Nail Salon Flyers

Attract new clients to your nail salon’s chairs with a beautifully designed, totally personalized salon flyer that makes it impossible to resist booking a relaxing mani/pedi. With our online editor, you have complete control – upload fab photos of your handiwork and include a list of your most popular services and package options.  Highlight the products you use, along with the ones you offer for retail purchase (if they differ).  Identify the amenities that make your salon stand out from all the rest (food or beverage offerings, hard-to-find polish colors, unique nail decorations).  Once you’ve completed your project, use your perfect manicure to hand out your flyers everywhere you go!

Nail Salon Posters

Life is busy. Too busy.  We all need a moment (or two) to relax and decompress, but we don’t always have hours to spare.  A visit to your nail salon for a soothing pedicure, invigorating manicure, or revitalizing hand massage fits the bill perfectly.  Draw stressed-out shoppers into your little boutique with a compelling, custom-designed nail salon poster that promises an escape from the chaos of the daily (weekly) grind.  Highlight your most popular offerings, and include a list of specials and amenities, such as Wine and Wax Bath Wednesdays or Manis and Mimosas Mondays.  Our online editor enables you to customize your poster as much or as little as you like.  Take it for a spin and get back to your day job – helping others escape from theirs!

Nail Salon Price Lists

Your nail salon’s services are worth every penny – ensure that your clients are on the same page by personalizing a professionally-designed price list poster, flyer, or brochure that not only conveys the cost of each manicure, pedicure, and set of acrylics, but also gives an informative description of what they can expect for the price. If you have professional photos of your staff at work, use our online editor to upload them – otherwise, select from our extensive library of stock images to add some pizzazz and context to your layout.  Dip into your well of creativity to truly make your project your own – your customers (and your staff) will be grateful!

Nail Salon Brochures

Show off what sets your nail salon apart from all the rest.  As the world’s greatest [fictitious] hand model, J.P. Prewitt (aka David Duchovny), said in Zoolander, “We think differently than the face and body boys… we’re a different breed.”  Customize a nail salon brochure that highlights the unique skills and offerings of you and your talented group of fellow nail techs. Upload photos of your staff in action or select from our wide variety of available stock images.  With our online editor and array of professionally-designed templates, your brochure will be designed and ready to print quickly – you’ll be back to prepping hands and feet worthy of hyperbaric chamber preservation before the polish can dry!

Nail Salon Advertising Specials

Are you offering a slate of seasonal nail-care promotions?  Make sure they aren’t overlooked by current and potential salon clients – completely customize a set of marketing materials (posters, flyers, even yard signs) that get the word out to the entire community. Utilize bright, eye-catching colors and your own professional photos, or select an image from our library of stock photos. Highlight the great deals you’re offering (BOGO deals for a group of thrifty girlfriends to use for a moms’ day out, holiday-themed gel nails, or even Saturday morning mimosas and pedicures) and include all your contact information.  Don’t let anyone miss out on a chance to be pampered – use our online editor to produce an array of advertising materials that blow the competition out of the water (or foot-soaking tub)!

Nail Salon Menus

Simplify the mental effort required of your nail salon guests when they arrive for a relaxing escape by providing them with an easy-to-navigate, completely customized nail salon menu. MyCreativeShop offers a variety of available menu templates crafted by graphic design professionals, so you don’t need to have any prior design experience.  Use our online editor to upload photos, switch up the layout, and even put together a color scheme that reflects your most-asked-for polish options (maybe the gray-green of Chanel’s “Black Pearl” or the deep purple of RGB’s “Plum”).  Describe each of your services clearly, including service length and cost, so that your clients can make a stress-free choice.  When it’s time to print, print it yourself or entrust the job to us – we’ll deliver a premium print job right to your door.