Fitness Boot Camp Flyers

An intense boot camp is just what the doctor ordered for anyone looking to get back in the habit of staying fit – launch yours with a completely customized, professionally-designed flyer that leaves them without excuse. Reach your target market by choosing the perfect theme – or offer a series of boot camps with a variety of themes and design a different flyer for each one, like Pilates for New Moms, Zumba® Crash Course, Hot Yoga for Beginners, or Cardio for Marathoners. Each boot camp flyer should feature a corresponding photo and registration info, like dates, times, location, and fees. Design your flyers to reflect the same intensity you expect of your boot campers, but with minimal effort, thanks to our super simple online editor!

Fitness Membership Detail Flyers

Strengthen your gym’s membership roster by designing and distributing a flyer filled with all the details and benefits of becoming a member. Highlight the perks they’ll receive, like 24-hour keycard access, childcare, and exclusive pool hours. If you have different levels of membership, start with a description of what the most basic level includes, and then begin each successive level by letting them know they’ll get everything the basic (or previous) level has PLUS a set of added features. Membership fees should be clearly stated, along with any additional costs (hourly childcare, birthday party access, swimming lessons). Leave a stack of flyers at your registration desk and post them at local grocery stores, libraries, and clinics.

Fitness Competition Flyers

Is your gym hosting a CrossFit®, figure, or bodybuilding competition? Increase your registrations with a custom-designed flyer that you distribute to your members and to other gyms in your area or region. Your flyer should feature a professional photo of past competitions as well as the event date(s), time, and location information. Competition categories/classes need to be clearly listed, along with how to register, registration deadlines, and entry fees. MyCreativeShop’s online editor allows you to edit every aspect of your chosen flyer template, so you can truly make it your own. Take it out for a run and see what it can do!

Fitness Club Flyers

When you run a fitness club, you know that your clientele runs the gamut from fitness buffs to reformed couch potatoes. Neither group is above the other - get them all through your doors with a custom-designed flyer that promotes everything your club stands for. Highlight the “extra” amenities you offer – sauna, hot tub, nutritionists – along with the more standard perks – free weights, fitness classes, cardio machines. Membership rates, location(s), hours of operation, and childcare availability are all definite must-haves on any flyer seeking to draw in new members to your club. Our easy-to-use online editor turns you, the fitness pro, into the design expert!

Fitness Event Flyers

Whether you run your own gym or are a freelance trainer, or maybe even a Beachbody® coach, hosting a fitness event brings everyone together in a healthy, productive way. From a Saturday morning of Yoga in the Park to a weekend 5K Fun Run, design a smart-looking flyer that invites like-minded people to join you. Host an all-day Zumba® marathon and reward the longest-lasting Salsa dancers with health-conscious gift certificates for gym memberships, training sessions, or fitness products (Shakeology®, anyone?). Include the date, time, and location for the event, along with registration information and fees. Use our online editor to get your group fitness fun on today!


Design Custom Fitness Flyers

With MyCreativeShop’s Editor

Our easy-to-use online editor makes customizing our fitness flyer templates simple and fast, so you can put a personal spin on your marketing message. The process is a snap to master, and it’s so easy that anyone who can use a keyboard and mouse can become a virtual design guru in minutes. We put a bounty of niche-specific templates at your disposal, each of them fully customizable with your selection of layouts, colors, sizes, and more. Upload images you like, or look through our stock photo gallery to find suitable images for your design. Sculpt your design with our online editor, and then print your flyers from anywhere for immediate distribution, or entrust our pro printing team to do the heavy lifting on your behalf. Either way, you win.

What Can You Do With Your Fitness Flyers?


Distribute your flyers in targeted distribution campaigns, either yourself or through a local distribution service. A study by the Direct Marketing Association found that around 45 percent of recipients hung on to flyers delivered to their doors, making this type of distribution a savvy move.* Display your flyers where people in your demographic tend to congregate – shopping malls, bulletin boards at community centers, university hangouts, and similar spots are all good options for reaching out to the would-be-fit in your community and entice them to come into your gym, attend your spin class, or hire you as a personal trainer.

Using Your Custom Fitness Flyers

You probably know what type of message you want to put out there and who you want to deliver it to using your custom fitness flyers. Some of our most successful fitness clients use their flyers to:

Augment other marketing efforts

Follow up a postcard or EDDM campaign with flyer distribution to keep your name on the lips of prospective clients. Repeatedly seeing your business’ name can go a long way toward setting you up as a local niche authority.

Promote your grand opening

If you’re the new guy in town, it can be tough to get your foot in the door. Use flyers to introduce yourself to the community and let them know what you bring to the table.

Introduce a new class

People love “the latest” everything—so if you’re offering air aerobics, aerial boxing, or some other “hot” new workout, let the masses know that they need to be involved with flyers that provide them with the 411.

Introduce a new instructor.

Just hired a strength-training behemoth or cardio savant? A new addition to your staff warrants a flyer blast to draw emphasis to the newest addition to your team.

Offer a freebie

When it comes to a gym membership or a new class, sometimes it takes a little push to get people motivated, especially when they’re laying down hard-earned cash for something they’re unsure they want to do. A free class, free personal training session, or other discounted offer may be the impetus needed to get them through your door.

Why Make Custom Fitness Flyers With Us?

If you want to expand your gym’s reach (and your reputation) in the community, marketing is key, and MyCreativeShop makes it easy to market what you have to offer affordably and easily. Making your flyers takes just minutes, and most of our users say the process is nothing short of fun. Once you’ve mastered our online editor, you can return again and again each time you have an idea for a new promotion. Drop those weights (carefully) and get started now!