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As you walk with your clients through the funeral planning process, ease a small part of their burden by providing them with a loving and respectful custom-designed funeral program that shares the life, love, and laughter of their loved one. MyCreativeShop has a wide variety of customizable funeral program templates, along with the ability to create your own from scratch, and our online editor is designed to make the process as easy as possible. Your programs can be printed anywhere you like and posted on your website (or shared via email) for those who can’t attend the service in person. Your role in walking with those left behind is always significant – no task is too small!
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Blank Brochure
Main Funeral Home   pe3vbggain  Image
Funeral Home Tri-Fold Brochure Template
11" W x 8.5" H Brochure
Main Funeral Home   cm3466zf22  Image
Funeral Home Tri-Fold Brochure Template
11" W x 8.5" H Brochure
Main Home Funeral   11kxt3yr26  Image
Home Funeral Tri-Fold Brochure Template
11" W x 8.5" H Brochure
Main Funeral Home   b2ve3rmji9  Image
Funeral Home Tri-Fold Brochure Template
11" W x 8.5" H Brochure
Main Funeral Home   acqbi2g49k  Image
Funeral Home Tri-Fold Brochure Template
11" W x 8.5" H Brochure
Main Funeral Program  f2sdfhrcb3  Image
Funeral Program Tri-Fold f2sdfhrcb3 Template
11" W x 8.5" H Brochure
Main Memorial Services    Image
Memorial Services Tri-Fold Brochure Template
11" W x 8.5" H Brochure

Funeral Brochures

When a loved one passes away, there are so many things for you to deal with—from the mundane tasks of settling their personal affairs to the challenging experience of processing your own feelings of grief and loss. Planning a thoughtful funeral, memorial service, or celebration of life adds another layer of stress on top of everything else you’re already going through.

During this very difficult time, MyCreativeShop is here to provide a small but practical sense of relief. Through our simple online editor, we make it easy to design and print your own funeral programs, which can be perfectly customized to honor the unique spirit and personality of your recently lost loved one.

In our easy-to-use online editor, you won’t need any graphic design skills or special computer savvy to design a meaningful funeral pamphlet. Simply choose a funeral program template, take a few minutes to personalize it (or a few hours—totally up to you!), and then order professional prints shipped anywhere: your home, church, or funeral home.

Our funeral programs are very affordable and quickly shipped with guaranteed delivery dates, so you won’t have to spend unnecessary time, money, or energy on this important aspect of the memorial service. Let us handle the printing and delivery while you attend to more important things.

Customizable Templates to Help Honor Your Loved One

In this time of remembrance, you should be able to celebrate your loved one in a way that’s authentic and unique to their life. A generic funeral service program won’t be able to capture their special characteristics or one-of-a-kind life story—nor will it be able to serve as a treasured keepsake for many years to come.

MyCreativeShop has an extensive selection of funeral brochure templates so that you won’t have to settle for a generic look or overly basic design. For example, you can choose a template with many images if you have lots of cherished photos to share, or you can select one that’s more text-centric if you prefer to highlight your loved one’s favorite scriptures, poems, or songs.

Each funeral program template is populated with thoughtfully set placeholders for text, images, and other design elements—but every component can be easily tweaked and tailored by you as well. Through our user-friendly editor, you can:

  • Upload your own photos and crop them
  • Fill text boxes with the schedule of service, verses, quotes, or songs
  • Add new text boxes and place them anywhere
  • Select from hundreds of beautiful fonts, from elegant to understated to joyful
  • Change background colors
  • Add new patterns or shapes

Because the design elements are so easy to change, your funeral program can be customized to your unique intention. A joyous >celebration of life program might incorporate bright colors, favorite jokes, or playful fonts, while a more traditiona memorial service program might be more somber and understated. In any case, your loved one can be remembered exactly as they’d want to be.

We also have dedicated designs for an obituary template or a funeral order of service.

Thoughtfully Sized Memorial Brochures and Pamphlets

Our funeral brochure templates come in two sizes: 8”x11” and 11”x17”. (For our international customers, our templates are sized A3 and A4.) All sizes are available as either bi-fold or tri-fold brochures:

  • Bi-fold brochures give you four pages of print space: a front cover, two interior facing pages, and a back cover.
  • Tri-fold brochures give you a more narrow front cover and back cover, with four equally sized interior panels.

Both fold options work well for a funeral or celebration of life program, giving you ample room to display touching photographs, verses, and memories, as well as the schedule of service. Our editor makes it easy to understand the page folds, and you won’t have to worry about confusing document settings like bleeds or margins. All you’ll have to do is fill the pages with meaningful content that shares the special life of the person you loved.

Order Quick, Professional, Pre-Folded Prints

After you’ve finished customizing your loved one’s memorial pamphlet, you can immediately order prints directly from our editor. Order anywhere between 50 and 50,000 brochures in a standard paper weight or a thicker premium cardstock. All brochures come conveniently pre-folded and ready for use.

For peace of mind, we offer guaranteed delivery dates with every order. As soon as you check out, you can rest easy knowing that your funeral programs will arrive in time and in excellent condition. Our prints are also very affordable, so they won’t add much to the many expenses of the funeral service.

Download, Share Online, or Easily Order More

If you’d like to share your memorial brochure with friends and family who cannot attend the service, we make it just as easy to download a web-ready version! You can post this high-quality image on your funeral home’s website, share it on social media, or send it by email. You can even use this same download feature if you’d prefer to print your funeral programs elsewhere. Click to download a print-ready PDF and take it to any local print shop.

Once your funeral pamphlet design is finished, it’ll be saved your account for easy access at any time. If you run out of brochures unexpectedly or would like to print another round to mail out as keepsakes, just log in and order more prints.

Designing your loved one’s funeral brochure is a special opportunity to honor their memory in a meaningful and deeply personal way. MyCreativeShop makes it easy and affordable, so you can quickly create your brochure and then get back to what matters most.

Try our online editor now and order your prints today.

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Tips to get you started on designing, printing & promoting your Funeral Brochures

When creating a funeral program, your first concern is always to make sure your design choices are respectful and honoring of the deceased and their loved ones. Begin by gathering the different pieces of your program, including photos, the order of service and the names of those participating (along with their relationship to the one being remembered), and a well-written and thoughtful tribute or obituary (for more, check out our answer to “How to write a funeral program?”). Then, look through our funeral program templates to find one that is fitting. Using the tools in our online editor, upload your high-quality photos and replace the sample text with your own (Name of the person being remembered, birth and death dates, order of service and participants, and tribute or obituary). Include any notes of thanks from the family or directions to a graveside service. Apply a color scheme and font that align with the desires of the family and doesn’t distract from their loss. Proofread diligently, then you’re ready to print.

Looking for more help? We also wrote about this topic more in our article 5 Thoughtful Funeral Program Ideas to Honor a Loved One

As you consider how to lay out your funeral program, you should plan to include the full name (including maiden name) of the deceased, the dates and locations of their birth and death, the funeral service and burial time, date, and place, the name of the officiant and pallbearers, the names of surviving family members, and an order of service that includes the full name of the person delivering the eulogy and gives credit (titles, artist/author, etc.) for any songs, readings, or poems being performed or delivered. As space allows, you can also include photos of the one being celebrated at different stages of their life, a thoughtfully-written biography (writing tips here), and their favorite songs, foods, books, hobbies, and any other details that made them unique. If their career was a major part of their life, you can share the dates and places of their employment, and if they loved their pets like family, consider including the names and photos of their non-human loved ones. Share any post-service reception details and words of gratitude from the family. Finally, if he or she had a life motto or verse, give it the status it deserves. The overall goal of your funeral program should be to honor the life the deceased led and to help their family remember and celebrate them, so your inclusions should line up with that.

There is no set standard or rule for the size of a funeral program. We have found that our 8.5” x 11” bi-fold funeral program templates provide ample room for sharing service details, photos, and a brief eulogy or obituary. However, if you prefer something with more folds, you can always browse our tri-fold brochure templates to find one that could be transformed into a fitting memorial for the one whose life is being celebrated. 

Writing a funeral program is a terrible privilege. You are tasked with putting into words the entire life of one person while their loved ones grieve their loss. Before beginning, take the time to get to know the deceased - who they were, how they lived, who/what they loved. Make it your ambition to create a funeral program that celebrates and memorializes them with honor. Include anecdotes that carry great meaning for those who loved them, allowing them to be remembered with joy. Use the pages of the program to share the details of the service and those participating with care, as they are the people who meant so much to the one who has passed away. Pen the words of his or her biography as though you were writing the story of someone you loved. Take great care to get each date, name, and relationship right and to ensure no one is overlooked. Many will hold on to the funeral program for years to come and be reminded of the one they cared so deeply for - your work will help them to grieve and move forward - a terrible privilege.

Once you’ve finished designing your funeral program, choose the “Print/Download” option and follow the prompts or go directly to our Brochure Printing page. Select your page size, folding style, quantity, and paper type. Enter your delivery options and submit your order. We’ll deliver your funeral programs right to your door and guarantee your satisfaction. Or, you can always download a high-quality PDF and print your programs anywhere you like!

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