Hair Salon Flyers

As a hair care professional, you have an eye for great style. Put that experienced eye to good use AND grow your salon’s profits by customizing any number of our professionally-designed hair salon flyer templates.  Depending on the final look you’re going for, you can use our online editor to trim a few stray hairs and touch up the roots or you can do a complete Ambush Makeover-style overhaul.  We’ve got templates to fit every need.  Give your current and prospective clients an in-depth look into your skills and offerings when you produce an “About Us” or “Services” flyer, encourage repeat customers and referrals with flyers promoting your customer loyalty program or upcoming sales, or bring everyone together with a fab flyer inviting clients and their friends to attend an exclusive special event.  With the ease of using our online editor, your flyer’s potential (and topic) is limited only by your imagination – let it run away with you!

Hair Salon Posters

Turn the tables on your salon’s clients – instead of just sending them out the door to catch someone’s eye with their fab new look, catch THEIR eye with an irresistible, completely customized hair salon poster.  Our team of skilled design pros have created numerous templates for you to choose from.  Pick your fave, then head on over to our online editor while your client’s color develops.  Switch up the layout, color scheme, and even the font as you write your own content and upload professional photos of your work. We have templates to fit every need and style – promote a great sale or invite clients and their friends to join you at a special event celebration.  Highlight your most popular services, convey your price list, and so much more.  Don’t forget to connect with the girls at your local high school by putting up a sparkly prom night special poster.  Your only constraint is your imagination – let it run wild!

Hair Salon Price List

Don’t sell yourself short; your hair salon’s services are worth every penny. Ensure that there are no surprises at the cash register by customizing a well-coiffed price list brochure, flyer, or poster that shares your pricing structure clearly while also doubling as a list of services offered. MyCreativeShop’s team of designers has created a host of templates that are perfect for your needs.  Better yet, once you find the one for you, our online editor makes the customization process a snap. We can even handle the printing for you. Don’t be afraid to be up front with your clients (they come to you for a reason)- as the good folks at L’Oreal always say, “Because you’re worth it!”

Hair Salon Brochures

Whether you’ve already worked hard to establish your hair salon and build your client list or are just getting started, communicating with your new and existing clients is essential.  Personalize a professionally-designed hair salon brochure that speaks for you.  MyCreativeShop has an abundant array of customizable brochure templates designed to fit your needs.  Using our online editor, you can create everything from a detailed menu of your salon’s services, a comprehensive pricing list, and even a brochure filled with your expert hair care tips (caring for your perm, maintaining your color, recommended products by hair type).  An informed and satisfied clientele is your best group of grassroots marketers, so pick your fave template and get started!

Hair Salon Business Cards

Great hair gets noticed.  Better yet, great hair gets asked about.  Ensure that your salon’s best clients are properly equipped to share your information with admirers of their new coif by giving them business cards they can share.  We have a healthy variety of templates for you to choose from – find the look you want, then touch it up to make it your own by using our online editor. If you want, we’ll even print them for you. Set up a welcoming display at your reception desk and ensure that each stylist has a stack at their chair to hand out.  Get started now so that you’ll “Be Prepared” for every opportunity to connect with a new client!

Hair Salon Signs

Hair grows quickly - don’t miss your chance to acquire a brand-new client by remaining in the shadows at that pivotal moment when their hair “just isn’t working” for them anymore.  Take the opportunity to craft a fab set of hair salon signs that let everyone know where to go when they’re just DONE with their current hair salon.  MyCreativeShop has a variety of customizable hair salon signs for you to choose from – pick the one you love, then use our online editor to make it truly yours.  We’ll even print them for you.  Don’t let those in a hair crisis pass you by - you can be their hero, baby!