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Charity Marketing

Charity Flyers

Get your community excited about your charitable organization’s next fundraising campaign or volunteer event by sharing custom-designed flyers that spread the word and build support. From food, clothing, or toy drives to a call for volunteers to invest in the lives of kids through Big Brother/Big Sister, the YWCA, or Kinship, your friends and neighbors are looking for an opportunity to step up or to be helped up. At MyCreativeShop, we believe in you, and our design team has put together a variety of customizable charity flyer templates to help share your message. Utilize the tools in our online editor to personalize every aspect of the design. Upload logos and photos, customize the color scheme, and ensure that every marketing document in your charity’s library is on point in terms of branding. Order up a stack of premium prints from us or send it to your office printer – your finished project is always yours to do with as you please!

Charity Posters

Attracting new donors or volunteers to your charity or nonprofit organization’s noble cause is not always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes well-meaning people get distracted by the ebbs and flows of life and need to be gently reminded of the need for their gifts or time. Introduce (or reintroduce) yourselves to your community with a custom-designed charity poster that tugs at the heart strings. The design team here at MyCreativeShop is constantly producing well-crafted charity poster templates to expand our existing catalog. The simplicity of our online design editor ensures that you can keep your administrative costs at a minimum (no need to hire a professional design team!), and you can even print them yourself. You’ll be the (charitable) talk of the town in no time!

Charity Signs

Generate enthusiasm, garner support, and encourage donations to your charity by custom-designing an array of eye-catching posters, banners, and yard signs to get your community on board with your cause. You really can’t go wrong with any of our professionally-designed charity sign templates. Take a few minutes in our online design editor to make your chosen sign into your new ambassador. Upload your logo, photos, and/or graphics, tweak the color scheme, and ensure the text and layout are on point. Display your finished signs all over town and make sure your donor services and volunteer and event management teams are well-staffed!

Charity Brochures

Transparency plays a vital role in a donor’s decision to support any charitable organization. Give prospective funders and volunteers an in-depth look at who you are, what you do, and why you do it by sharing a custom designed brochure that goes deep. MyCreativeShop’s designers have put together an ever-improving selection of professionally-crafted charity brochure templates that get the job done with integrity. Choose the right one for you, then use our easy-breezy design editor to fill its pages with your mission statement, financial accountability standards, program/service descriptions, staff bios, and a brief organizational history. Upload your org and program logo(s) and photos and customize the layout and color scheme until you are completely satisfied with the finished product. Print your brochure anywhere you like, then distribute it generously to existing and prospective stakeholders alike!

Charity Business Cards

Lend some extra credibility to your fundraising meetings, ensure that local grocery stores and restaurants know who to call when they have extra food in need of a home, or give your existing and prospective clients access to the essential info they need to get ahold of you when your services are required by customizing an informative and trustworthy charity business card. At MyCreativeShop, we know how essential it is for your charity’s marketing materials to be simultaneously high-impact and low-cost. Keep your administrative and overhead costs down by skipping the professional design firm. Our array of customizable charity business card templates allows you to get the expensive design look at a DIY price. Use our no-experience-required design editor to turn your chosen template into a business card that is personal as well as professional. When it comes to printing, make the best choice for your org. You can keep it in-house or farm it out to us – we’re on your side!

Charity Marketing

Fundraising Tickets

In the world of charitable fundraising, keeping your input and overhead costs low is key to maximizing your returns.  Spending precious cash to hire a graphic design firm to create hundreds of tickets for your upcoming fundraiser is probably not a wise use of available funds.  MyCreativeShop is here to help!  With our super-simple online editor, wide variety of templates and project types (tickets, posters, flyers – you name it, we’ve got it!), and economical membership structure, the money you would have spent on a pro can instead go to your cause, because you can rely on our professionally-designed templates and your event knowledge to design a ticket that is even better.  Best of all, you can ensure consistency across all of your marketing materials – your chosen colors and branding can be carried from your tickets to your posters and beyond.  Your contributors and donors will be inspired to donate to a trustworthy and fiscally responsible charitable giving opportunity.  Print your finished product yourself or entrust that privilege to us – we’re here for you!

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