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Massage Poster Templates

Help your clients to relax as they prepare for their next appointment by custom-designing your own informative and inspirational massage posters to share calming images or a list of your services.

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Massage Services Offered Posters

Your massage skills deserve to be put on display.  Get the word out with a custom-designed “Services Offered” poster that gives clients a complete view of what you are capable of.  Upload photos of your services when appropriate and list like massage options together.  A brief description of each service, including massage length, special features, and products used, should follow each title.  Pricing and package options must be easy-to-read and understand – you don’t want to give your clients a tension headache before they even walk in the spa (although there is some sort of twisted job security there). Use MyCreativeShop’s online editor to make sure all the details are covered and perfectly printed!

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Hot Stone Massage Posters

The power of suggestion is REAL – entice your spa clients into a relaxing massage by designing and displaying a serene hot stone massage poster.  Upload a compelling photo of an in-progress river rock massage experience that evokes feelings of refreshment and rejuvenation.  Briefly describe what the massage includes – how long, any special products used, and any certifications you hold – and give pricing information.  Encourage clients (or their significant others!) to contact you to schedule their appointment to be whisked away to a place of peace and restoration.  Our online editor offers you abundant options for customizing and printing your poster – the only thing it can’t do is perform the massage – we’ll leave that to the professionals!

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Massage Therapy Posters

Chronic pain sufferers often benefit from a regimen of consistent, therapeutic massage.  Draw them in by composing a healing, informative massage therapy poster that lets those who hurt know that you are equipped to offer them relief.  Those who live with fibromyalgia or arthritis can definitely see positive results and a better quality of life with your assistance.  Describe the perks of consistent massage therapy, such as the release of serotonin (your body’s natural pain relief) and deeper sleep (which contributes to a decrease in pain).  Include client testimonials that promote your services without sounding fake or contrived.  Our online editor enables you to design and print the perfect poster – pain-free!  

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Special Offer Massage Posters

There are very few things better than getting a massage – except maybe getting a great deal on a massage!  Inspire clients and gift-givers alike by designing and customizing your very own “Special Offer” massage poster that makes an offer they can’t refuse.  Offer an affordable massage package at a low rate or a massage coupon book that can be used on a variety of services. Design a special offer that fits your business, then describe it in detail on your poster – price, what’s included, any restrictions.  Best of all, you’ll save on the expense of hiring a graphic designer when you utilize MyCreativeShop’s super simple design tool!

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Valentine's Day Massage Posters

Valentine’s Day. A holiday filled with both anticipation and dread: “Will he propose?” – “Does she love me?” – “Is a new vacuum an appropriate gift?” Save men everywhere from the worst mistake of their romantic lives by offering them an alternative to the doghouse that follows the gifting of a cleaning device on a day designed to shower your significant other with love. Design and display a dynamic, strawberries and champagne-worthy Valentine’s Day massage poster that solves all of their problems. Hang your poster at your local gym, grocery store, and maybe even the vacuum repair shop down the street (gotta head some guys off at the pass). Our online editor makes the design process as easy as “accidentally” inhaling an entire box of Godiva® chocolates!

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