Switch your letterhead style from casual to business

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Something as simple as a letterhead may seem trivial, but a letterhead is important to the integrity of a brand – it represents your company. You want it to look professional, imparting a sense of credibility and competency to document recipients. You’ve worked hard to put your company in the spotlight. Get the letterhead your company deserves with our easy to design and print-ready letterhead templates.

When to Use a Letterhead?

(Is a Letterhead Right for You?)


Contrary to popular belief, company letterheads should not only be used by large corporations, but also by small businesses. Your letterhead serves as a direct client-facing representation of your brand, so it’s important that you make yourself look professional, approachable and legitimate. Any outgoing client document could benefit from a classy letterhead. And in some instances, it’s smart to customize/personalize your letterhead depending on who you’re sending documents to. That extra effort can go far. And printing your letterhead on some nice cardstock paper can take it even farther.

But if you’re looking for some specific letterhead use these 4 ideas, here are several (out of many) instances to consider when/where using letterhead.

4 Popular Letterhead Ideas

Enlarge your appearance

Not only does a nice letterhead make your business look professional, but it can help make your business appear larger than it is. This could make it easier to land big contracts.

Maximize marketing

Marketing dollars can be hard to come by, so anytime you have a chance to publicize your brand/logo, you should.

Introduce yourself

Press releases are a time-tested way to introduce something about your brand to the business world. Make sure it’s a good first impression.

Personalize it

Use your letterhead as a chance to connect to your audience. A small personalized message can make the difference between getting or missing a deal.

Why Make a Letterhead with Us?

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