Nail Spa Posters

Display the skills and talents of the manicurists, pedicurists, and nail technicians who make your spa unique with a custom-designed nail poster that honors the excellent work they do. Describe the most popular nail services you offer and include a vivid photo that exemplifies their abilities and the products they use. Your poster should give your clients confidence in what to expect when they treat themselves (or someone else) to a mani-pedi or gel nails. Hang your poster in a well-trafficked area of your spa, such as the lobby, main hallway, or nail service area. Our online editor allows you to completely customize every aspect of your poster, so that you can truly make it your own.

Spa Services Posters

The professionals employed by your spa have worked hard to perfect their craft – reflect their stellar abilities with an expertly-crafted spa services poster that conveys the important details of each service to your clients. Include soothing pictures of your most popular services and in-depth descriptions of your pampering packages. Your services poster might resemble a one-page restaurant menu in its level of detail – give your clients the information they need (price, products and techniques used, length of time) to select the perfect service (or combination of services) for them, without overwhelming them with unnecessary details. Design and print yours with our online editor in no time at all!

Holiday Promotional Spa Posters

When the holidays roll around, people automatically start to think of thoughtful ways to show their friends and family that they care. Capitalize on their generosity with a holiday-themed spa poster that encourages them to spoil their loved ones with a spa package or gift card. Offer a special that rewards the giver as well as the recipient (like “buy $75 in services, receive $25 free”) and display your poster prominently throughout your lobby. Develop holiday-themed service packages (the “my in-laws are coming for a week” deluxe all-day package or the “I just baked 12 pies” manicure) and offer holiday scents in your treatments. Customize your poster today!

Spa Menu Posters

Your spa’s service menu is the primary way your clients know what you have to offer - and at what price. Design a fabulous spa menu poster that speaks to the heart of your mission and gives your guests the information they need to make the perfect service choice. Whether you run a day or medi-spa, clearly lay out all of your service packages and group your regular treatments and à la carte options logically. Use descriptive language to define each service and package, and list the price of each selection. Our super-simple online editor makes designing and printing your poster a walk in the park!

Spa Pedicure Posters

Taking the time for a relaxing pedicure can be an occasional treat for your spa clients or a regular part of their beauty or skincare regimen. Appeal to all their senses (and sensibilities) with a well-designed pedicure poster that highlights the lineup of products your pedicurists use, along with any unique pedicure service options, like French-tipped toenails or gel polish. Do you offer your guests refreshments (fruit-infused water, coffee/tea, mimosas) while they are being pampered? Let them know how you plan to spoil them. Your spa might be your workplace, but it’s their escape – design a poster that takes them away like Calgon®!


Design Spa Posters

With MyCreativeShop’s Editor

Your spa is all about relaxing and unwinding – and when you use our editor to customize your posters, you can relax and leave the heavy lifting to us. Simply select from the oodles of spa-specific templates in our inventory, add elements that you like and that help you tell your message, and insert your own text. Upload your own high-res photos, or get inspired by images in our premium stock photo galleries. Whether you’re offering targeted fat removal or the latest charcoal facial, your promotional spa posters come to life before your eyes with a few clicks of your mouse and keyboard strokes, empowering you to strengthen your sales campaigns.

What Can You Do With Your Spa Posters?

Posters are the very best and most effective street talkers in the marketing game. With the right spa posters in your storefront windows, you can take advantage of both foot and street traffic by your door, blasting your message out and sparking interest in what you offer. Hang your posters prominently to catch the attention of locals on their lunch hour who might need to drop in for a quick massage or a manicure fill-in. Frame your posters to show off your services inside your facility or try a promotional poster for a facial to upsell a customer coming in for steam therapy to give your facial a try before they leave. Don’t forget to take advantage of MyCreativeShop’s digital version of your finished spa posters; you can blast them into cyberspace in a social media blitz or display them proudly on your website or Facebook page.

Marketing Plan TLC with Custom Spa Posters

While your marketing plan probably contains other elements – flyers, brochures, postcards, and so on – posters are an important building block in the marketing puzzle. Here are some ideas for your next spa poster:

Tout your expertise

Are you a registered clinician or aesthetician? Flaunt your credentials and tout your training. Let your would-be customer base know that you have the background it takes to perform aesthetic procedures, and they’ll feel safer with you than with the “other” guys – your competition.

Showcase your handiwork

Use before-and-after imagery to show off “cool sculpting” or temporary lip filler results. High-res photos of patients before and after each procedure will highlight your skills and build your reputation as a go-to for that procedure.

Put your grand opening front and center

If you’re new in town, it takes some work to drive the locals past the threshold. Compelling posters announcing your opening day events can spark the interest you need for a successful first day.

Promote a new product or service

When you expand your product lineup, offer new products or new lines, or start offering a hot new service, let customers know with posters displayed front and center in your windows.

Detail a special

Saving money is the biggest marketing draw, bar none, no matter the audience. Use your posters to promote a spa weekend special or a percentage off on a particular product to get prospective clients through the door, and then upsell them with other things that you offer.

Why Make Custom Spa Posters With Us?

You go the extra mile to offer the latest, most innovative, and most effective products and services to your customers and clients – and that’s our goal too. We work continually to add to our massive stock of templates and to improve our interface to make it even easier and more fun to use. Our customers love the ease of creating spa posters and other marketing materials with us, and they appreciate the ability to access their materials instantly for printing from any location. Browse our templates, play around with our editor, and get a lock on the best spa posters to help you achieve your marketing goals now.