Yoga Class Detail Posters

If your yoga studio offers multiple classes, reduce confusion with a beautiful (but informative) custom-designed class details poster. You can organize your class list by difficulty or alphabetically, but grouping by skill level may be the most effective (basic/beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert), depending on the demographics of your student list. Give each class a descriptive name, and (since you’re the expert!) include a class summary that gives your clients everything they would need to know about what they’re getting into (without boring them to death – no pressure!). If any of your classes include an extra fee, explain that in the description. Print your poster today and get it hung up in your studio!

Yoga Workshop Posters

Is your studio planning to offer a special yoga workshop? From a beginner’s crash course to an intense advanced yoga weekend, MyCreativeShop’s online editor makes designing an appropriate poster easier than teaching downward dog. Your workshop poster should include a compelling photo (upload your own or choose from one of our many stock images), a complete workshop description (who should sign up, what you will be teaching), and all of the necessary details (dates, times, cost). Your posters should be hung in your studio and in any other neighborhood haunts frequented by the fitness-minded (farmer’s markets, nutrition shops, athletic clothing stores). Print yours and then sit back and watch your workshop roster fill up!

Yoga Studio Posters

Are you looking to draw in new students and faces to your yoga studio? Perhaps you’re new to the neighborhood? Build or expand your student roster by designing (and distributing) a fabulous yoga studio poster that pulls in the fitness-focused and yoga-enthusiast alike. Combine brief instructor bios with a quick studio mission statement, and summarize your class offerings. If your students can get even more information on your website or Facebook page, make sure to include that information, along with your location and basic contact details. Your studio will be flush with students faster than you can say 1, 2, 3!

Yoga Schedule Posters

The best way to fill your yoga studio’s classes is to let your students know what and when they are! Solve that problem by creating your own personalized yoga schedule poster with MyCreativeShop. Whether you choose to organize your poster by class (listing class days and times under each description) or in calendar-style (listing each day’s schedule from left to right), information is power, and empowered students are more likely to show up for their chosen class(es). Regardless of the format you choose, make sure to include a brief explanation of each class offering, whether in-line (if listing by class) or as a section in the summary statement (calendar-style). Our online editor and printing capabilities will have your project completed in a flash.

Yoga Instructor Info Posters

Your studio’s potential yoga students want to know everything they can about the instructors you employ. Promote your instructors (and their skills) with custom-designed information posters that introduce them to your neighborhood and community. An impressive picture of each instructor in a yoga pose, whether complex (one-handed tree) or simple (downward-facing dog), speaks volumes. Include a brief but informative bio, listing any special trainings, certifications, or apprenticeships completed, along with personal interests and hobbies. Yoga instructors are human, too – make them relatable to their students. Our online editor makes designing your instructor posters as easy as child’s play – or child’s pose – so get started on yours today!