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Band Marketing

Band Flyers

If your band just booked an awesome gig at your region’s version of the Viper Room or House of Blues or is a regular fixture onstage at the local watering hole, your fan base and ticket sales will see a big boost when you put custom-designed band flyers in the hands of your most die-hard followers. You know the ones – they’re front row (or backstage) at every concert, they sing along and know every lyric, and their cell phone “lighters” never go dim. MyCreativeShop’s professional graphic designers have created a full set-list of electrifying band flyer templates that are just waiting to be cranked up to an 11. Use our online editor to ensure it’s in tune, then print and share!

Band Posters

Draw an adoring crowd to your band’s next opening or headlining show with custom-designed posters worthy of being hung on bedroom walls and music store windows alike. Whether you already have a devoted following or are just starting out, keeping your promotional materials consistent across all forms is a key piece of the PR equation. With the help of our online editor and professionally-designed band poster templates, you will be able to ensure that your next poster not only communicates the key details of your next gig but also reflects your band’s onstage personality and style. Upload photos from your latest album or a great shot from your last show, keep the color scheme and fonts in line with your existing materials, and carry everything through into future signs, banners, tickets, and more. Our editor makes the process as easy as “Do-Re-Mi” – we can even handle the printing!

Country Band Flyers

Does your band sing about pickup trucks, dusty dirt roads, and broken hearts? Grow your country music fan base (along with ticket and merchandise sales!) by designing and distributing a flyer that really introduces your band’s story and leaves readers wanting to learn and hear more. If you’re going to be on the road, include tour dates and meet & greet opportunities. Don’t forget to share your website address, booking information, and social media contacts. Bring your flyers to your gigs at the local honky-tonk, post it on your Facebook page, and send it out to the Twitterverse. You’ll be onstage at the Grand Ole Opry in no time!

Rock Band Flyers

The Beatles, the Stones, and the Bangles all had to start somewhere. Make a name for your rock band by creating a flyer that reflects your style and musical tastes – no one is more qualified to speak (or sing) for you! Your flyer should have your personality and communicate your sound with words and graphics. Include glowing reviews from critics, popular song titles, contact information, and dates of upcoming shows. Let the wonders of a printed flyer do the legwork for you – share the flyer with your fan base and watch word of mouth explode. Get to work and start dreaming of Cleveland today!

Band Signs

You don’t have to have already hit it big in order to have a well-managed PR campaign. In fact, MyCreativeShop makes it easy for you to handle all of your band’s promotional needs on your own with the help of professionally-designed templates and an online editor that’s as easy as A, B, C and 1, 2, 3 (as Michael and the rest of the Jackson 5 would say). Start with a poster, banner, or yard sign – our designers are always working hard to generate even more band sign templates for you to customize. Upload photos and graphics, implement a custom color scheme and your chosen font to keep your branding consistent, and get your name out there in a big way!

Band Concert Flyers

Regardless of whether your band needs to fill a stadium or a small auditorium, organic, grassroots marketing is one of the most effective methods of concert promotion. A great concert flyer will be shared among your fan club members (even if they’re just your family!), exchanged between friends, and re-tweeted and shared on social media. Ensure it packs a punch by including brilliant graphics, a professional photo of you and your bandmates, and all the concert details. If you play your cards (or notes!) right, it may even become a collectible – turn your flyer up to eleven now!

Upcoming Shows Flyers

Promoting your upcoming show is crucial, whether you’re signed up for a slot at open mic night or fortunate enough to have landed a full setlist at the Viper Room. A trendy, brilliantly-designed flyer can draw a crowd. Show dates and times are must-haves, as are any cover charges. Upload your band’s photo along with the venue’s logo, and you’ll be all set. Post your flyer at local haunts favored by your fan base, and share it on your Facebook page and with your Twitter followers. While you’re at it, create another flyer for your next gig!

Tour Dates Flyers

Does your band have groupies? Or maybe “Band-Aids” à la Cameron Crowe? They don’t wanna miss a thing, so create the kind of tour date flyer that they won’t let go of. Dates, times, and venues are the obvious inclusions, but don’t forget to also add any opportunity for your fans to meet YOU, as well as ticket vendors and pricing. Add in a photo that makes your band look its very best, and your fans will be sharing it with everyone they know (and even some they don’t!). Our templates make it super easy to make it your own - Start the bus!

Band Stickers

Make it easy for your groupies to say, “I’m with the band” by generously distributing custom-made stickers that turn your “band-aids” (thank you, Cameron Crowe!) and their accessories into walking billboards. Affixing their favorite musical group’s fantastically-designed sticker to their guitar case, phone cover, or even their car (for those who like to live dangerously­čśŐ) tells the world around them that they think your band is the bee’s knees. Our professional designers (aka your next big fans) know how important it is to give a consistent public image when promoting your musical act, so they are always hard at work to create new and exciting band sticker templates for you to customize. Use our online editor to make your chosen design sing, then hit print. Hand them out freely at your next soundcheck or meet-and-greet and watch your name spread like wildfire (or at least wild stickers, you shouldn’t play with fire)!

Concert Marketing

Concert Tickets

Everyone remembers their first live concert – who they saw, how they felt, who they were with.  Give them something tangible that they can hold on to for years to come by designing a concert ticket that is born to run (like the Boss) away from the sticky venue floor and the approaching clean-up crew.  Draw on your own wealth of concert experience to put together a memorable music concert ticket that tells them what they need to know (who, when, where, and how much) while also cementing a life-long memory and acquiring a place in their keepsake collection.  MyCreativeShop’s easy-to-use online editor makes the design process a snap – no experience required. Strike up the band and get started on yours today!

Concert Flyers

No musical act wants to play to an empty (or nearly empty) house – spread the word about your upcoming battle of the bands or summer rock festival with an easily distributed (and quickly duplicated) custom-designed concert flyer that can make the rounds through your local music community. Choose one of our professionally-crafted concert flyer templates, then use our online design editor to make it your own with photos, logos, graphics, and colors. The finished PDF is yours to print whenever you need it, making it easy to follow your first set of welcoming flyers with a much-anticipated encore!

Concert Posters

It doesn’t matter if your next musical event is a stadium full of Paul McCartney fans with Beatlemania or an unplugged, low-key gathering featuring the hometown boys (or girls) and their dedicated following, a well-made concert poster is a key piece of the promotional landscape. Put your creativity to work by using our online design editor to customize one of our professionally-designed concert poster templates. Upload artist photos and graphics, include key ticket and venue details, and put together the perfect color scheme. When you’re satisfied with the finished product, get them printed and start hanging them up like a band on the run!

Concert Signs

Encourage everyone in your neighborhood, town, or city to come out to your next night of music in the park or featured big-name act at the bandstand with a Hallelujah chorus of completely customized concert posters, banners, and yard signs that lead the way. The MyCreativeShop design team has been hard at work composing a variety of harmonious concert sign templates that will be a perfect fit for your gig. Step up to the mike with our online design editor and put your own spin on them. We can print your final product, or you can go your own way, like Stevie Nicks – just watch out for that landslide, it’s a doozy!

Concert Brochures

Go deep with artist bios for your next headliner or simply lay out the schedule for your weekend-long music festival by handing out customized concert brochures that do more than the album liner notes ever could. No one knows your event or your audience better than you do, so it only makes sense that you spearhead the design process. We’ve already given you a head start by designing a full symphony of concert brochure templates that you can tune until they are perfectly pitched to your concert’s unique flair. We can even handle the printing. Don’t (oh, no no) hesitate, because baby we love your way!