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Your studio’s potential yoga students want to know everything they can about the instructors you employ. Promote your instructors (and their skills) with custom-designed information posters that introduce them to your neighborhood and community. An impressive picture of each instructor in a yoga pose, whether complex (one-handed tree) or simple (downward-facing dog), speaks volumes. Include a brief but informative bio, listing any special trainings, certifications, or apprenticeships completed, along with personal interests and hobbies. Yoga instructors are human, too – make them relatable to their students. Our online editor makes designing your instructor posters as easy as child’s play – or child’s pose – so get started on yours today! read more

Yoga Instructor Intro Poster Template

Multiple Versions Available

Totally Yoga Poster Template

Size: 24" x 36"
Stretch out to a new audience by creating a poster to inform passersby of your yoga class or supplies. Customize this poster with images of the perfect position or your business logo. Choose from different colors, fonts and make this a one of a kind posters. Get started printing now.