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Our customer-facing editor makes the design process a hassle-free experience. Browse our inventory of yoga-specific flyer templates, pick out one that calls to you, and then add the elements of your choice. Upload photos or browse our premium stock photo gallery for images that reinforce your message, and select the fonts, colors, and other components that you like most. Add graphics, artwork, and more to fine tune your flyer’s design and hone your message to a tee. Point-and-click operation makes our editor simple to master, so you’ll feel like an old pro in no time.

What Can You Do With Your Yoga Flyers?


Well-designed yoga flyers with well-written text are an important facet of any local marketing plan. Pass flyers out to prospective clients yourself, or partner with area businesses to reach even more possible participants for your classes, workshops, and weekend yoga getaways. Pin your flyers bulletin boards in local gyms, grocery stores, community centers, and senior centers, and post them in storefronts of businesses who agree to display them for you. Get creative in the distribution process; every flyer distributed is a potential respondent to your message.

Find Marketing Zen With Custom Yoga Flyers

Custom yoga flyers should give your recipient the 411 on what you offer, why it would benefit them, and how to get in touch with you. Think about using your flyer to:

Announce a grand opening

If you’re new to the area, let everyone know about your yoga studio with an introductory flyer detailing your qualifications, classes offered, hours of operation, and other important information.

Give a tour of your studio

Let prospective students see your interior in high-res photos so they can picture themselves stretching and posing in a relaxed, tranquil space.

Stir excitement for a new class

If you’ve started offering prenatal yoga or mom-and-me yoga for moms and babies, a flyer can pique the interest of potential participants.

Show off your credentials

What training do you or your instructors have? What is your background and experience? Let them know why you’re the best with a flyer to toot your own horn.

Give a discount

Offer the first class or two for free or give a discount on a package deal with a flyer that doubles as a money-off coupon.

Why Make Yoga Flyers With Us?

You know a lot about keeping one’s downward dog on point, and we know a lot about meeting your marketing goals with customized business printables like yoga flyers. Our interface is easy and fun to use; if you can click a mouse, you can design flyers that educate your target market about what you bring to the table and how it can help them, whether you’re offering traditional yoga workshops or Ayurvedic yoga for seniors. Find out why we’re the yin to your yang by making your custom yoga flyers now!


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