1. Wine Club Brochure

2. Wine Tour Brochures

Whether your winery is more of a destination vineyard, like those located in Sonoma or the Napa Valley, or more of a rural gem, such as the With the Wind Vineyard & Winery near tiny Rosholt, South Dakota, tours are always a popular offering. Promote your guided journey with a custom-designed wine tour brochure. Include professional photos of your production space and vineyard and educate your tourists on the basic tenets of oenology, so that they all feel like they could be a vintner themselves. Include any options they have to taste or purchase your final product. Use our online editor to simplify the design and printing process, and make sure Lucy and Ethel wash their feet before your guests arrive!


Design Wine Brochures

With MyCreativeShop’s Editor

You can stomp grapes with the best of them, or perhaps you know more about reds and whites than the most seasoned sommelier in wine country. But when it comes to designing marketing materials, you’re all thumbs and corkscrews. MyCreativeShop to the rescue—we’re here with an easy-to-use online editor that puts powerful tools at the click of your mouse. Simply browse our inventory of templates, select a template that appeals to you and that reinforces your brand, and then add your own custom touches by uploading photos of your wines, wine cellar, vineyard, and more. Insert compelling text to let wine connoisseurs see why you’re second to none, and then hone your design to make it really sing. Once your brochures have that go-to-press look, print them from where you are, or let our printing pros crank them out for you using high-quality paper and ink. Following up with a celebratory glass of Dominique Lafon or Chenin Blanc is optional.

What Can You Do With Your Wine Brochures?

In the marketing game, brochures are among the most effective printables you can get your hands on. Direct Marketing Association research* shows that up to 79 percent of brochure recipients either keep their brochures, glance over them or pass them on to a friend who could use them. With the right design, you can call out to the wine lover within your recipients, giving them the information they need to understand what you’re offering—whether that’s local wine you make from your own heirloom grapes or a well-stocked wine inventory at your wine bar. Distribute your brochures in person to customers who inquire about what you’re offering, or tuck them inside deliveries and shipments to let recipients plan their purchases for next time. Add a digital version of your brochure to your website, or send it tumbling through cyberspace via social media shares.

Popular Custom Wine Brochure Ideas

Many of our customers use wine brochures as one piece of the marketing puzzle, and your design can be as complex or simple as you like. Some ideas for using your custom wine brochures:

Promote your grand opening

New in town and itching to build your bar or restaurant’s customer base? Brochures showing off your wine list can go a long way toward piquing local interest and making them thirsty for what you offer.

Promote a tour

Promote a tour or send tour attendees home with the 411. Wineries, distilleries, and vineyards often distribute custom wine brochures during tours to reinforce tour highlights.

Show them the fruits of your labor

A brochure highlighting the winemaking process, giving a history of your brand, and showcasing a well-manicured vineyard can seal your reputation among those who follow your brand.

Offer a promotion

Encourage wine lovers to try you or your product out with a promotion for a free or discounted bottle.

Invite them to a tasting

Increase attendance at a wine tasting with brochures detailing what’s being offered and where recipients can get their lips on some.

Why Make Custom Wine Brochures With Us?

Brochures provide your business with an inexpensive way to reach a lot of people with a lot of information in one fell swoop. When compared to other marketing methods, brochures are among the most effective; up to 48 percent of recipients report following up with brochure receipt by patronizing the business advertised, buying a product, or requesting more information, notes the DMA. Your business can use that type of exposure, and our platform makes getting your brochures in hand easy and fun. Crack open your favorite vintage and settle in with our editor now; the right brochure design to help you get your fair share of the huge wine market is minutes away.


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