The Graphic Design Tool For A Dental Business

Easily Design Your Own Dental Brochures, Postcards & More.

Dental Flyers

Keep the teeth of every man, woman, and child in your community healthy and sparkly clean by letting everyone know what your dental practice has to offer when you customize one of our professionally-designed dental flyers.  No design experience? No problem!  MyCreativeShop’s online editor is easy-to-use and takes less time to master than flossing.  Upload photos of patients with healthy smiles or snag one from our library of stock images.  Share your expertise in teeth whitening and pediatric dentistry, the story behind you and your staff’s passion for dentistry, create a flyer that gives new and existing patients the full picture of what services you have to offer, or even put together a flyer that lays out your patient referral reward program.  Smiles are contagious – especially healthy ones – so a satisfied patient is your best advertising!

Teeth Whitening Dental Flyers

Dingy and yellowed teeth. Nothing is more discouraging to your clients. Many of them desire to have whiter, brighter teeth and a smile they can be proud of. However, food and beverage choices, poor dental hygiene, and even disease are keeping them from this dream. But there is hope; you can make their smile brighter! Promote the teeth whitening process you offer through a strategically designed flyer. Show them before and after pictures and explain why you stand above the rest. You will change them from someone that hides their teeth behind half grins to someone that flashes their pearly whites!

Refer A Friend Dental Flyers

Your greatest advertising tool are the satisfied customers you are already serving. They place their personal reputation behind each recommendation they make to friends. As clients, they can speak to their personal experience, care received, and the overall feel of your office. That is marketing you can’t buy! Spread the word about your dental practice with a flyer marketing your office. Let your current clients know that you appreciate their business and appreciate their recommendations to friends. Encourage them to refer a friend for a contest or prize! Increase the word of mouth advertising about your practice all over town!

About Us Dental Flyers

A wonderful smile brightens the room the moment someone walks in! Your dental practice makes the world a better place by providing great looking smiles each and every day. You and your team work hard to make a difference for your patients and their families. Showcase this hard work to both new and existing patients with a beautifully designed flyer. It will assist everyone in getting to know who you are and the great services your dental office provides. Affirm your existing patients, attract new patients and affect their smiles for generations!

Dental Services Flyers

Dental work goes way beyond the standard teeth cleaning that first comes to mind for most people when they think about their teeth. Complete dental care requires so much more. Expand the understanding of your clients by providing them with a flyer that explains the vast services provided by you and your practice. Preventative and cosmetic dentistry, tooth replacement, whitening, and much more can be displayed on your beautifully designed flyer that will set you apart from the competition. Patients will place their trust in you and your team’s care as they learn more about the depth of your practice!

Pediatric Dental Flyers

Parents make a lot of decisions for their children, many of them regarding the health care their child receives. When they look for the right dentist to care for their children’s teeth, have your pediatric dental office stand out above the rest with a flyer marketing your practice. Make their decision easier by providing information about your office, services you provide, and location. Showcase some of the bright, young smiles you take care of! Be the dentist your clients can trust to care for their children’s teeth in the years to come!

Dental Brochures

Give current and prospective patients an in-depth look at your dental practice and oral hygiene philosophy by producing a set of waiting room-worthy dental brochures.  Customize one or more of our professionally-designed dental brochure templates as you seek to share your practice’s history and available services, including insurance and financing options you offer.  Reach beyond each appointment by using your dental school knowledge and continuing attention to new research to create additional brochures geared towards children’s dental care (bright colors and characters work well!), specific oral health concerns (enamel wear, dentures, fillings, sealants), and even emergency dental care (what do I do if?...). This new library of personalized content will carry your message home – literally!

Tri Fold Dental Brochures

Healthy smiles are your business – show them off to prospective patients in the pages of a brilliantly designed tri-fold dental brochure.  Use our online editor to personalize one of our professionally created brochure templates.  Upload photos of your satisfied (and smiling!) patients along with interior and exterior shots of your office. Begin with a “Meet the Team” section that gives your history (including education and certifications) and your personal interests while also introducing your staff of hygienists, dental assistants, and patient care representatives.  Continue with sections that describe your focused dental care areas – General, Cosmetic, Preventative, Pediatric.  If you offer any unique in-house services (athletic mouth guards, snore guards, night guards), make sure to let your patients know.  Include your contact information (phone, office location, web address), and wrap it all up with an invitation to call to schedule an appointment for a cleaning. Encourage them with the assurance that they will leave your office with a smile!

Bi Fold Dental Brochures

They say happy cows come from California, but healthy smiles come from fabulous dentists!  Attract a full set of new patients to your practice with a cleanly-designed and customized bi-fold dental brochure.  Place a photo of your office (or of you and your team in action) on the front cover, alongside your practice’s name.  Inside, include more photos from your archives or choose from our online library of stock images.  Describe your dentistry focus areas (General, Cosmetic, Preventative, Pediatrics) and highlight any features that set you apart from other area providers.  On the back, tell your story and introduce your team. Finish with your contact information (phone, address, website) and include an invitation to call and set up a new patient exam.  With MyCreativeShop’s online editor, your practice will be booming!

About Us Dental Brochures

Not all dental offices are the same. How will families know the difference between your practice and other practices? It is important to be able to rise above the rest of your competition to gain new life-long patients. Your care, the services you provide, your processes, and your team is what sets you apart. Let everyone know! A professionally designed dental brochure allows you to showcase and specifically highlight these attributes, along with many others. Your take-home brochure will impress many and increase understanding of your practice; making you their choice for dental care!

Dental Business Cards

Spread your dental practice’s name around the community by handing out custom-designed dental business cards to existing clients, grocery store acquaintances, fellow churchgoers, the proprietor of the local candy store, and even the cable guy.  MyCreativeShop’s team of professional graphic designers has crafted a toothsome assortment of business cards specifically for dentists like you!  Our online editor is easier to use than any of your dental instruments (including the mouth mirror) and makes the whole process quick and painless (even without procaine).  Include all of your contact information, along with your practice logo and hours of operation, until you have a finished product that puts a shiny, white smile on your dental headlight- and mask-adorned face!

Dental Postcards

Take a cavity-free, shiny-white, orthodontically-perfect bite out of the local dental care market with custom-designed dental postcards. Offer a special new patient promotion (like a free electric toothbrush), share details of your referral program (like a free cleaning or credit for each new patient referred), or get parents excited about your once-weekly free childcare - you really can’t go wrong! Browse our catalog of customizable dental postcard templates, then utilize the tools in our online design editor to give it a good cleaning until it really shines. You can print your finished postcards yourself, but we would be happy to take on the task for you. Send your sparkling new postcards out to every mailbox in your community, then be prepared to pay your receptionist some well-deserved overtime!