School Newsletters

As a school administrator, keeping parents, students, AND faculty apprised of your building’s happenings is no small task.  Streamline your communication methods into one regular, consolidated school newsletter that has something for everyone.  Depending on the size of your district, include a note from the desk of key personnel -principal, vice-principal, superintendent – select one or two individuals who have something meaningful to contribute.  The school’s Parent/Teacher Organization could have its own section, and updates from in-season athletic teams, school clubs, music, drama, student council, and other student-run organizations should each be awarded real estate. Include an events calendar that covers the time period before the next issue – athletic events, programs, concerts, school breaks – and throw in a lunch menu for moms and dads busily prepping cold lunch for those tuna surprise days.  MyCreativeShop makes it a breeze to produce a consistently-branded newsletter that promotes community trust and confidence – you’ll ace the test in no time!

Christmas Newsletters

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”  The Christmas season is the perfect time to send out a year-in-review newsletter to your clients and employees.  Share the year’s happenings and projections for the New Year.  Analyze market trends and sales data, and give insight into new technology and products.  Highlight major successes and spotlight key employee contributions.  Include photos of employee and customer appreciation events and craft a heartfelt “thank you” to each group of stakeholders. Put together a Q&A section where you answer specific or common client inquiries – turn yourself into a regular Dear Abby or the crew of Ask This Old House.  Wrap the year up in a big bow by sneaking in a favorite holiday recipe – our online editor makes the process easier than delivering 7 billion presents and circling the globe in one night!

Business Newsletters

When running a business, cultivating customer loyalty is a top priority. Build your customer’s trust and pique their interest by taking the time to customize a regular newsletter that gives them insight into your world.  Begin by composing an article relevant to your industry or specific to your company - explore market trends and innovations that affect you and you customers. Feature a new product or service review, depending on your business’s focus. An “ask the expert” section, where you answer client questions, is a smart way to encourage customer interaction.  Depending on the tone you want to set, include a light-hearted story or personal anecdote.  “Did you know?” facts can provide great talking points for customers when recommending your business to friends and family, and client testimonials can’t hurt either. Newsletters are also an ideal vehicle for sending out coupons and promoting new product or service releases.  Our online editor makes the design process a no-brainer, and a consistent template and branding across each issue promotes customer confidence.  MyCreativeShop can even handle the printing for you – start now!

Church Newsletters

Your church congregation is more like a family – different personalities and giftings gathered around a common purpose.  Strengthen that bond by customizing a church newsletter that draws your church body together and encourages those who need it.  Begin each issue with a message from your senior pastor. Each ministry leader should contribute an update – youth pastor, children’s ministry, worship team, missions committee, church elder board – but keep them brief and useful or no one will read it!  Include a calendar of upcoming events and a section of opportunities to serve and get involved.  Feature a missionary of the issue – the Q&A process will be an encouragement to them, too.  With the help of MyCreativeShop’s online editor, your newsletter will be designed and printed in WAY less time than it took the Israelites to cross into the Promised Land!

Teacher Newsletters

Albert Einstein said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” Awaken the joy in creative expression in YOURSELF by designing and customizing a class newsletter that shares your love for your students and keeps their parents in the loop.  Choose to send a daily, weekly, or monthly newsletter – whatever frequency suits your class.  Begin with an update of what your students have been learning lately.  Include photos of field trips, class projects, and special events.  Feature a student of the issue and a calendar of upcoming school happenings and dates to remember. MyCreativeShop’s online design editor allows your imagination to take flight – and keeps your students inspired!

Daycare Newsletters

When you’re entrusted with the daily lives and safety of other people’s children, you become a member of their family.  Keep your “family” connected by putting together a regular daycare newsletter that reflects your fun personality and love for the children in your care.  Begin with a light-hearted update from you on what you and the kiddos (and your staff) have been up to since the last issue.  Include photos of field trips, art projects, outdoor adventures, and daily play.  Depending on the distribution frequency you choose, include a weekly (or monthly) calendar of events, lunch menus, and dates to remember. Feature a “Kid of the Issue” with a special photo and an always entertaining “All About Me” fill-in-the-blank.  Include a section of important reminders and news (food allergies to be aware of, the need for winter weather gear, and any other important details).  MyCreativeShop’s online editor will have you completing your newsletter easy-peasy lemon-squeezy so that you can get back to sitting criss-cross applesauce for storytime!

Fitness Newsletters

You may be a personal trainer, gym owner, high school/college coach, competitive bodybuilder, or even a Beachbody® coach/devotee. Share your enthusiasm for and knowledge of fitness with friends, family, student-athletes, colleagues, and community members by composing a regular newsletter that encourages others that they can get and stay fit and healthy.  Include an inspiring personal anecdote in every issue, along with success stories from your sphere of influence.  Offer and promote challenge groups to build community and hold one another accountable to the goals they’ve set. Feature a product or workout of the week/month/quarter, including where to buy (or how to join/try).  Finish with a calendar of local fitness events that you will be hosting or attending. MyCreativeShop’s online editor will have your newsletter whipped into shape with no trouble at all – now drop and give me 20!

Missionary Newsletters

As a missionary, whether you’re out on the mission field or still in the fundraising phase, a regular newsletter is VITAL to connecting with and building your support base back home.  With our online editor, you can completely customize your newsletter template to fit your personality, style, and the kind of missions work you’ll be doing.  Each issue should include an update on your work in-country (or an update on your support-raising), a few personal observations/anecdotes (such as stories of God working in the lives you are connected with), a set of prayer points/requests, and always a big THANK YOU to those who support you financially and/or in prayer.  Upload current photos (and caption them) and include mailing and email addresses so that your supporters can reach out to you with encouragement, needed items, or additional monetary gifts.  Keeping connected to your sending churches and individual sponsors is a necessary and mutually beneficial endeavor – get started today!

Apartment Newsletters

Apartment living can be isolating.  Whether you’re a building manager or just a tenant hoping to create community, design a regular apartment newsletter that gets everyone together on the same page.  Share news about the complex itself, like updates on utilities, ongoing building projects, and snow removal info (for those who reside in the frozen tundra).  Promote networking events, like a building-wide barbecue or block party.  Feature a different “Resident of the Issue” with each edition and have them fill out a basic getting-to-know-you questionnaire to share their story with the other tenants.  Highlight available units in the building – seek to build a sense of belonging, even amongst those for whom this is a temporary home.  With the help of MyCreativeShop’s online editor, it’ll be a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Real Estate Newsletters

As a real estate agent, your best path to new and repeat clients is word-of-mouth advertising.  When a homebuyer or seller has a great experience with their Realtor®, they tell their friends about it. Their friends remember that recommendation when they’re ready to play the market, and so on.  A great way to keep your name and face in the front of your clients’ minds is to produce a regular (quarterly, monthly) newsletter that connects you with future buyers and sellers.  Each issue should feature a note from you on current market trends.  Share tips for buying and selling, including keys to home staging.  Highlight recent sales and include a featured current listing.  MyCreativeShop’s online design editor ensures that your regular newsletter will be consistently branded and professional.  Best of all, it’s DIY!