands or boyfriends –men like to know exactly what to buy for the women in their life, so help them to be successful! In-depth, vivid descriptions of your packages are best and draw your readers in, as do clever, memorable package names. Include prices and package savings when you customize your brochure with our online editor.

Spa Tri Fold Brochures

Everyone can benefit from a little time away from their every day reality.  Why not encourage those in your community to escape to your spa? Pique their interest by customizing a relaxing tri-fold spa brochure that sweeps them off their feet.  Upload your own photos or select from our extensive library of stock images to cover the pages of your brochure with tranquil images – hot stone massages, facials, waterfalls, bamboo.  Describe your most popular spa packages and getaway options in glowing detail, including how one could go about arranging a spa day (or weekend) for themselves or a loved one.  With MyCreativeShop’s stress-free, easy-to-use online editor, your clients will be lining up (calmly, of course!) to be transported to the non-lunar Sea of Tranquility!

Barber Shop Marketing

Maintain your razor-sharp edge on the barber shop scene by custom-designing fresh, new promotional materials. Our [mostly] clean-shaven designers have already developed a full head of customizable barber shop marketing templates that will bring in new and current clients in search of top-notch grooming and the neighborhood scoop. Using our online editor, you can create a one-of-a-kind flyer or poster advertising your summer-ready cut and shave special, send out a postcard with a coupon for a discount on products you carry, or customize a clean-cut business card that your regulars can share with their friends and family. Your final design is yours in PDF form to print anywhere you like!

Barber Shop Posters

Bolster the impact of your barber shop’s red and white-striped pole on potential clients with a professionally-designed, customized (by you) barber shop poster that leaves no doubt about where they should come for their next trim or straight razor shave.  We’ve got a full array of poster templates for you to choose from – select the one that speaks to you, then hop into our online editor’s chair and get styling!  Upload photos or graphics you love or select from our extensive library of stock images.  Mix up the color scheme, give the layout a new look, and spin your chair around for a final look of approval.  You’ll have a new crop of clients before you can knock out “shave and a haircut, two bits!”

Barber Shop Flyers

Fill all of the hydraulic recline barber chairs in your shop by hanging up and handing out a stack of customized, professionally-crafted barber shop flyers that promise a welcoming atmosphere and high-quality results.  MyCreativeShop’s designers have already done the hardest part for you – pick one of our available flyer templates, then take it for a spin in our no-scissors-required online editor.  Use our design tools to give your flyer a custom look – upload photos, switch up the color scheme and layout, and include all of your contact details, including any new client specials.  When you’re satisfied with the final look, send it to your printer or let us deliver a fabulous finished product right to your door – the choice is yours!

Barber Shop Business Cards

Looking for a simple way to encourage your barber shop regulars to share your name with their friends and family?  Send them home with a handful of cleanly-customized barber shop business cards that give potential clients all the information they need to schedule their first appointment. MyCreativeShop has oodles of professionally-designed business card templates for you to choose from.  Find your style, then use our online editor to transform it with a new look – upload your logo or a great background photo, give it a stellar color scheme, and feature your name (and your shop’s name) prominently.  Include a referral discount for those who mention your card when scheduling. We can even print them for you so that you can get started on all your waiting clients!

Beauty Salon Marketing

Finding the right hair care professional is almost like beginning a dating relationship. Give prospective clients the inside track with custom-designed beauty salon flyers, posters, and brochures or draw them in with discounts and specials straight to their mailbox in postcard form. Our well-coiffed designers have turned out an extensive library of creative beauty salon marketing templates for you to choose from. Customize your selected design using our online editor until it reflects your unique personality. Once you’re satisfied with the finished look, you can share it anywhere you like. If you need anything printed, we have you covered!

Beauty Salon Flyers

Encourage your clients to keep calm and call their stylist when they find themselves in need of a change or pick-me-up by promoting your beauty salon’s services with a custom-designed flyer. Have a seat in the design chair and customize one of the beauty salon flyer templates our design team has crafted. Utilize our online editor to touch-up everything from uploading your logo and photos to implementing a custom color scheme. Give your flyer added value by offering a discount to clients who mention seeing it when booking their appointment. You can print a stack yourself, or you can give us the privilege of delivering a premium print job right to your waiting hands. Hang your flyer on every bulletin board in your community and watch your appointment book fill up!

Beauty Salon Posters

Show off your styling skills or a sale on your favorite beauty products with a set of fabulous custom-designed posters. Our online design editor makes it easy for you to give one of our professionally-designed beauty salon poster templates a fresh new look that reflects your unique personality and style. Upload photos of your signature style (“the Rachel,” anyone?) or images of the latest dry shampoo you just can’t live without, then tweak the layout to fit the occasion. Prom style specials, bridal party packages, BOGO product sales, and two for one massage deals are all worthy of their own customized poster. Display your finished poster proudly on the walls of your salon where it will be the perfect conversation starter!

Beauty Salon Brochures

Your salon is a whole lot more than just hair. Let your clients (and your community!) know what you have to offer by customizing an informative and attractive beauty salon brochure that lays out your skills and services from expertly coiffed head to perfectly painted toe! We have an array of fabulously (and professionally!) designed beauty salon brochure templates for you to select from. Our online editor makes customization a snap – you can upload your logo and photos, implement the perfect color scheme, and change up the layout until it fits the final product you’ve envisioned. Get started now so that you can have an amazing stack of brochures in hand as soon as possible!

Beauty Salon Signs

Add some volume to your client list and freshen up your appointment book with a completely customized beauty salon sign that ensures you will be the first call when a new look is required, split ends appear, or a root touch-up is needed. Take advantage of our design team’s expertise by selecting one of our beauty salon sign templates to customize. MyCreativeShop’s online editor makes the design process as easy as wash-and-wear hair, leaving you more time to meet your clients’ needs and requiring less time spent on activities that don’t directly fill your cash register. Before you know it, you’ll be booked from dawn to dusk!

Beauty Salon Business Cards

Growing and maintaining a loyal client list isn’t just about being the best cosmetologist, esthetician, or nail tech around. Top-notch skills are key, but you also need to find a way to get your name out there. Give your clients an easy, non-intrusive way to share your business with their friends & family or even just the stranger in the grocery store who compliments their hairstyle or manicure. MyCreativeShop’s designers have put together a variety of beauty salon business card templates. Find your new look, then employ our online editor to give it your unique personality. You can upload your logo and carry your color scheme over from your existing branding. Just getting started? Use your final design as a foundation by implementing your design across a host of new materials, from flyers to posters and everything in-between. The sky’s the limit!

Nail Salon Marketing

Encourage the rest of your community to come your way when their hands and feet are in need of pampering by producing custom-designed nail salon brochures, flyers, posters, and more. The always well-manicured MyCreativeShop design team has carefully handcrafted a catalog of nail salon marketing templates that are truly one-of-a-kind. Our user-friendly online editor puts all aspects of the overall design in your well-trained hands and requires absolutely no graphic design experience. Once you’re done, where and how to share the finished product is completely up to you. 

Nail Salon Flyers

Attract new clients to your nail salon’s chairs with a beautifully designed, totally personalized salon flyer that makes it impossible to resist booking a relaxing mani/pedi. With our online editor, you have complete control – upload fab photos of your handiwork and include a list of your most popular services and package options.  Highlight the products you use, along with the ones you offer for retail purchase (if they differ).  Identify the amenities that make your salon stand out from all the rest (food or beverage offerings, hard-to-find polish colors, unique nail decorations).  Once you’ve completed your project, use your perfect manicure to hand out your flyers everywhere you go!

Nail Salon Posters

Life is busy. Too busy.  We all need a moment (or two) to relax and decompress, but we don’t always have hours to spare.  A visit to your nail salon for a soothing pedicure, invigorating manicure, or revitalizing hand massage fits the bill perfectly.  Draw stressed-out shoppers into your little boutique with a compelling, custom-designed nail salon poster that promises an escape from the chaos of the daily (weekly) grind.  Highlight your most popular offerings, and include a list of specials and amenities, such as Wine and Wax Bath Wednesdays or Manis and Mimosas Mondays.  Our online editor enables you to customize your poster as much or as little as you like.  Take it for a spin and get back to your day job – helping others escape from theirs!

Nail Salon Price Lists

Your nail salon’s services are worth every penny – ensure that your clients are on the same page by personalizing a professionally-designed price list poster, flyer, or brochure that not only conveys the cost of each manicure, pedicure, and set of acrylics, but also gives an informative description of what they can expect for the price. If you have professional photos of your staff at work, use our online editor to upload them – otherwise, select from our extensive library of stock images to add some pizzazz and context to your layout.  Dip into your well of creativity to truly make your project your own – your customers (and your staff) will be grateful!

Nail Salon Brochures

Show off what sets your nail salon apart from all the rest.  As the world’s greatest [fictitious] hand model, J.P. Prewitt (aka David Duchovny), said in Zoolander, “We think differently than the face and body boys… we’re a different breed.”  Customize a nail salon brochure that highlights the unique skills and offerings of you and your talented group of fellow nail techs. Upload photos of your staff in action or select from our wide variety of available stock images.  With our online editor and array of professionally-designed templates, your brochure will be designed and ready to print quickly – you’ll be back to prepping hands and feet worthy of hyperbaric chamber preservation before the polish can dry!

Nail Salon Advertising Specials

Are you offering a slate of seasonal nail-care promotions?  Make sure they aren’t overlooked by current and potential salon clients – completely customize a set of marketing materials (posters, flyers, even yard signs) that get the word out to the entire community. Utilize bright, eye-catching colors and your own professional photos, or select an image from our library of stock photos. Highlight the great deals you’re offering (BOGO deals for a group of thrifty girlfriends to use for a moms’ day out, holiday-themed gel nails, or even Saturday morning mimosas and pedicures) and include all your contact information.  Don’t let anyone miss out on a chance to be pampered – use our online editor to produce an array of advertising materials that blow the competition out of the water (or foot-soaking tub)!

Nail Salon Menus

Simplify the mental effort required of your nail salon guests when they arrive for a relaxing escape by providing them with an easy-to-navigate, completely customized nail salon menu. MyCreativeShop offers a variety of available menu templates crafted by graphic design professionals, so you don’t need to have any prior design experience.  Use our online editor to upload photos, switch up the layout, and even put together a color scheme that reflects your most-asked-for polish options (maybe the gray-green of Chanel’s “Black Pearl” or the deep purple of RGB’s “Plum”).  Describe each of your services clearly, including service length and cost, so that your clients can make a stress-free choice.  When it’s time to print, print it yourself or entrust the job to us – we’ll deliver a premium print job right to your door.

Hair Stylist Marketing

Setting yourself apart from the rest of the cosmetologists in your area matters – building and maintaining a solid roster of loyal clients is what will make your hair styling business flourish. Showcase your well-honed skills to present and future residents of your salon chair by designing your own super-professional marketing materials. The graphic designers on our team have put together a full look-book of hair stylist marketing templates to fit your unique personality and connect with your community. Pick your fave, then use the tools in our online design editor to give it a one-of-a-kind makeover. 

Tanning Salon Marketing

Your tanning salon clients are looking to maintain that warm summer glow all year round. Ensure that they keep choosing you by producing a fresh new set of hot and toasty marketing materials. Send out custom-designed postcards, hang one-of-a-kind posters, and distribute radiant flyers you design yourself. The always-sunny MyCreativeShop design team has produced a bevy of beachy tanning salon templates for you to customize. Our online editor makes it easy-breezy for you to change as much or as little as you want. You can share your finished project anywhere you like, or you can let us deliver a fab print job that really soaks up the sun!

Tanning Salon Flyers

In your tanning salon, the heat is ALWAYS on (thank you, Glenn Frey!).  Draw in new clients with a super-heated, perfectly-customized (and professionally-designed) flyer that gets chilled, vitamin-D deficient people dancing in the streets!  Include cheerfully-worded descriptions of your best packages and special offers (BOGOs, unlimited monthly tanning, buy 15 sessions and get 5 free, 25% off retail products).  Your tanning beds will be filled, your cash register will be packed, and your appointment book will need a major overhaul.  With MyCreativeShop’s online editor and fabulous array of available templates, you’ll be filled to overflowing in no time – “Tell me, can you feel it?!”

Tanning Salon Posters

When temperatures turn cold and a beach vacation seems a little too far away, an escape to the tanning salon is just the remedy.  Warm up frostbitten customers with a brightly-colored, completely customized poster that beckons them in from the winter breeze.  Make your salon shine from the page – offer an irresistible set of special packages and discounts that make walking away impossible.  Encourage customers to exchange their snowsuits for bathing suits and their snow boots for flip flops, even if only for a few minutes.  Our online design editor hands complete design control over to you – the REAL tanning salon expert!

Tanning Salon Brochures

Your tanning salon is more than just 4 (or more) walls and a few tanning beds.  Tell your story in a completely customized, beautifully-designed brochure that shines like the sun (or glows like a tanning lamp)!  MyCreativeShop’s easy-to-use online editor makes it a snap to do it all yourself – upload professional photos of your salon (inside and out) along with a compelling listing of your unique features and services.  Use all three folds of the brochure to set your salon apart from the rest – sunlight should radiate from every turn of the page.  Draw new clients in from the cold by designing and printing your brochure before the sun goes down!

Tanning Salon Postcards

Your sunny disposition is perfectly suited to a career surrounded by the glow of tanning beds.  Pull other summer-lovers into your orbit by customizing a gravity-defying tanning salon postcard that warms them from head to toe.  Highlight your salon’s unique offerings, including the number and type of available beds, retail products that line your shelves, and full-body spray tans for those who only want a temporary faux golden glow. Promote your featured tanning package discounts (purchase 9 sessions and get the 10th free, unlimited monthly tanning membership, winter survival kit) and encourage potential clients to stop in for a visit.  MyCreativeShop’s online design editor allows you to fully customize every aspect of your postcard template – let the sunshine in on your project today!

Tanning Salon Business Cards

Looking for a simple way for your clients to share their love for your tanning salon with their friends?  Personalize a set of professionally-designed business cards that your customers can take with them after each session and hand out when asked where they got their sunny vacation- or prom-ready glow.  Upload your boutique’s logo and select a radiant color scheme that reflects your ambience and disposition.  Include a catchy slogan that will be stuck in their head and remind them to swing your way (especially on those frigid, wintery days!).  Our online editor makes the process quick and painless, and your tanning beds will be full before the next solar flare!