A Simple Way To Design Funeral Programs

No Graphic Design Experience Necessary.

Funeral Programs

When processing the death of a loved one, the last thing family members should be bombarded with is the pressure to put together the perfect funeral program to commemorate a life well-lived from scratch. Assist your funeral home’s clients by making that process quick and simple, but still extremely meaningful. MyCreativeShop’s design team cares about your clients and their loss, so we’ve put together a library of heartfelt funeral programs for you to customize with the details that make up a life and a legacy. Our online design editor enables you to make changes to better fit the needs of the family, upload a photo of the one being honored, and lay out the order for the service. We can even print and deliver the programs for you, so that you can spend more time with the family.

Memorial Service Funeral Programs

Having to plan a memorial service while under the shadow of grief is no small task. Extend a hand into the fog and design an easily customizable memorial service program that will honor their loved one and get at least one item off of their overwhelming to-do list.  Help them choose a photo of the one who’s passed on and allow them to write a personal tribute if they are up to it.  Include the obituary, and lay out the order of service that they worked out with their minister.  Burial details and a thank you from the family are an appropriate way to end the program.  Our online editor takes the guesswork out of the design and printing process so that you can focus on the family.

Celebration Of Life Funeral Programs

The end of life on earth is not always a sad and somber occasion – for some, it is cause for hope and joyful celebration!  Design a celebration of life funeral program that honors the grief of those left behind and encourages the expectation they have for a heavenly reunion.  Upload a happy cover photo of the one who has passed on, and follow with a description of their life’s highlights, milestones, sorrows, joys, and humorous or touching stories. An order of service, with officiant, pallbearers, special speakers, readings, songs, and interment details should also be included.  The family could also write a special message about why they (or their loved one) chose to remember (or be remembered) with a Celebration of Life.  MyCreativeShop’s online editor is ready to help you design and print now!

Obituary Funeral Programs

How does one go about putting the dash on a headstone into words?  The act of writing an obituary can run the gamut from cathartic to burdensome – walk through it with your clients by custom-designing a funeral program that gives credence to the words you help them craft to describe the life of their loved one.  Streamline the process by starting with a favorite photo of the one who is being honored. In amongst the details of life’s milestones, draw out the anecdotal stories that best convey who they were to those around them and how they will truly be remembered.  Utilize our online editor to encourage them along the way.

Catholic Funeral Programs

The loss of a loved one is never easy.  Having to plan a funeral in the midst of overwhelming grief can seem like cruel and unusual punishment.  For those in the Catholic faith, the sequence of funeral rites is already structured – simplify the planning process by designing and customizing a Catholic funeral program that honors the life of the one who has passed on.  Begin with a photo of the deceased, followed by the details of the vigil service or wake – include the obituary and/or a tribute from a family member or friend. Detail the order of the funeral liturgy and end with the rite of committal, including interment location.  The ease of using our online editor makes at least one aspect of the funeral planning process a bit less painful – begin the journey today.

Order Of Service Funeral Programs

As someone who works closely with grieving families, you know better than most the overwhelming number of mundane but necessary decisions that go into planning a funeral.  Ease the burden ever so slightly by designing an appropriate and respectful order of service funeral program that can be easily customized to fit each family’s needs.  Begin with a photo of the loved one who has passed on and include a special tribute from a family member or friend.  Follow with the actual order of service, including officiant, casket bearers, speakers, and interment details. End with a reprinting of the well-crafted obituary.  We can’t bring people back to life, but our online editor will make the little details surrounding a death a bit less burdensome.

Funeral Flyers

The loss of a loved one is never easy. As a professional in the death care industry, you carry a heavy burden into each interaction with the family left behind. Having a go-to catalog of customizable funeral flyers on hand can help you to ease a small portion of the flood of details and decisions placed upon the family. MyCreativeShop’s designers have prepared a library of funeral flyer templates that are easily personalized with the help of our online editor. You don’t need to employ a separate design professional; basic computing skills and a compassionate heart are all that’s required to turn a basic template into a meaningful and memorable one-of-a-kind funeral flyer for each and every client and grieving family. You can easily print your flyers yourself, but we’d be glad to take a load off YOUR shoulders by delivering a top-quality print job right to your funeral home!

Memorial Funeral Flyers

A memorial service for a loved one must be handled with care.  As a funeral professional, you know that better than just about anyone. Put your time-tested experience to good use by designing a memorial flyer that reflects the life and personality of the one that was lost.  Feature a family favorite photo of the deceased, and encourage a friend or family member to write a touching tribute. Include the details of the service, such as music, scripture readings, and eulogies, along with the names of those serving as pallbearers, officiants, speakers, and musicians.  Finally, share the interment location and time.  Utilize the tools offered by our online editor to create a memorable memorial flyer for every family you help!

Funeral Service Flyers

Give mourners a roadmap to follow as they remember their loved one.  Design a funeral service flyer that walks grieving friends and family through what they can expect during the service.  Begin with the perfect photo of the one who has moved on.  Lay out the planned order of service, including song selections, scripture passages, and any messages or tributes to be given.  List pallbearers, the officiant, musicians, vocalists, and any special speakers (whether they are reading or eulogizing).  Follow with interment details, and end with an impactful quote, verse, lyric or memory of the deceased. Use our online editor to create the perfect service flyer to cherish!

Obituary Flyers

Saying a final goodbye to a loved one is never easy.  Give grieving funeral-goers something tangible to hold onto by putting together a respectful obituary flyer they can take home from the service.  Begin with a favorite picture of the deceased.  Surround the photo with a well-written, heartfelt look back at their family, life, milestones, and accomplishments.  Mention treasured favorites (hobbies, special friends, pets) and include a song, verse, or quote that embodies their outlook on life.  Work with the family members to finish with a touching or funny anecdote that brings out a smile (with or without tears).  MyCreativeShop’s online editor is here to help you turn the story of a life well-lived into memories that will last a lifetime.