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What makes your dance studio and its classes stand out from the rest in your community? Are you the studio of choice for parents encouraging their children to learn to dance for the first time or the student interested in beginning to explore the art of dance? Grab their attention with this bright, colorful poster giving them a first impression of what your studio offers! Highlight the style of dance, instruction and classes you provide. They will be intrigued to check out what your classes are like and to see what makes your dance studio unique and set apart from the others! read more

NY Dance Class Poster Template

Size: 11" x 17"
Encourage the locals to get out and shake it with this poster announcing an upcoming dance class. Make sure your poster dances its way into would-be dancers’ hearts by bringing it to life with the help of our online editor that allows you to choose your own color theme and insert your own images and text to elicit excitement. You don’t need an art degree to design your poster now- get started with a few mouse clicks.

Ballet Dance Class Poster Template

Size: 24" x 36"
Reach out to aspiring prima ballerinas with a poster promoting your dance class schedule, rates, and other info. Take advantage of your poster to detail upcoming classes, your experience as an instructor, and any other information that would help students and their parents understand what you offer. Get started today, and print your poster immediately using your own printer.

Hip Hop Dance Class Poster Template

Size: 18" x 24"
Invite the locals to come and boogey or cha cha till they drop with this poster promoting your studio’s upcoming dance classes. Use our online editor to make everyone want to get up and dance with fun colors, images, text, and other design elements. Nothing is simpler or easier, so get started on your poster design now.

Dance Ballet Class Poster Template

Size: 24" x 36"
Reach out to many and inform them of your upcoming dance ballet class by designing a poster that is going to get them on their tippy toes. Choose from many different colors, fonts and at images of your own. Print from where you are for fast access to your posters or let us print for you for a professional touch.