Fitness Membership Detail Posters

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Turning sporadic gym patrons into regular members requires an attractive array of incentives. Begin the conversion process with a smartly-designed poster that details all the benefits and levels of membership. Whether you prefer an all or nothing membership setup or a tiered system of Olympic medal-like levels (bronze, silver, and gold), the details matter. Your poster should clearly define the perks of membership (access to childcare, pool use, spa services, and more) and justify the cost of their loyalty. In short, model your creation after an easy-to-navigate restaurant menu that empowers your clients to make a successful decision to join your member ranks. Design and print yours now to get a head start on recruitment! read more

Fitness Membership Details Poster Template

Size: 11" x 17"
Let gym or fitness center members know exactly what perks membership offers with this customizable poster. Give the 411 on membership using custom text, and then make your poster command attention with a color scheme of your choice. Our online editor makes it easy and fast to bring your poster to life, so get started today on your design.

Blue Fitness Membership Poster Template

Size: 18" x 24"
Invite the locals out to work on their fitness with this poster to promote your gym’s membership drive. Add images of gym members getting their workout on and play around with the color theme with a few easy clicks of your mouse. In a few minutes, your poster is ready for printing from any location. Let’s do this!

Fitness Membership Poster Template

Size: 11" x 17"
Entice people looking to get in shape to join your health club or gym with this fitness membership poster that you customize yourself using our user-, friendly online editor. Drag and drop images of real people who've participated in your program in their before and after pictures, add motivating text, and insert other design elements to make your poster appealing. Take a break from your own workout routine and design your poster now.

Monthly Fitness Services Poster Template

Size: 24" x 36"
Let gym or fitness center clients know about upcoming specials and classes that you are offering with this customizable poster. Add details to get your message across with a custom font, and insert graphics or photos to grab attention from the sidewalk. We offer custom printing of your finished poster, or opt to do it yourself if you're in a time crunch. Start now!