Tour Dates Flyers

Does your band have groupies? Or maybe “Band-Aids” à la Cameron Crowe? They don’t wanna miss a thing, so create the kind of tour date flyer that they won’t let go of. Dates, times, and venues are the obvious inclusions, but don’t forget to also add any opportunity for your fans to meet YOU, as well as ticket vendors and pricing. Add in a photo that makes your band look its very best, and your fans will be sharing it with everyone they know (and even some they don’t!). Our templates make it super easy to make it your own - Start the bus!

Upcoming Shows Flyers

Promoting your upcoming show is crucial, whether you’re signed up for a slot at open mic night or fortunate enough to have landed a full setlist at the Viper Room. A trendy, brilliantly-designed flyer can draw a crowd. Show dates and times are must-haves, as are any cover charges. Upload your band’s photo along with the venue’s logo, and you’ll be all set. Post your flyer at local haunts favored by your fan base, and share it on your Facebook page and with your Twitter followers. While you’re at it, create another flyer for your next gig!

Band Concert Flyers

Regardless of whether your band needs to fill a stadium or a small auditorium, organic, grassroots marketing is one of the most effective methods of concert promotion. A great concert flyer will be shared among your fan club members (even if they’re just your family!), exchanged between friends, and re-tweeted and shared on social media. Ensure it packs a punch by including brilliant graphics, a professional photo of you and your bandmates, and all the concert details. If you play your cards (or notes!) right, it may even become a collectible – turn your flyer up to eleven now!

Rock Band Flyer

The Beatles, the Stones, and the Bangles all had to start somewhere. Make a name for your rock band by creating a flyer that reflects your style and musical tastes – no one is more qualified to speak (or sing) for you! Your flyer should have your personality and communicate your sound with words and graphics. Include glowing reviews from critics, popular song titles, contact information, and dates of upcoming shows. Let the wonders of a printed flyer do the legwork for you – share the flyer with your fan base and watch word of mouth explode. Get to work and start dreaming of Cleveland today!

Country Band Flyer

Does your band sing about pickup trucks, dusty dirt roads, and broken hearts? Grow your country music fan base (along with ticket and merchandise sales!) by designing and distributing a flyer that really introduces your band’s story and leaves readers wanting to learn and hear more. If you’re going to be on the road, include tour dates and meet & greet opportunities. Don’t forget to share your website address, booking information, and social media contacts. Bring your flyers to your gigs at the local honky-tonk, post it on your Facebook page, and send it out to the Twitterverse. You’ll be onstage at the Grand Ole Opry in no time!

Design Stellar Band Flyers

With MyCreativeShop’s Editor

Our easy-to-use online editor allows you to completely customize your template so it captures the spirit of your band. You can add new elements like text, images & shapes or you can change anything found in your band template. Your flyer should be a reflection of your unique style, so it only makes sense that you’re the one in control throughout the entire design process.

What Can You Do With Your Band Flyers?

Flyers are a great marketing tool for bands and musicians. Distribute flyers to local businesses to help promote your upcoming performances or demo release. Pin flyers up on community bulletin boards and telephone poles, or get permission to hang them up in store windows to advertise your upcoming events and performances. Distribute flyers around places that are popular among local youth, such as college campuses or local hangouts. Or go the digital route and blast your flyer to your online following via social media or email.

Connect With Fans Using Band Flyers

Band flyers are an effective marketing tool for reaching out to your fan base as well as the public in general. Use your band flyers to:

Announce an upcoming live performance

Post flyers on local community bulletin boards, telephone poles, or inside local music stores to let fans know of your upcoming show.

Advertise a new album

Strategically placed flyers in music stores or sent straight to fans’ mailboxes is an excellent way to get the word out about your latest album’s release. Digital flyers can also be utilized in order to reach a larger audience.

Promote a meet-and-greet or album signing event

Send out flyers or supply local businesses with a stack to let fans know of an upcoming event where they have the opportunity to meet you and get their albums or other memorabilia signed.

Introduce new band members

Sending a flyer to the members of your fan club to introduce a new band member or lineup change creates a personal touch that fans will appreciate.

Let fans know about your latest single

Flyers tacked up in music stores or other public places, as well as ones sent directly to your fan base’s mailboxes, are a great way to get the word out about your latest music. Drumming up excitement online with digital flyers can vastly impact single sales as well as radio airplay. The further your flyer reaches, the better your results will be.

Why Make Custom Band Flyers With Us?

The impression you make on your followers is important to gaining a steady fan base, and you want something that looks professional and not like an amateur made it. Our templates and online editing tool allow you to easily customize your flyers in a matter of minutes, enabling you to upload band photos, images of live performances, or your band’s logo, as well as personalizing other elements to accurately capture your band’s image.  Designing your own flyers is affordable and fun, and leaves you with a professional marketing tool even when you’re on a tight budget. Rock your custom design now!