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Give your concert, art show, or other event a professional edge by customizing your own admissions tickets using our music and arts ticket templates. Wow ticket recipients with an upscale design you customize yourself using our online editor, which allows you to quickly and easily add your own photos, graphics, text, and other elements to make your tickets as unique as your event. Zero in on your design, and then print it from anywhere or allow us to print your tickets using premium inks and top-quality paper.
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DJ Event Ticket Template f83qejb8h9 Image
Special DJ Event Ticket Template Image
Bent Up Music Concert Ticket Template 2 Image
Into Glass Dance Show Ticket Template 2 Image
Painted Theater Show Ticket Template 2 Image
Glass Paint Music Festival Ticket Template 2 Image
Live Music Concert Ticket Template 2 Image
Tonic Bliss Music Concert Ticket Template 2 Image
New Blank Ticket
2.75" x 8.5" (Horizontal)
Main DJ Event   f83qejb8h9 Image
DJ Event Ticket Template f83qejb8h9
2.75" x 8.5" Ticket
Main Special DJ Event   Image
Special DJ Event Ticket Template
2.75" x 8.5" Ticket
Main Bent Up Music Concert   2 Image
Bent Up Music Concert Ticket Template 2
2.75" x 8.5" Ticket
Main Into Glass Dance Show   2 Image
Into Glass Dance Show Ticket Template 2
2.75" x 8.5" Ticket
Main Painted Theater Show   2 Image
Painted Theater Show Ticket Template 2
2.75" x 8.5" Ticket
Main Glass Paint Music Festival   2 Image
Glass Paint Music Festival Ticket Template 2
2.75" x 8.5" Ticket
Main Tonic Bliss Music Concert   2 Image
Tonic Bliss Music Concert Ticket Template 2
2.75" x 8.5" Ticket
Main Blues Cruise   2 Image
Blues Cruise Ticket Template 2
2.75" x 8.5" Ticket

Tips to get you started on designing, printing & promoting your Music & Arts Tickets

When designing a music & arts ticket, it's important to include essential elements that effectively communicate the event details and create a visually appealing ticket. As a professional in design, print, and marketing for the music & arts industry, I understand the importance of creating an engaging ticket that captures the attention of potential attendees. Here are some essential elements to include on a music & arts ticket:

  • Event Name: Clearly display the name of the event at the top of the ticket. This helps attendees quickly identify the event they are attending.
  • Date and Time: Include the date and time of the event prominently on the ticket to ensure attendees know when it takes place.
  • Venue Information: Provide the name and address of the venue where the event is being held. This helps attendees plan their travel and locate the venue easily.
  • Artists or Performers: If the event features specific artists or performers, make sure to include their names on the ticket. This can generate excitement and anticipation among attendees.
  • Event Description: A brief description or tagline about the event can help create interest and give attendees an idea of what to expect.
  • Ticket Price and Options: Clearly state the cost of the ticket and any different ticket options available, such as VIP or general admission. This allows attendees to make an informed decision when purchasing.
  • Contact Information: Include the contact information of the event organizer or box office in case attendees have any questions or need assistance.
  • Logo or Branding: Incorporate the logo or branding of the event or organizer on the ticket. This helps reinforce the event's identity and creates a more professional look.
  • QR Code or Barcode: Consider including a QR code or barcode on the ticket for easy scanning and ticket validation at the event.
  • Additional Information: If there are any special instructions or policies for the event, such as age restrictions or dress code, include them on the ticket.

By including these essential elements on your music & arts ticket, you can create a visually appealing and informative ticket that effectively communicates the event details and captures the attention of potential attendees.

When it comes to dance performances, one important aspect is ticketing. Not only does it serve as an entry pass for attendees, but it also sets the tone for the event and can even become a keepsake for those who attend. To make your dance performances stand out, here are some unique ticketing ideas:

  1. Themed Tickets: Create tickets that align with the theme of your dance performance. For example, if it's a ballet performance, design tickets in the shape of ballet slippers or tutus. This attention to detail will show your commitment to the art form and excite your audience from the moment they receive their tickets.
  2. Interactive Tickets: Turn your tickets into a fun interactive experience. Include a QR code or a hidden message on the ticket that attendees can scan or decipher for a special surprise, such as a behind-the-scenes video or a sneak peek of the choreography. This adds an element of excitement and anticipation for the performance.
  3. Collaborative Artwork: Engage local artists and collaborate with them to create unique and eye-catching ticket designs. This not only supports the local arts community but also adds a touch of creativity and exclusivity to your dance performances. Attendees will appreciate the effort put into the ticket design.
  4. Personalized Tickets: Offer personalized tickets that allow attendees to customize their tickets with their name or a special message. This adds a personal touch and makes the ticket a cherished keepsake. Attendees can even frame the personalized ticket as a memento of their experience.
  5. Package Deals: Instead of traditional tickets, consider offering package deals that include perks such as VIP seating, backstage tours, or meet-and-greet opportunities with the dancers. This not only adds value to the ticket but also creates a memorable experience for attendees.
  6. Unique Ticket Materials: Experiment with different ticket materials such as holographic paper, metallic finishes, or textured surfaces. These unique materials will not only catch the eye but also create a tactile experience for attendees when they receive their tickets.

Remember, your dance performances deserve ticketing that reflects the creativity and beauty of the art form. By incorporating these unique ticketing ideas, you can enhance the overall experience for your audience and make your dance performances truly memorable.

Creating a sense of exclusivity with VIP tickets for music & arts events is a great way to enhance the overall experience for your attendees. By offering VIP tickets, you can provide special perks and privileges that make your guests feel like they are part of an exclusive club. Here are some ideas to help you create that sense of exclusivity:

  1. Special Access: Give VIP ticket holders access to exclusive areas or activities that regular ticket holders don't have. This could be a VIP lounge, a backstage meet and greet with the performers, or early entry to the event.
  2. Exclusive Merchandise: Offer VIP ticket holders limited edition merchandise that is not available to the general public. This could be a special t-shirt, poster, or souvenir that they can take home as a memento of their VIP experience.
  3. Personalized Service: Provide VIP ticket holders with a dedicated concierge or event staff member who can assist them with any needs or requests they may have. This personalized service will make them feel valued and taken care of throughout the event.
  4. Premium Seating: Reserve the best seats in the house for VIP ticket holders. This could be a prime spot in the front row or a private viewing area with a great view of the stage. Make sure to clearly mark these areas and communicate the benefits to your VIP guests.
  5. Exclusive Amenities: Offer VIP ticket holders access to special amenities such as complimentary food and drinks, private restrooms, or a dedicated bar area. These additional perks will enhance their overall event experience and make them feel like a valued guest.
  6. Unique Experiences: Create unique and memorable experiences that are only available to VIP ticket holders. This could be a backstage tour, a Q&A session with the performers, or a special performance or exhibition that is exclusive to the VIP area.

By implementing these ideas, you can create a sense of exclusivity with VIP tickets that will elevate the overall experience for your music & arts event attendees. Remember to clearly communicate the benefits and perks of VIP tickets to entice your audience and make them feel like they are part of something special. Happy event planning!

Designing tickets for different music genres, such as country or rock, requires understanding the essence of each genre and incorporating it into the design. Here are some tips to create tickets that resonate with fans of different music genres:

  1. Research the genre: Before starting the design process, immerse yourself in the specific genre you're designing for. Understand the visual and aesthetic elements that represent the genre, such as iconic symbols, color schemes, and typography styles. For example, country music is often associated with rustic elements like cowboy hats, boots, and western-themed graphics, while rock music embraces bold and edgy visual elements.
  2. Choose appropriate imagery: Select images and graphics that align with the genre you're designing for. For country music, you can incorporate images of rolling fields, barns, or cowboy hats. For rock music, consider using gritty textures, electric guitars, or stage lights. The imagery should instantly convey the genre and evoke the emotions associated with it.
  3. Play with typography: Typography plays a significant role in ticket design. Experiment with different fonts and styles to match the tone of the music genre. For country music, opt for more traditional and playful fonts that resemble hand-lettering. In contrast, for rock music, consider using bold and grungy fonts that exude energy and rebellion. Ensure that the font you choose is legible and complements the overall design.
  4. Color scheme: Color can evoke emotions and set the mood for the event. Use a color palette that reflects the genre. For country music, earthy tones like browns, greens, and yellows can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. In contrast, rock music can be associated with darker shades like black, red, and metallic tones to convey a sense of intensity and rebellion. Maintain a good balance between the colors to ensure readability and visual appeal.
  5. Convey the event details: While designing, ensure that the crucial event details are prominently displayed on the ticket. Include the event name, date, time, venue, and any additional information that attendees would need to know. Consider using a clear and legible font size for the text to ensure readability.
  6. Add relevant graphics: Enhance the ticket design by incorporating relevant graphics that relate to the specific event or music genre. For example, a country music ticket may feature a guitar or a silhouette of a cowboy on a horse, while a rock music ticket could have elements like electric guitars, drum kits, or crowd silhouettes.
  7. Maintain consistency: It's essential to maintain a consistent design throughout all the elements of the ticket, including the front and back, if applicable. Use the same color scheme, fonts, and imagery to create a cohesive and visually appealing ticket.

Remember, when designing tickets for different music genres, immerse yourself in the specific genre, choose appropriate imagery, play with typography, select a color scheme that reflects the genre, convey the event details clearly, add relevant graphics, and maintain consistency throughout the design. By following these tips, you can create visually captivating tickets that resonate with fans of different music genres.

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