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Unused table or counter space is wasted space, which makes table tents a wonderful marketing tool for a range of different businesses. Customize your own table tent to promote an upcoming sale, new product, service, or event by browsing our templates and choosing one that catches your eye. After you choose the right table tent template, use our table tent editor to add your own text, images, graphics, or art, and then manipulate each component of your design to help your message attract attention. Print your finished table tents from your own printer, or let us do the work for you using CYMK printing processes and quality materials. read more
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Table Tents

Table tents may seem like a small addition to your bar or restaurant, but they can make a significant difference to your bottom line! People might overlook posters, toss out flyers, or forget about direct mailings, but they literally can’t miss the table tents sitting right in front of them.

When designed effectively, table tents build brand recognition, entertain guests, and drive sales of your most popular (and profitable) offerings. While guests wait on their food or drink to arrive, they can’t help but gaze at the table tents and see what’s on special. Many people will even pick up table tents and play around with them as they wait, making it a tactile form of advertising that really gets your message noticed.

Since so much customer attention naturally rests on table tent cards, you won’t have to work too hard to attract their eyes. Just place a large, easy-to-read headline and a mouth-watering image, and voila, you’ve just inspired a new sale!

With MyCreativeShop, creating enticing table tents is just as easy as putting them to use. Instead of hiring a graphic designer, you can sit down at your own computer and create a great-looking table tent design in just a few minutes. We offer a huge selection of templates, a user-friendly online editor, and professional prints delivered right to your door. No design experience required!

Beautiful Table Tents with Unlimited Customizations

Table tents are undoubtedly popular in hotels, restaurants, and bars, but these aren’t the only uses for them. Because they’re so portable and easy to set up, table tent cards are perfect for other events, too: trade show exhibits, convention tables, farmers’ market booths, cash register counters, or temporary display tables outside brick-and-mortar shops. Wherever there’s a flat surface and a few inches of space, you can place a tent!

For all of these uses and more, you’ll find an awesome, easy-to-customize template in our vast library. No need to fret over finding a specific template, either, because every design element can be changed or tweaked in just a few clicks. You can even start with a blank table tent template if you want total creative freedom.

With our simple drag-and-drop editor, it’s easy to create 100% custom table tents:

  • Upload your logo and any other brand assets.
  • Use our color picker to select your organization’s exact color palette.
  • Add photos as a subtle background element or place them front and center for maximum attention.
  • Browse our free stock photo library and insert a professional, high-res image to complement your text.
  • Try new font pairings and sizes to draw attention to the most important content.
  • Insert new shapes, solid color fills, or interesting background patterns.
  • Move text and images around to create the best layout for your unique message.

Want a full set of print materials for your hotel, restaurant, or bar? You can use our editor to create full-page menus, brochures, flyers and more. By repeating a few design elements, you can build a cohesive, well-branded set that looks professionally designed but costs far less. (And you can order your menu and table tent printing at the same time!)

Standard Table Tent Size | Two & Three Sided

We offer convenient sizes of printed table tents:

  • 4" x 6": This classic two-sided table tent design folds into a tall triangle pointing upward. Each of the two sides measures 4" x 6", which is the size of a standard photo print.
  • 5.5" x 5.5": This three-sided table tent folds into a triangle that lays on its side, along the paper’s edge. It displays three equal squares, each measuring 5.5" x 5.5".

For some extra visual appeal, try combining both of these table tent styles on a single dining table! Use the larger size to feature your most profitable item and the smaller size for seasonal specials or customer favorites.

Table Tent Printing in Large or Small Quantities

With MyCreativeShop, ordering prints is just as easy as customizing your design. Simply save your project and view it in print presentation mode to see how it will look once it’s printed and folded. If you’re happy with the design, you can print table tents right away!

We offer print orders as small as 25 table tents and as large as 2,500. Every order includes guaranteed delivery dates, with additional options for rushed and expedited shipping.

You’ll receive your table tents printed flat, but both sizes come with pre-cut interlocking tabs, which makes it easy to fold them for display. They’re printed on standard paper that’s flexible enough for hassle-free folding but still has that slightly glossy, professional finish.

Download a PDF and Print Your Tent Cards Locally Instead

Already have a go-to table tent printer near you? That’s no problem, either! Instead of ordering printed tent cards from us, you can download a print-ready PDF with full bleed configuration. Then take your print-ready file to any local printer or online printing service of your choice.

Get Their Attention with Your Next Table Tent Design

You already have customers patiently waiting at your dining tables, bar counters, and cash registers every day—so why not fill those empty spaces with something interesting that’ll inspire sales? From creating to customizing to printing table tent cards, MyCreativeShop makes the entire process easy.

Choose your favorite template now, and you’ll have custom table tents to fold and display in no time!

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