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Yoga Marketing

Yoga Bi Fold Brochures

In our gotta-have-it-now culture there is an often-unspoken expectation that we have to keep going, going, going – until we drop or finally achieve our goal (which leads to another round of striving, and so on).  Encourage your stressed-out community members to step off the hamster wheel by handing them a peaceful, professionally-designed, completely personalized bi-fold yoga brochure that promises a respite from keeping up with the Joneses. Upload your own photos or select from our extensive online library of stock images. Begin with a basic introduction to the study of yoga (and its benefits), follow with class and personal instruction opportunities, and finish up by telling your own personal story.  MyCreativeShop’s online editor provides an easy, stress-free design experience – and keeps YOU off of that hamster wheel! Keep reading more about yoga brochures.

Yoga Retreat Flyers

Planning an intensive weekend yoga retreat? Or perhaps a more relaxing yoga getaway? Attract retreaters with a beautifully custom-designed yoga retreat flyer that beckons to them from off the page. Your students will be clamoring to sign up for your weekend offering. Use a vivid photo of the retreat setting as the background of your flyer – a forest, the ocean, a mountaintop vista – to get everyone on the same page and in the right mindset. Highlight the key details of the retreat – dates, times, location – along with a sky-view description of each session. MyCreativeShop’s online editor allows you to completely customize your flyer to draw in just the right students – get started now!

Yoga Class Detail Flyers

Whether your yoga studio is launching a brand-new barre fusion class or looking to better promote your existing hot yoga sections, an informative, beautifully-designed “class details” flyer provides the perfect canvas. A picture that encompasses the feel of the class is a necessity. Craft a well-written class description that conveys everything the session is about. Let your students know who will be teaching the class, the class schedule, and any costs they will incur. If the class is only open to students of a certain skill level, make that abundantly clear. Our online editor makes the design and printing process as simple as holding child’s pose.

Kids Yoga Flyers

Getting kids to relax and be calm is one of parenting’s never-ending battles. Give moms and dads a helping hand by offering a section of kids’ yoga that concentrates on empowering children to exercise self-control and improve their capacity to focus. Design a kids’ yoga flyer that parents can pick up after their own classes in your studio and distribute that same flyer in your neighborhood elementary schools, grocery stores, and clinics. Include an instructor bio and photo that gives parents confidence that their little ones will be in good and trustworthy hands. Our online design editor allows you to begin your adventure immediately.

Yoga Workshop Flyers

Whether your yoga studio offers one-day or weekend workshops, or structures an intensive yoga study as a recurring series, a custom-designed and personalized flyer is the perfect way to draw in participants. Create a different flyer for each workshop topic – Prenatal Yoga, Teacher Training, Basic Yoga Fundamentals, Advanced Yoga Techniques – the possibilities are practically endless. Include workshop commitment details (dates, times, cost) along with instructor information and qualifications. Paint a vivid word picture of what your students can expect from their workshop experience but also include just the right photo to promote the class – upload your own or choose from one of our many stock images. Our online editor allows YOU to be the graphic designer!

Yoga Studio Flyers

Whether you’re opening a brand-new yoga studio or just looking to promote your existing yoga and Pilates opportunities, a personally-designed yoga studio flyer is exactly what you need. Select one or two photos that best represent your business and set them as the flyer background or feature them prominently in a sidebar. A summary of class offerings, along with a brief introduction to your fitness philosophy, makes a great addition to your flyer content. Location and contact information (including social media connection options) are crucial. MyCreativeShop’s easy-to-use online editor enables you to be your own graphic designer. Our professionally-designed templates will make you feel like you’ve accomplished Scorpion Pose with the same effort you’d expend on Bridge Pose!

Yoga Instructor Info Posters

Your studio’s potential yoga students want to know everything they can about the instructors you employ. Promote your instructors (and their skills) with custom-designed information posters that introduce them to your neighborhood and community. An impressive picture of each instructor in a yoga pose, whether complex (one-handed tree) or simple (downward-facing dog), speaks volumes. Include a brief but informative bio, listing any special trainings, certifications, or apprenticeships completed, along with personal interests and hobbies. Yoga instructors are human, too – make them relatable to their students. Our online editor makes designing your instructor posters as easy as child’s play – or child’s pose – so get started on yours today!

Yoga Schedule Posters

The best way to fill your yoga studio’s classes is to let your students know what and when they are! Solve that problem by creating your own personalized yoga schedule poster with MyCreativeShop. Whether you choose to organize your poster by class (listing class days and times under each description) or in calendar-style (listing each day’s schedule from left to right), information is power, and empowered students are more likely to show up for their chosen class(es). Regardless of the format you choose, make sure to include a brief explanation of each class offering, whether in-line (if listing by class) or as a section in the summary statement (calendar-style). Our online editor and printing capabilities will have your project completed in a flash.

Yoga Studio Posters

Are you looking to draw in new students and faces to your yoga studio? Perhaps you’re new to the neighborhood? Build or expand your student roster by designing (and distributing) a fabulous yoga studio poster that pulls in the fitness-focused and yoga-enthusiast alike. Combine brief instructor bios with a quick studio mission statement, and summarize your class offerings. If your students can get even more information on your website or Facebook page, make sure to include that information, along with your location and basic contact details. Your studio will be flush with students faster than you can say 1, 2, 3!

Yoga Workshop Posters

Is your studio planning to offer a special yoga workshop? From a beginner’s crash course to an intense advanced yoga weekend, MyCreativeShop’s online editor makes designing an appropriate poster easier than teaching downward dog. Your workshop poster should include a compelling photo (upload your own or choose from one of our many stock images), a complete workshop description (who should sign up, what you will be teaching), and all of the necessary details (dates, times, cost). Your posters should be hung in your studio and in any other neighborhood haunts frequented by the fitness-minded (farmer’s markets, nutrition shops, athletic clothing stores). Print yours and then sit back and watch your workshop roster fill up!

Yoga Class Detail Posters

If your yoga studio offers multiple classes, reduce confusion with a beautiful (but informative) custom-designed class details poster. You can organize your class list by difficulty or alphabetically, but grouping by skill level may be the most effective (basic/beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert), depending on the demographics of your student list. Give each class a descriptive name, and (since you’re the expert!) include a class summary that gives your clients everything they would need to know about what they’re getting into (without boring them to death – no pressure!). If any of your classes include an extra fee, explain that in the description. Print your poster today and get it hung up in your studio!

Yoga Retreat Brochures

A weekend yoga retreat may be just what the doctor ordered for your students – draw them in with a dreamy, serene yoga retreat brochure. Design it yourself with our user-friendly online editor, and you’ll have a brochure that shares your studio’s personality and style. Break the retreat schedule down into days or hours, depending on the overall length, and include detailed descriptions of each class, event, or workshop. If you’re bringing in a special instructor, share their photo and a well-written bio. Highlight the cost and lay out what students need to do to register. Once you’ve finished your brochure, we can print it for you and have you in tree pose in no time!

Yoga Studio Brochures

Introducing your yoga studio to potential students is key to filling your class rosters. Share your oasis with your community by designing a compelling yoga studio brochure that opens the door to your piece of the neighborhood. Encourage them to go your way by describing your yoga philosophy and class offerings. Make sure to include a brief but informative intro to your instructors. Feature the best professional photos you’ve had taken of your studio interior and classrooms, and select a color scheme that fits with your style. Finally, don’t forget to provide all of your contact information – real life and social media – so that registration is a breeze!

Yoga Teacher Training Brochures

Impart your knowledge to the next round of yoga instructors by hosting a teacher training class series. A yoga teacher training brochure will get your message out to any students who are looking to upgrade their qualifications to 'instructor'. Lay out the pre-requisites for teaching hopefuls to complete before they can register, along with the expectations for instructor certification. If you intend to offer participants the opportunity to teach their own class for your studio upon successful completion, share that process in detail. Our online editor enables you to design and print your brochure in between poses. Include some eye-catching (relevant) photos, and you’ll be all set!

Yoga Class Detail Brochures

Power Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, or Yoga Sculpt? Hot Yoga, Barre Fusion, or Advanced Yoga? Take the mystery out of your students’ class selection decisions by designing an informative class details brochure that gives them everything they need to know. Include the basics, like class length, heated or not heated, and skill level. Move on to describe the flow of the class, along with any special features (like the use of a barre or a high-intensity level) and any special qualifications/recommendations (such as being pregnant (Prenatal Yoga)). Design and distribute your brochure today, and enlighten your current and future students!

Yoga Instructor Info Brochures

Give your yoga students a unique insight into your instructors by putting together an inviting brochure that shares their stories and abilities. Include a photo of each teacher, along with a well-written bio that lays out his or her trainings, certifications, and accomplishments, along with the breadcrumbs of interesting, humanizing personal details that make them who they are. Throw in any yoga specialties or favorite classes to teach and/or participate in. Our online editor gives you everything you need to make a great (and memorable) introduction. Design and print your brochure today, since you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Gym Marketing

Gym Grand Opening Flyers

Make your new gym the workout facility that sticks in everyone’s minds and keeps them coming back! With many other fitness options to choose from in your community, set your gym apart from the rest by starting off your grand opening right! A well done promotional piece is key! Highlight all your new facility offers in your grand opening flyer. Showcase what your members will be a part of, such as a new modern building, top of the line equipment, and multiple exercise class offerings. Create a buzz of excitement so everyone will want to check out your new gym!

Gym EDDM Postcards

As someone who runs a gym, targeted marketing may not be in your wheelhouse. However, our online editor can help you customize a perfectly-focused Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) fitness gym postcard that will find its way to all the right people thanks to the hard-working people of the USPS®!  Take advantage of the opportunity to market your gym to those most likely to act on your single-day or membership offer.  Upload some photos to generate interest and promote your gym with a special discount (1-week free trial, first month free) when clients mention or bring in your postcard.  Become a marketing master from the comfort of your office before you jump into taskmaster mode as you lead the day's personal training sessions!

Fitness Marketing

Fitness Flyers

Generating interest for new programs, venues, classes, or events within the fitness community is all about building [credible] hype. Amp up attendance at your next “mommy bootcamp,” see a spike in new membership as your new location opens, or set a new participation record at your annual marathon weekend by personalizing an energetic and fun fitness flyer. No experience in the design realm? You’re in good hands – our design team has already leapt over every hurdle to produce a full catalog of fitness flyers. All you have to do is choose the template that tells your story best, then spend a few pain-free moments with our online editor customizing those “unique-to-you” details. Once you’ve reached your design goal, select any print option you like (DIY, use an outside printer, or place an order with us) and get ready for that momentum to come right back to you!

Fitness Posters

Get in step with your community by promoting your gym, group fitness class, or annual 5K walk/run with custom-designed posters that you create yourself. Our design team has already hit the weights and come up with a multitude of fitness posters to meet your needs and help you reach your goals. Your personal trainer (our online design editor) makes the customization process more like a sprint than a marathon and you’ll have every tool you require at your disposal. Upload photos or choose the right fit from our catalog of stock images.  Your finished posters can be printed anywhere you like – send them to your printer of choice or place your order with our own print service. We’ll even guarantee your satisfaction with the final product when you print with us!

Fitness Brochures

Put a hop, skip, or jump in your gym or fitness business’s marketing game by promoting your programs, equipment, and abilities with professionally-designed brochures that you personalize yourself. Not sure where to start? Follow the lead of our in-house design team by selecting one of their customizable fitness brochure templates, then walking through each feature step-by-step with our online design editor until it meets your goals. Your finished brochure is in PDF form, with absolutely no printing restrictions – take it anywhere you like. As with any fitness goal, the biggest hurdle is just taking action to get started and get moving, so don’t wait any longer – start today!

Fitness Yard Signs

If you’re serious about fitness, then those people who are out walking, running, or biking (or driving to the gym) at any time of day and in any kind of weather are your people. Connect with them and the rest of the community as you promote your fitness club or event with custom-designed yard signs that line the boulevards and bike paths from start to finish. The advance team here at MyCreativeShop has put out a selection of professionally-crafted fitness yard sign templates for you to choose from and customize with the help of the tools in our easy-peasy online design editor. Spend a few moments to work out all the details and you’ll be ready to go. Print your signs yourself or let us take care of it, then place your finished yard signs in the areas that receive the highest foot (or Schwinn) traffic!

Fitness Business Cards

As Richard Simmons is so fond of saying, “Number one, like yourself!” Show your current and future clients that you are proud of what you do (fitness) and who you are by handing out custom-designed business cards that eliminate any doubt. MyCreativeShop’s professional design team is on your side, and we’ve put together a whole host of customizable fitness business card templates to really let you shine. The tools in our online design editor are beginner-friendly (no four-minute miles needed), so you’ll reach your business card goals in no time. Final step is to hit print, either on your own office printer, the shop down the street, or on a satisfaction-guaranteed online order from our own print service!

Fitness Bi Fold Brochures

Struggling to fill your early morning Zumba® class?  Introducing a new circuit training program?  Keep all your clients (and potential clients) informed and intrigued with a personalized, professionally designed bi-fold fitness brochure that really hits the mark. Place your logo on the front cover and title your project appropriately (“Zumba® Fitness Class,” “Circuit Training 2.0”).  Inside, feature photos of your program in action and detail what each session entails.  Include a class schedule and introduce the instructor(s).  MyCreativeShop’s online editor walks you through the design process and breaks it down step-by-step – you’ll be leading Merengue marching and enthusiastic burpees with a full class before you know it!

Fitness Newsletters

You may be a personal trainer, gym owner, high school/college coach, competitive bodybuilder, or even a Beachbody® coach/devotee. Share your enthusiasm for and knowledge of fitness with friends, family, student-athletes, colleagues, and community members by composing a regular newsletter that encourages others that they can get and stay fit and healthy.  Include an inspiring personal anecdote in every issue, along with success stories from your sphere of influence.  Offer and promote challenge groups to build community and hold one another accountable to the goals they’ve set. Feature a product or workout of the week/month/quarter, including where to buy (or how to join/try).  Finish with a calendar of local fitness events that you will be hosting or attending. MyCreativeShop’s online editor will have your newsletter whipped into shape with no trouble at all – now drop and give me 20!

Fitness Event Flyers

Whether you run your own gym or are a freelance trainer, or maybe even a Beachbody® coach, hosting a fitness event brings everyone together in a healthy, productive way. From a Saturday morning of Yoga in the Park to a weekend 5K Fun Run, design a smart-looking flyer that invites like-minded people to join you. Host an all-day Zumba® marathon and reward the longest-lasting Salsa dancers with health-conscious gift certificates for gym memberships, training sessions, or fitness products (Shakeology®, anyone?). Include the date, time, and location for the event, along with registration information and fees. Use our online editor to get your group fitness fun on today!

Fitness Club Flyers

When you run a fitness club, you know that your clientele runs the gamut from fitness buffs to reformed couch potatoes. Neither group is above the other - get them all through your doors with a custom-designed flyer that promotes everything your club stands for. Highlight the “extra” amenities you offer – sauna, hot tub, nutritionists – along with the more standard perks – free weights, fitness classes, cardio machines. Membership rates, location(s), hours of operation, and childcare availability are all definite must-haves on any flyer seeking to draw in new members to your club. Our easy-to-use online editor turns you, the fitness pro, into the design expert!

Fitness Competition Flyers

Is your gym hosting a CrossFit®, figure, or bodybuilding competition? Increase your registrations with a custom-designed flyer that you distribute to your members and to other gyms in your area or region. Your flyer should feature a professional photo of past competitions as well as the event date(s), time, and location information. Competition categories/classes need to be clearly listed, along with how to register, registration deadlines, and entry fees. MyCreativeShop’s online editor allows you to edit every aspect of your chosen flyer template, so you can truly make it your own. Take it out for a run and see what it can do!

Fitness Membership Detail Flyers

Strengthen your gym’s membership roster by designing and distributing a flyer filled with all the details and benefits of becoming a member. Highlight the perks they’ll receive, like 24-hour keycard access, childcare, and exclusive pool hours. If you have different levels of membership, start with a description of what the most basic level includes, and then begin each successive level by letting them know they’ll get everything the basic (or previous) level has PLUS a set of added features. Membership fees should be clearly stated, along with any additional costs (hourly childcare, birthday party access, swimming lessons). Leave a stack of flyers at your registration desk and post them at local grocery stores, libraries, and clinics.

Fitness Boot Camp Flyers

An intense boot camp is just what the doctor ordered for anyone looking to get back in the habit of staying fit – launch yours with a completely customized, professionally-designed flyer that leaves them without excuse. Reach your target market by choosing the perfect theme – or offer a series of boot camps with a variety of themes and design a different flyer for each one, like Pilates for New Moms, Zumba® Crash Course, Hot Yoga for Beginners, or Cardio for Marathoners. Each boot camp flyer should feature a corresponding photo and registration info, like dates, times, location, and fees. Design your flyers to reflect the same intensity you expect of your boot campers, but with minimal effort, thanks to our super simple online editor!

Fitness Special Offer Posters

Gym memberships can be a big commitment for some, especially for those who aren’t already die-hard fitness aficionados. Reduce the level of trepidation within your potential member population by making them a special offer they can’t refuse. Your special offer may be a 2-year membership for the price of one, 3 months free with a one-year membership, or even a 1-week commitment-free trial. No matter what the offer, promote it boldly with a custom-designed poster that encourages new membership while staying true to the heart and soul of your gym and its mission. Our user-friendly online editor enables you to hire the one graphic designer that best represents your business – YOU!

Fitness Services Offered Posters

Your fitness center or gym is made or broken by the services it offers. Ensure that your clients are well-versed in your slate of offerings by creating and hanging an informative, easy-to-read “services offered” poster. Set your gym apart with your descriptions of services like personal training and group fitness, yoga, Pilates, and spinning classes. Offering individualized options like weight management and nutrition counseling alongside grab-and-go refreshments like juices and supplements pulls in and supports your clientele in a unique way. The parents on your membership roll will be grateful to read about your childcare center, and everyone will be excited about any spa services you may offer. Get your info out there now!

Fitness Membership Detail Posters

Turning sporadic gym patrons into regular members requires an attractive array of incentives. Begin the conversion process with a smartly-designed poster that details all the benefits and levels of membership. Whether you prefer an all or nothing membership setup or a tiered system of Olympic medal-like levels (bronze, silver, and gold), the details matter. Your poster should clearly define the perks of membership (access to childcare, pool use, spa services, and more) and justify the cost of their loyalty. In short, model your creation after an easy-to-navigate restaurant menu that empowers your clients to make a successful decision to join your member ranks. Design and print yours now to get a head start on recruitment!

Fitness Class Posters

Your gym or studio’s class offerings deserve to be hailed and marketed with an eye-catching poster that invites everyone to join in on the workout. Have a professional photographer come in and capture the perfect image of your class to serve as the focal point of your project, or you can choose from our array of stock photos. A short and sweet instructor bio gives class participants a reason to trust their leader, and a great class description or tagline lets them know what they’re getting into. Student testimonials never hurt, and class times and days are essential. Hang your class posters in your gathering area, locker rooms, and front entry.

Motivational Fitness Posters

Regardless of where your clients are at on their fitness journey, staying focused on the goal can be a challenge at times. Encourage them to keep going and not give up when it gets tough by designing your own motivational posters. Be strategic – when you’re the designer, you can ensure that the photos and message of each poster align with the demographics and fitness philosophy of your gym-goers. Upload your own professional photographs or choose from our expansive catalog of stock images. Write your own words of encouragement or draw from the wisdom of those who’ve gone before – just don’t forget to credit the original author/motivator. Our online editor will have you spurring people on to “Just keep swimming” like Dory in no time!

Personal Trainer Marketing

Personal Training Services Offered

Fitness guru, life coach, nutrition counselor, motivational speaker – as a personal trainer, you truly do it all!  Give your clients a better idea of just what “all” entails by customizing an energetic slate of “services offered” marketing materials – posters for the gyms you frequent, stacks of flyers for the same, brochures when you want to add more depth, and even a brief postcard mailer that reaches clients who’ve lapsed along with those who’ve never had a training session.  Lay out your pricing structure and the frequency and duration of your personal training offerings. If you provide any add-on services, whether nutrition, fitness, or mental health-related, summarize those as well.  MyCreativeShop’s online design editor puts you in control – now drop and print me 20!

About The Personal Trainers

Introduce yourself and your fellow personal trainers to those seeking a new start or maybe just a swift kick in the pants.  Customize an “about the trainers” poster, flyer, or brochure that includes a professional photo and bio for each fitness expert.  Highlight their individual specialties and giftings, along with any certifications they’ve achieved.  List their available training days and times and whether they are available for on-location sessions. When you use our online editor, your clients will know you better than they know Bob, Jillian, and Dolvett, but without the stress of the temptation challenge or a weekly weigh-in on national television.  Design your materials before the alarm goes off for your morning training session!

Personal Training Pricing Plans

As a personal trainer, your clients run the gamut when it comes to commitment levels.  Some clients are looking to simply get off the couch and increase their energy, while others are striving to achieve or maintain an athletic or model-esque physique.  Cater to each set of trainees by producing a custom-designed pricing plan that can be printed and re-created on a variety of documents – posters, flyers, postcards, brochures, whatever your heart desires!  Lay out your per session, per week, and per month rates at every level from introductory to hard-core and everywhere in between.  MyCreativeShop’s online editor makes the design process so simple – you won’t even work up a sweat!

Personal Training Promotional Ads

Bulk up your client list by customizing a set of personal training promotional ads across a variety of delivery methods – postcard mailers, flyers, posters, even yard signs!  Seasonal specials (“New Year – new you!” and “Slay Swimsuit Season!”) are always a big draw, so make sure to offer a great package deal in January and May.  Multi-session and pre-pay discounts allow potential clients to feel both thrifty AND healthy.  If you have nutrition counseling experience, a special offer weight-loss plan package that primarily focuses on fitness is a must.  Best of all, with MyCreativeShop’s awesome online editor, you can customize an unlimited array of promos for all different circumstances and clients.  There’s no time like the present to get started!

Personal Training - Special Events

As a personal trainer, your focus is to see your clients reach the full potential of their best self.  Spread your message (and grow your business!) by customizing an array of special event marketing materials (posters, flyers, postcards) to promote a super-healthy group activity, such as a charity 5K for the Make-A-Wish Foundation or a massive outdoor group Insanity® workout in a local park.  Get your community excited about fitness by encouraging them to have fun at the same time – all while introducing them to the personal training services you offer.  In addition to sharing about the event on your flyer, poster, or postcard, include a call-out box with information on your personal training business.  Our online editor will be with you every step of the way – your projects will be completed before those 5K runners cross the finish line!