Memorial Funeral Flyers

A memorial service for a loved one must be handled with care.  As a funeral professional, you know that better than just about anyone. Put your time-tested experience to good use by designing a memorial flyer that reflects the life and personality of the one that was lost.  Feature a family favorite photo of the deceased, and encourage a friend or family member to write a touching tribute. Include the details of the service, such as music, scripture readings, and eulogies, along with the names of those serving as pallbearers, officiants, speakers, and musicians.  Finally, share the interment location and time.  Utilize the tools offered by our online editor to create a memorable memorial flyer for every family you help!

Funeral Service Flyers

Give mourners a roadmap to follow as they remember their loved one.  Design a funeral service flyer that walks grieving friends and family through what they can expect during the service.  Begin with the perfect photo of the one who has moved on.  Lay out the planned order of service, including song selections, scripture passages, and any messages or tributes to be given.  List pallbearers, the officiant, musicians, vocalists, and any special speakers (whether they are reading or eulogizing).  Follow with interment details, and end with an impactful quote, verse, lyric or memory of the deceased. Use our online editor to create the perfect service flyer to cherish!

Obituary Flyers

Saying a final goodbye to a loved one is never easy.  Give grieving funeral-goers something tangible to hold onto by putting together a respectful obituary flyer they can take home from the service.  Begin with a favorite picture of the deceased.  Surround the photo with a well-written, heartfelt look back at their family, life, milestones, and accomplishments.  Mention treasured favorites (hobbies, special friends, pets) and include a song, verse, or quote that embodies their outlook on life.  Work with the family members to finish with a touching or funny anecdote that brings out a smile (with or without tears).  MyCreativeShop’s online editor is here to help you turn the story of a life well-lived into memories that will last a lifetime.